Guided Meditation for Anchoring into the Expanding Universe

Image from ScienceNet

Image from ScienceNet

“You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe as a wave is continuous with the ocean.” 
~ Alan Wilson Watts

“To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter… to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring — these are some of the rewards of the simple life.”
~ John Burroughs, Leaf and Tendril


This last meditation in our series is designed to anchor us into the unfolding and ever-expanding energy of the Universe.

For this meditation you need:

1) A photograph of you as a small child or baby.

2) A photograph or even an object that belonged to one of your ancestors. Choose someone who is/was your grandparent, or even from the generations before that.

3) The crystal that we used in last week’s meditation, or one you have prepared for this meditation.

4) Something that you deeply desire to manifest in your life. Get clear about what that is. If you have time, journal about it to create as much detail as possible.

Image from Quotes In Space

Image from Quotes In Space

You’ll need to set aside twenty minutes for this meditation. Sit or lie somewhere quietly, using pillows or blankets if needed to make yourself comfortable. Then simply close your eyes and follow the sound of my voice. It’s fine to let yourself fall asleep during the meditation, or immediately afterwards.

To listen to the meditation, click on the button below:


This meditation will help you to connect into your own soul’s energy, the energy of your ancestors, and to use intention to manifest your own unfolding reality.

Holding your crystal after this meditation will continue to strongly connect you into universal energy and universal consciousness, and will also help you to travel along the timeline during subsequent meditations or in the dream state.

PS: If you’d like to review the other meditations we’ve covered so far, click here.

Getting Ready for Our Final Guided Meditation

“Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns, it calls me on and on across the universe.” 
~ John Lennon


A few weeks ago I started a series of seven weekly guided meditations, and tomorrow I shall bring you the final meditation for this series.

This last meditation is designed to anchor us into the unfolding energy of the Universe.

So, for you to make best use of tomorrow’s meditation, I need you to do a few simple things in preparation:

1) Find a photograph of you as a small child or baby.

2) Find a photograph or even an object that belonged to one of your ancestors. Choose someone who is/was your grandparent, or even from the generations before that.

3) Find the crystal that we used in last week’s meditation. If you did not join us for that meditation choose a stone or a crystal that feels good in your hands. Place it outside on the earth, rest it in the soil of a houseplant, or place it on a windowsill where it will get natural daylight and moonlight for at least six hours or overnight. Retrieve it tomorrow before we start the guided meditation.

4) Think of something that you deeply desire to manifest in your life. Get clear about what that is. If you have time, journal about it to create as much detail as possible.


That’s all you have to do. Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you tomorrow for a guided meditation that will help us to easily move into the universal energy of expansion, connection and manifestation. Much love to you, Nicole xx

Image from Michael Jeffreys

Image from Michael Jeffreys

5 Tips For Creating Change

Image from Kaleidoscope Media

Image from Kaleidoscope Media

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”
~ Frank Zappa


Change is rarely an overnight thing. True, lasting change usually requires more energy than that. Here are my five top tips for creating positive change in your life:

1. Don’t wait – begin it now. Don’t wait for the perfect time, for the stars to align, or for some magical sign. Change can begin today. Right now! All it takes is for you to decide and commit.

Image from Zero Dean

Image from Zero Dean

2. Start small. Real small. Tiny steps are good. :)

Image from Wallpaper York

Image from Wallpaper York

3. Be consistent with that small thing. Do that small thing every day.

Image from cuppacocoa

Image from cuppacocoa

4. Pick one thing, just one thing. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a whole pile of newness. Just do one small thing. Consistently. You can come back to the rest later.

Image by Anke Humpert

Image by Anke Humpert

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are, someone’s already been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Someone already knows how to get the thing you want, how to have that success, how to do that thing which means so much to you. Is there a website, a course, a mentor, a book, a coach that can help you?

Above all, remember this. It’s never too late to begin. Some of the most profound changes in people’s lives have come about from tiny, consistent actions.

Image from More Mag

Image from More Mag

5 Helpful Questions for Your Monday

“At the end of the day, the questions we ask of ourselves determine the type of people that we will become.” 
Leo Babauta


Here are five questions to guide you this week. Ponder them, and put the answers into action in your life. Much love, Nicole xx

1. What do I most need to get done this week?

Image from Detavio

Image from Detavio


2. What is one simple daily act I can perform to nourish myself all week?


3. Whose company will most benefit me this week?

I know, I'm a geek, but it's like... YODA! Image from Comicvine

I know, I’m a geek, but it’s like… YODA!   Image from Comicvine


4. What small step can I take towards my dream this week?

Image from Rutgers

Image from Rutgers


5. What meaningful action can I take this week to support or uplift another?

Why You Need to Stop Talking And Start Doing!

Image from Rosco Bandana

Image from Rosco Bandana

“They blossomed, they did not talk about blossoming.” 
Dejan StojanovicThe Sun Watches the Sun


I’m guilty of it. I’m sure you’ve been guilty of it too.

We have an idea. For a book. For a business. For a holiday. For a themed party. For something that excites us so much that we just have to talk about it.

We talk, and talk and talk. We are in love with this idea. We preen it and shine it up, and caress it with our words.

Beautiful Idea by Fadli Agung Ismail

Beautiful Idea by Fadli Agung Ismail

Which creates a problem. After a while, to keep talking about a creative idea dilutes the power of that thing.

Eventually it collapses in on itself, and returns to nothingness.


If you took the smallest action to bring your idea into being, life would be breathed into it.

Image from Ripley's

Image from Ripley’s


If you took another action there would be bones.

Image from Jaime Jo Fischer

Image from Jaime Jo Fisher


Another action – heartbeat.

Image from Averia

Image from Averia


More action – wings.

Image from deviantART by Chan

Image from deviantART by Chan


And so it would go until your beautiful idea would fly, and become the thing that was once only thought.

You were given this inspiration for a reason – so that YOU can birth your beautiful idea into being, and share it with the world.

You can do this!


There has been enough talk.

Image from Can Stock Photo Inc, Bellevue

Image from Can Stock Photo Inc, Bellevue

A Simple Exercise for becoming More Authentic


“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.” 
May Sarton


Ask yourself a question, just one question – and sit in your heartspace to listen for the answer.

How can I be more authentic this week?

To put this another way…

What small steps can you take to better bring yourself into alignment with your best self, with the YOU that your heart longs for you to be?


Who do you aspire to be? What is your heart’s desire?

This week I’m encouraging you to simply BE a little more of that person you’re aspiring to be. Do you want to be more kind, more healthy, more sexy, more honest? Do you long to be a writer, an artist, a mother, or to grow a garden full of flowers and vegetables? Listen to your heart, which always knows.

Image by Judy Ferguson

Image by Judy Ferguson

Ask yourself the question – how do I align with that, how do I live in a way that helps me become more authentic?

Then be brave and take one small action which expresses this energy. Adjust your mindset to feel a little more that you are already becoming this best self, this vision of the future you, and live from that place. Every day.

One week of tiny adjustments can be the start of something deeply fulfilling. It’s a new week. It can also be the start of a new you.



What’s your Power Word for 2014?

“The beginning of wisdom is the definition of terms.” 
~ Socrates


I long ago gave away the practice of multiple New Years Resolutions. Just the thought of it overwhelms me. You know; all the things you are going to do, all the things you are no longer going to do – and then dividing those up into areas  for finances, family, health, spirituality, matters of the heart, interests and hobbies, professional and personal development, global domination and so on.

Living with Lyme I have so little energy to waste on superfluous things. And lists like that exhaust me.

Last year I ditched the concept of resolutions altogether and went with a far simpler system. I narrowed my resolutions down to one word. A Power Word.

In 2013, my power word was HEALTH.

For 2014 my power word is PROSPER.

Every time I think of my word I am reminded of my intentions for 2014. I can hold up the word PROSPER and use it to evaluate my actions and decisions so that I may determine if I am moving towards or away from the energy of this word, this quality I want more of in my life.

Prosper to me is not actually anything to do with money, although money is a part of prosperity. To prosper is to add to, to succeed, to do well, to thrive.

With every action, choice or decision I make in 2014 I can now ask myself if it will prosper or diminish me.

Image from Richard Kong

Image from Richard Kong – And yes, I know it’s very Star Trek, which is one of the reasons it delights me! :)

It’s so easy to be guided by my power word. I simply think of my word and then apply it to any situation:

Will this meal prosper me (support my health and my healing efforts) or diminish (sabotage, weaken or lessen) me?

Will a nap prosper me or reduce me?

Will exercise today prosper me or weaken me?

Which of these work activities shall prosper me most, today and in times to come?

I’m thrilled with my power word. I know it’s going to help keep me focused and on track this year.

Now let’s work out what your word is.


Image from Erin Feldman

Image from Erin Feldman

Finding your Power Word for 2014 is simply a matter of exploring what’s important to you. Is there a recurrent theme in your life you’d like to put more attention to, an area you’d like to shine in, or a dream that never gets air time?

Use the following Questions to help you arrive at your own Power Word or Power Phrase ( a Power Phrase has more than one word!)

  1. What’s the one key area of your life, that if you put purpose, passion and action to, would move you to a better place by the year’s end? Only choose one area. If you actually make all the change and improvement you need before the year is finished you can give yourself a well-deserved break, or choose another word!
  2. If you had this change in your life, what would your life look like?
  3. Write a list of positive words and phrases that embody for you the quality, activities, knowledge and actions of this key area.
  4. Choose one simple word or phrase that sums up this energy for you.


Once you have your Power Word, commit it to memory. Write it in your diary. Place it on post-it-notes around your house, make it your screen saver – in short immerse yourself in this word, and the meaning of this word for you.

Let this one word remind you about what’s important to you this year.  Let this one word help you define and transform your life!

Getting Ready for 2014 – Will you join me?

Image from HDW

Image from HDW

“New Year’s eve is like every other night; there is no pause in the march of the universe, no breathless moment of silence among created things that the passage of another twelve months may be noted; and yet no man has quite the same thoughts this evening that come with the coming of darkness on other nights.”

~ Hamilton Wright Mabie


Just one more sleep until New Year’s Eve. Australia is one of the first countries to see in the New Year, and Byron Bay does know how to throw a party!  But come New Year’s Eve you won’t find me out partying. Instead I’ll be home at my farm, enjoying a quiet dinner with friends and then some journalling and reflection time before I sit down in meditation to welcome in the energies of 2014.

There is such a shift of energies for 2014. Perhaps you can already feel it. The last gasp of 2012 and its buffer year 2013 are falling away.

There’s a change in the air.

Would you like to add some deliberate intention to the birth of 2014? On New Year’s Eve I have a simple fire ceremony. I’d love for you to join with me, adding your energy and presence to my own. I promise it will be an easy thing for you to do.

Each year I offer up a wish for myself, and a wish for the world.  I write each of them on separate pieces of paper, and the messages I write then hold some of the shape of my meditation.  Before midnight I will burn each wish, letting the energy of my hopes and prayers be carried up into the atmosphere in the heat and smoke of the fire. I will then retire and meditate upon the wishes (intentions) I have created.

It’s a powerful practice. And you can be a part of it too. There’s time to think about what you want. And then when you’re ready simply add your wish for yourself and your wish for the world as a comment at the bottom of this post.

Do it just like this: My wish for myself is……  My wish for the world is…..


If you’d like more privacy you can send me a message on facebook , or email me at

I’ll print out your wishes, and add them to my own. The only person who will see them is me (and the Universe, of course…).  I’ll honour your intentions in my meditations, and I’ll burn your messages in my New Year’s Eve fire. I’ll also hold this space for a full 24 hours, so that those of you in different time zones won’t miss out.

Together, our collective good thoughts, wishes and intentions shall help shape a 2014 that begins with love, well wishes and positive energy.  What can be better than that?

Love and Blessings to you, ♥ Nicole xx

Image from techblogstop

Image from techblogstop

Thank you! We’re Two!!

Image from The Creative Me

Image from The Creative Me

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” 
~ Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul


Cauldrons and Cupcakes turns two today. Two years since my first uncertain foray into the world of blogging, with the auspicious post Ice-Cream Plum Pudding: Seriously easy, seriously yum!

Since then I’ve blogged recipes, farm life, gratitude, spiritual journeys, inspiration, owls, crystals and more. Not quite what I expected to be blogging about, but like the Douglas Adams quote, I think I have ended up where I needed to be.

Thank you for your support. You’re the reason I get up every morning to meditate and then sit at my desk to write. I’m so very grateful for you, and I’m glad you came into my life!

I’ll leave you with a few images from our beautiful ‘Soul Sanctuary’ Retreat, here in Byron Bay. We’re having a fabulous time. Wish you were here!

Lots and lots of love, Nicole xx :)

Finding the Path…

2013-12-10 18.01.11


Signs are everywhere!

2013-12-10 17.58.30


Follow Your Heart…

2013-12-09 16.54.05


Find Your Tribe.



Create some space for relaxation, contemplation and connection.

2013-12-08 17.14.57Believe!

2013-12-11 16.53.49


Wishful Thinking versus Deliberate Action

Image from Reverie Dreams

Image from Reverie Daydream

“If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.”
~ C. S. Lewis

“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” 
~ Thomas Jefferson


Rollo shared a simple but profound wisdom during last night’s channelling session. We were taking about how to make 2014 different to all of the years that have been before it.

He suggested that we first think about what we wanted for 2014.

Then, he said, we needed to make a choice. We needed to get out of our heads.

We needed to move from wishful thinking to deliberate action.

So this morning I’m asking you…

What deliberate actions can you identify that will bring you closer to your goals and dreams?

Write them down.

And then do them!

Do them regularly, if they are the kind of actions which need to be repeated.

I look forward to seeing what magic you can create in your life! :)