Mala of Love

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“Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent instrument of action.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi


I meditate twice a day; once in the morning when I first wake up – at around 4am, and once in the evening before I go to bed. This has been my practice now for over thirty years. Still, I feel I am only just stepping into a place of truly understanding meditation. And there is so much more yet to learn and experience.

Anyway, I digress.

What I’d like to do on my blog this morning is make an offer. I usually meditate on a mala for at least part of my meditation session. A mala is a string of prayer beads.

Whenever I run a long retreat or course I make a mala with the intent of working for that group, with a bead for each person. Then twice a day I meditate on and pray for the students in my group. I do this for one month leading up to the course, and sometimes more. At the end of the course I gift them their bead.

My offer this morning is this: I’m about to make myself a new mala of 108 beads, that I will use for thirty days. I’m making this mala specifically to aid in emotional healing, and that will be my theme in my twice-daily meditations. It’s a mala for forgiveness and self-love, for ending guilt, regret, fear and shame and embracing love and flow and abundance.

Each day I’ll hold every bead, one at a time, between my fingers and pray my mantras and then a specific prayer for each bead – each person. I’ll wear the mala every day, all day, so that I carry you with me.

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Would you like one of those beads to be for you, or someone who you know?

That way I can hold you in my daily meditations, and you’ll know that someone loves you, and is thinking of you, holding an intent for healing, and sending energy and love to you.

There are 107 beads available, because I have already purposed one to my friend Liz.

At the end of the thirty days, I’ll send you the bead for the cost of the postage. Or if you’d prefer, I can make the bead into a necklace or your own meditation mala for you, although there would be additional cost for that to cover the materials and postage.

If you’d like me to include you, or someone you know, please contact me by leaving a message below, or over at my facebook page. I’ll then contact you within the next few days to let you know more.

I will be making the mala on Wednesday March 4th, and starting my prayer and meditation cycle on March 5th, concluding the cycle on Friday, April 3rd which is also Good Friday of the Easter Weekend.

Much love to you. Please know that I’m thinking of you, and that you’re never alone,

Nicole xx

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Home at My Farm


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”Albert Einstein


I’m home, at our beautiful farm. The dogs and I have just gone for a ramble to check on the cows, and to see if we could spy the platypus down in the river.

There are branches down everywhere after the tail end of Tropical Cyclone Marcia, and the house is musty and damp after so much rain. But today the sky is full of sunshine, my windows are flung wide, and everything is slowly drying out again.

It’s hard to explain how full my heart feels when I’m here. How the green hills cradle me, and the cry of the black cockatoos comforts me, and the endless birdsong soothes me and strips away my worries.

I’ll make a pot of tea now, and sit down at the kitchen table to do some writing before breakfast. This morning we’re going down to the shed to hunt up some petrified wood from the tonnes of rocks and crystals I have in storage there. And then writing again after lunch.

Not much more perfect than a writing day, crystal time, and then late this afternoon a walk on the beach and fish and chips for dinner!

Hooray for being home. :)

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How to do a Ten Minute Mini-Retreat

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“But this revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime.”
~Tara Brach, Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha


I have a girlfriend who is about to wing halfway around the world to gift herself a two-month retreat at a health and wellness clinic. She’s in desperate need, after pushing herself beyond hard for years, trying to get a business off the ground. It’s successful now, but she’s burned herself out getting there.

Everyone needs self-care, but what if your life is crazy busy right now? Or if there’s no money in the bank? What if you’re right in the middle of things and you can’t take time off? What if there are people depending on you?

It doesn’t matter. Anyone can gift themselves ten minutes. Ten minutes of retreat from the craziness so that you can re-centre and find your equilibrium again. Ten minutes to give yourself a refreshing pause, a chance to tune out, or to tune in.


Here are a few ideas for tiny ten-minute mini-retreats that will still have the power to positively transform your day by nurturing, supporting and uplifting you.


Mini-Retreat 1 – The Beverage Break – Feed The Body

Image from Coffee Hunter

Image from Coffee Hunter

Ten minutes is the perfect amount of time to enjoy a hot beverage. Or a cold one. Perhaps there is a cafe within walking distance where you can go and choose your favourite latte or ice frappe.

If you’re at work or home, deliberately unplug and step away from your duties for ten minutes. Take time to craft yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Put care into the preparation. Make it exactly how you like it.

Then sit and enjoy that drink. Sip it. Savour it. Let your mind wander. Look out the window, or sit outside and watch the sky.

Slow your breathing.

Be very aware of every sip, every swallow.

Enjoy the comfort and relaxation that comes from your drink.

You’ll find that you’ll go back to your day refreshed.

Tip: To make this ritual even more meaningful, shop for a tea or coffee that will delight you and that feels a little above whatever is your ‘ordinary’. Indulge yourself. Let your tea break be something that you truly look forward to, and that feels like a treat.


Mini-Retreat 2 – Puzzle, Book or Art – Feed The Mind

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Image from

Studies have shown that holding your focus on one activity for hours really blunts your intellectual axe. Conversely, changing your focus to another activity that is completely different will give your brain a chance to reboot and re-energise.

What lights you up? Do you love the challenge of a good word puzzle, Sudoku or a quiz?

Do you like to sketch or doodle or to colour?

Maybe reading is your thing. Or writing. It could be writing in your journal, or working on a book of your own.

Ten minutes of focused activity can refresh you and give your day deep personal satisfaction. This is especially true if you are using that time to plan or work towards something that is meaningful to you.

Tip: Keep your art or writing materials in a small bag or desk drawer where they are easy to access. It’s easy to lose yourself in activities like this so use a timer on your phone or computer to keep to the time limit of your ten minute mini-retreat.


Mini-Retreat 3 – Three Care Spread – Feed The Spirit

Image from Witch Inside

Image from Witch Inside

Sometimes what refreshes us most is the chance to connect with our intuition and to be guided about where we are right now.

Keep your favourite tarot cards, oracle cards or runes handy.

Set aside ten minutes, calm yourself with a few cleansing breaths and then choose three cards.

The first represents your situation right now. The second represents your current obstacles or opportunities, and the third represents the learning and gifts of your outcome.

Sit and think about the cards or runes you have chosen. Open yourself to insights and understanding. You may also want to write some of those ideas and insights in your journal, and do a little thinking and planning about what you have been shown.

At the end of your ten minutes offer up a small prayer of thanks, and then tidy things away, ready to go back to your daily life feeling clear and supported.

Tip: Make sure that you won’t be interrupted during your mini-retreat. Shut the door. Turn the phone to silent, or go to another room, a cafe or the garden. Gift yourself a peaceful ten minutes by setting the scene for strong connection.


Crystals to Help With the Current 2015 Energies

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“Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language.”
~ Meister Eckhart


Are you feeling it? This wild, crazy energy we’re sitting in right now. If you’re the slightest bit spiritually or psychically sensitive you’ll know what I mean.

Of course, each of us will be impacted differently, and we may experience a number of sensations or emotions over a given day, or a week. So I’ve put together a little crystal First Aid Kit that you might find useful or comforting right now.

Below you’ll find my crystal recommendations and suggestions for use. I’ve also included suggestions for children and pets, because they are so often sensitive to these shifting energies. You can pop the stone in your pocket, place it by your bed or desk, hold it when you meditate, or even wear it as jewelry. Small tumbled stones will work as well as large stones – just go with what you’re drawn to. We’ve chosen stones that should be relatively easy for you to find, or that may already be in your collections!

Red Jasper 

Red Jasper is a handy stone for physical strength and stamina, for supporting tired adrenals, and for anchoring us securely in our bodies so that all our chakras are aligned. It is a reassuring and grounding stone that also alleviates all the base chakra stuff – worries around personal security, money, family issues, and safety needs.

A good stone for anxious children, or people who need to face the world when they’d rather be snuggled under the doona back at home.

Image from Gemstone Buzz

Image from Gemstone Buzz

Lapis Lazuli

If you’re feeling a huge expansion of your psychic and energetic abilities, but you’re unstable in that energy, then Lapis Lazuli will help you to relax into safely opening up to your psychic self.

Lapis is also highly shielding and protective – a little like wearing a psychic force-field around you that stops you picking up the lower vibration energies of other people or places. A super stone for empaths and people who are healers and helpers.

Image from Krystal Love

Image from Krystal Love

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a brilliant stone for transmuting negative energies and fears. If you’re scattered, confused, troubled, or feeling deeply upset by the turbulent energies right now then Smoky Quartz will gently reassert a sense of protection and safety. It also acts as an antenna, helping to clear and strengthen your energetic connection to Guides and others with whom you may work. A powerful stone for getting out of your head and connecting into your own truth and wisdom.

This is also a great stone for children who overthink things, who obsess, or who worry in ways that effect sleep or eating.

If your cat is going a little crazy, place a piece of smoky quartz where they sleep.



Amethyst will restore a sense of sacred balance, shifting you from your head to your heart centre. It is a profoundly giving and nurturing stone that helps anchor you in compassion and kindness. If you’re feeling cranky and impatient, or more judgmental than usual (especially of yourself!) then Amethyst will help with that. It also aids in peaceful sleep, meaningful dreams, and spiritual connection. It will allow you to begin trusting your intuition, and it will strengthen that ability within you.

This is a great stone for children with bright minds and imaginations who can get carried away with worrying about the future.

It is also a stone for calling in Angels and Ancestors. A beautiful stone to place in the bedding of old or ill pets, as it helps with peaceful passing.

Image from Gursh Gill

Image from Gursh Gill

Petrified Wood

If these current energies are upsetting your digestion, your hormone levels or your sleep patterns, so that you feel uncomfortable, bloated, listless or out of sorts, then Petrified Wood will help you body to restore its natural balance.

It is a gentle detoxifier, and is very good for grounding us in times of uncertainty and stress. It’s also a perfect stone for those of you who give to excess, leaving yourself drained and energetically unstable.

Use this one for pets who frighten easily, or who are jittery, anxious or frightened. Also good for children who are feeling anxious, unusually shy or overwhelmed.


If you’re feeling muddled, distracted, and like you’ve lost the plot, then Labradorite will sort out your frazzled brain and restore your confidence and direction. If you started strong this year, then promptly fizzled out or fell in a heap from this crazy energy, Labradorite will recalibrate your vibration and get you from variance to synchronicity. It’s also a stunning stone for spiritual nurture and connection.

For older children who need support with their learning and studies, and for you, if there’s lots to do but you feel like your brain left the building, Labradorite is the perfect stone for you right now.


Image from Wikipedia

Clear Quartz

For connecting psychically, for powerful meditations, for channeling, psychic connection and riding these energies with confidence, Clear Quartz will get you there.

A great stone for enhancing spiritual dreams, and for any kind of writing, planning or thinking. It will amplify your connection and give you confidence and clarity.

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Image from


If you’d like to learn more about working with crystals, go here:

Working with Crystals – A Four Day Exploration


Filling Up The Well

“Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.”
~ Eleanor Brownn


This past week I’ve given all I had and then some. I was glad to do it, and grateful to be well enough to be able to sustain a high level of service and support for others. I’ve had days and long nights of being on call. High stress. Just a few hours sleep.

There were two spaces I lived in. The one where I was being strong for everyone else, providing guidance and love, messages and psychic insights, and endless support. There was the other space. The private space where I retreated late at night or early in the morning to rage and grieve and process all of my own emotions. After which I’d gather myself back together and start again. Crazy. Intense. Demanding.

No-one can work like that all the time.

Why do I know that? I used to try, and of course it always ended with me crashing and burning. Eventually. Or sooner.

I’d love to say that it’s all about balance. But I’ve found that life is rarely so organised. Sometimes it does demand all that we have and then some. Sometimes we’re twiddling our thumbs with time on our hands.

I’ve also found that making the time for self-care sometimes demands more courage than to keep driving the bus, crazy-eyed with exhaustion and white-knuckled from the effort it takes to hang on to that damned steering wheel.

When I’m in that place now, I pull over.

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Image from

I’ve learned to be present when I’m needed, and to step back when it’s all over, making myself unavailable to others so that I can fill my tank back up again. I do that with rest, meditation, good food, time on my own, lots of hugs, and things that give me nurture and inspiration – music, books, movies, writing in quiet morning cafes. I do it with clear boundaries, and an awesome husband and PA (Thanks Ben and Dana!) who are able to maintain those boundaries – which sometimes includes them telling me to step away and rest! :) I also do it by giving myself time to feel my emotions. To cry or be angry or sad or bereft or awestruck or whatever else is going on for me.

I no longer try to pretend to myself or the ones closest to me that things are okay. I no longer push through it. I no longer plaster on my happy face if I cannot do that. (Sometimes I can, and it is what is needed for that moment.)

Self-care is an antidote to burn-out. It’s the solution to relationship, job or care-induced resentment. It’s the magical tonic that puts the spring back in your step, the smile back on your face and the music back in your heart.

If you’re feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, cranky, short-tempered or lacking in joy, maybe you’d benefit from creating some space to unplug for a while, so that you can focus on your own needs instead of the needs of everyone else.

Filling the emptying well so that you can draw from it again is the only way you can ever truly be your best, and give your best to others.

What fills you back up?

Do some of that this week, or plan to do it as soon as you possibly can. You’re worth it. And your life will begin to change in unexpected and wonderful ways when you value yourself.

I’m holding you in my prayers and meditations, and sending you so much love, Nicole xx

A Snapshot of My Psychic Life

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“Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that’s what.”
~ Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses


As a psychic, I can never truly plan what happens in my life. I’m in the city just now. Working.

I didn’t blog yesterday because it was one of those days .

After one of those nights.

A young girl died.

I took the call a little before ten at night, while she was still alive – but precariously, and caught a taxi to the hospital.

I was there to hold her hand until her mother came.

I held her mother in my arms after her daughter passed away.

I came home as dawn was breaking, and climbed into bed, bereft and emotionally drained.

A short time later the young girl, recently dead, began whispering in my ear. She came back again and again until she’d told me everything she felt I needed to know. I didn’t end up getting much sleep yesterday, or again last night.

Some of what the girl revealed was deeply troubling. All of it needs to be passed on to her parents.

I don’t focus on mediumship as part of my work, usually. It’s just something that happens sometimes. (You can read more here and here)

Yesterday I blew up nine lightbulbs, tripping the safety switch and plunging the house into blackness nine times. All I had to do was reach my hand out to a light switch and BANG. A bulb would blow. Sometimes my hand didn’t even make it to the switch.

After a while I left what lights were on, on. I didn’t touch any more switches. I stayed away from my computer. I stood barefoot on the earth for the longest time.

It happens like this sometimes. It’s as if all the energy builds up in me and needs somewhere to discharge.

Finally, when I was almost on my knees from being psychically available and in that heightened energy for so long, I spoke to upstairs (You know what I mean – I spoke to God, Guides, Ancestors – whoever was listening). “Enough for now, okay? I could use some time out. A break would be good.”

My husband rang five minutes later. He’d gone home to our farm to move our cattle to higher ground before the predicted heavy rain and floods later this week.

“You’ll never believe this,” he said. “I found my glasses.”

Ben lost his reading glasses a fortnight ago. He only uses them for computer work, and he usually keeps them in his computer bag in a little case. He’d had them in the bedroom at the farm, staying up one night working on his laptop. The next day when he was packing up to come back to Brisbane he couldn’t find his glasses. He searched everywhere.

Over the past two weeks we have torn both houses and the car apart, looking for them. Nothing. Finally, Ben asked me to ask my fairy friend, Sokli, who is sometimes helpful with lost things. “Oh no,” she said. “They’re not there, silly. They’re in the other place. The sometimes place.”

In other words, they were gone, so stop looking.

It has happened to us so many times before. Things disappear. Days, weeks or months later they turn up again, in plain view.

Ben’s glasses were suddenly on top of a bunch of papers in a drawer he has checked at least seven times.

Today I’ll be spending time with my friend who has just lost her daughter. I’ll be helping her navigate this terrible next part of the journey. I’ll be passing on the last of her daughter’s messages. I’ve not had much sleep this past forty-eight hours. It gets like that sometimes.

I’m still in that heightened place, psychically. It’s as if my skin holds an electrical charge. Everything looks enhanced. Brighter. More defined. My heart beats a little faster. I feel deeply in my body, and not. All at the same time.

My husband rushed back to Brisbane to be with me, so he’s in charge of turning lights on and off until things settle down again for me, energetically speaking.

He knows, and I know, that when this is all over I shall crash in a heap for a while. That’s just how it is.

This is what it is to be psychic. This is my life…

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Balancing Act

Image by Dave Dugdale

Image by Dave Dugdale

“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”
~ Rumi, The Essential Rumi


Occasionally things happen which give my world a good shake up. Sometimes it’s a gut punch. Sometimes it’s the most incredible blessing that I never saw coming.

I’ve learned to appreciate these paradoxical moments. I now see that one is less without the other. You need both, in order to have the contrast which makes each experience more meaningful. More honest. More real.

Both grow you.

Both help define you.

It’s a balancing act.

Image from Andy Groleau

Image from Andy Groleau

No point giving in to the pain. No point surrendering to the beauty.

There’s a balancing point somewhere in the middle.

When you find it, you realise that it’s all okay.

You see that love is the answer to every question.

Whatever you’re going through right now, look for that balancing point. Use your heart to orient you to that middle ground.

Keep feeling.

Keep breathing.

Keep loving.

Everything passes. Everything changes.

Love remains.