Meditation for Healing Your Relationship With Money

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.”  ~ Charles Dickens

“Many people take no care of their money till they come nearly to the end of it, and others do just the same with their time.” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Hello, February. Aren’t you pushing some big buttons around money and abundance! Money, lack of it, insecurity around creating it, fear of never having it or of losing it, money mismanagement, poor investment or business decisions, lack of customers, deals gone bad, inability to spend money on yourself, shopping addictions, worry over the ability to support yourself and pay your bills – I’ve had an inbox jammed with messages from people in financial distress or freak-out this month.

I’ve also had a slew of emails from people in deep resistance about all things financial as they work through the first Money Pages of my Year of ME Planner.

So it’s time we had the money talk, don’t you think?

We’re sitting at the dawn of a brand-new energetic era. This is an age of coming back into balance; of sitting in our authentic selves. In this era everything is quicker. More connected. More visible. What we focus on is what we will attract more of.

At the same time our old outmoded beliefs are being brought out into the light so we can identify and own them and move on to new ideas which serve us better. Our old stories around money are holding us back. Our family’s beliefs too. We can’t keep hiding from the things we are ignoring. If money is something you’ve never been comfortable with, now is a terrific time to make peace with your money triggers.

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Many spiritual and creative people have an uncomfortable relationship with money, and yet money is a fundamental aspect of daily life. As we move into greater integrity it’s time to step up and create a life that is in alignment with our Soul’s purpose. We are being asked to call back and integrate all of the lost and broken and shamed parts of ourselves – including our beliefs and feelings around money.

Money is simply another form of energy. If we are out of flow in one area of our lives it affects all of the others, so it stands to reason that if we are out of synch in our relationship with money, our creativity, our heart’s calling (among so many other possibilities), our financial situation can be impacted and brought out of flow too.

When we find our flow and move into alignment with money, it becomes easier to feel positive about our relationship to money. Whatever our current financial position, it’s all still numbers, and numbers can be changed by bringing our awareness to them and then taking action.

I’ve prepared a short guided meditation to help you to bring your energy into alignment with money and abundance.

All you need to do is set about 14 minutes aside, and then sit or lie somewhere quietly and follow along to the sound of my voice.

Nicole Cody’s Guided Meditation for Money and Abundance

Tomorrow I’ll share some simple ideas for creating consciousness around money.

Hugs and love to you,

Nicole xx


Dear Discouraged Lightworker, Failed Healer, Broken Creative… A Letter of Encouragement

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”
~ David G. Allen


The year is young, and still fresh with the scent of hope and possibility.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, my inbox is filled with the sad, agonised and even defeated messages of those who have laboured long towards their dream and who have never been able to achieve it. These are dreams they also can’t walk away from. Inside them is a vision – an idea that calls them to action. An idea that has transfixed them, and which holds some kind of mystical spell over them so that they are unable to give up the vision and move to something else. (Please note – I am talking about callings here, not love affairs!)

Writers who write one genre to mixed success while holding a story in their heart that they are sure is unmarketable and that could destroy an otherwise adequate career. Healers who have been beset by all manner of health problems themselves. Coaches and counsellors whose own lives have been messy or impossible. Lightworkers whose relationships or finances or personal circumstances are in tatters. People needing to work day jobs which suck the life out of them and leave them with no time or energy to go work on their own project.

All of which has prevented them from realising the dream in their heart.

People working with my Year of ME Planner who are trying to define their One Big Thing for the year (or perhaps for their lives) have contacted me, not because they can’t work out what the One Big Thing might be, but because they are fearful that they won’t be able to deliver on the promise. They’ve already decided long ago. The vision is there. But so is this history of failure, limited success, or inability to even properly start.

So I wanted to write you this letter of encouragement, and ask you, please, not to give up!

I have been where you are. Yes, I have. And I speak from my heart to yours, hoping that you will truly hear me.
You see, you’ve been let down so many times. You’ve had this vision. You’ve had this One Big Thing dream for so long. And at the same time you haven’t done it. Life got in the way. Illness got in the way. Lack of money and support and being in survival mode with no energy to devote to your dream got in the way. Body not working got in the way. Brain not working got in the way. People who really needed you, or who took everything you had got in the way. Yet the dream remained.

Once, in your long-ago lives, you were someone who GOT THINGS DONE. Who overcame obstacles and met deadlines and was reliable. In that life it seemed entirely feasible that you could easily and passionately get your One Big Thing done. Then little by little it all fell away, and on your good days you’d make plans, only to have them dashed as the next day came and you couldn’t keep up with the things you’d organised for yourself. Feelings of failure crept in. You began not to trust yourself. You began not to trust the Universe.

Why would you be given a dream that burned such a blaze inside you, only to be cruelly thwarted and left unfulfilled, with the dream out in front of you as a reminder of all of that failure. Right?
I get it. I’ve lived it.

And I have a new paradigm for you. But it requires a BIG shift of your current thinking.

You see, what if it’s actually not a failure? What if it’s about timing?

What if it’s about truly KNOWING struggle, so that you can speak to that energy in others (as I am speaking to that energy within you right now, having also lived it).

What if the world wasn’t ready for what you had to share if you’d delivered any earlier?

What if it just wasn’t your time before now?

So many people like you and me have been held back in our progress because it wasn’t our time to peak in the old energies. We’re part of the pointy end of change and healing and expansion in this new post-2012 energetic era.

What if it all happened because your soul and the Universe contrived all manner of stuff to get you into a space of right timing for the sharing of your talents and gifts?

Let go of blame and shame and concepts of loss and punishment. That’s so old energy – and you, my lovelies, are here to work with the NEW. You’re healing. Things are changing. Now is your time. Start small. Expect delays as you regroup and regather and open to new ideas and energies. Open your arms to it all and trust. Know that you will still make forward progress. Know that your One BIg Thing may come to look completely different to the picture you have held in your head. Know that this is okay. You are here in response to the new energies, and these new energies are co-creative. Get it? You don’t have to do it all on your own. You don’t need to be in struggle and isolation anymore, and it WILL get easier. It is already getting easier.

Make peace with yourself and the Universe and your One Big Thing. It’s not too late. In fact, the timing is just right. Take a nap. Find some gratitude for good stuff to level up your vibration. Start bravely or not bravely in one little corner and trust in miracles and magic and synchronicity and amazing happenings BECAUSE THAT IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN NOW. Not the echoes of the old world that are bouncing around in your head, causing you so much pain.

You’ve got this. We’re here for you. We love you. You were born for this. Onwards, one limpy little step, nap and cup of tea at a time. Soon enough you’ll be flying. I know it!

Much love, Nicole xoxo

2016 – Guidance for the Year Ahead


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“If nothing else in this long and short life, let me be true to my conscience, to the dignity of my own heart. Let me act in a way that says, I have honored my spirit as truly as I have honored others’. Let me stand tall and rooted as a mountain in the face of a quaking world.”
~ Jennifer DeLucy


Happy New Year, and welcome to the energies of 2016!  New Year’s Day is always a special time for me. I like to welcome the day with meditation, and then spend some time over the course of the day contemplating my year ahead, asking for spiritual guidance, and writing in my journal.  For me it is a day of planning and dreaming, and spending time with people and activities that matter to me.

I have one tarot deck that I use only for the first day of the new year.  For over 25 years I have worked with this deck as a touchstone to set the themes of my year ahead so that I might live with greater awareness and understanding.  I don’t use the cards as a predictive tool – rather I use them for reflection, and to seek guidance about qualities, actions and perspectives that might benefit me over the next twelve months.

Just after midnight I asked for one card for you – to give YOU guidance over the year ahead.  This is my personal interpretation of that card for you.

Take what resonates as truth for you, and discard the rest.



THE STAR – Insights for 2016


“The thought of being whoever I want is a terrifying thing, because I have only ever been who everyone has wanted me to be.”
~ Dianna Hardy


2015 was a year of shake-ups and shake-downs – a year to break free of old patterns, a year to let go of duty and instead to begin listening to the whispers of our hearts.  It was a year for beginning to be true to ourselves. And for choices based on alignment with our authenticity.

And now we are here, at the dawning of a whole new year.

2016 is holding her arms wide and inviting us to step into her energy, ready for change, ready for action, ready for growth.

If I was to sum up the energies of 2016 in one word, that word would be LAUNCH. It is a year for expressing yourself authentically in the world, taking new directions and finding new ways of being, for starting and growing life-changing projects, for truly becoming more of who you are. A year that builds on the work you have done in 2015, and that demands honesty and space for being yourself, sharing your gifts and moving into the flow of creativity and abundance.

The Star, as your guidance for the year, is encouraging you to honour and work with your intuition. This is not a year for being who others want you to be, or need you to be. 2016 demands that you live this year for you, and true to your own inner compass.

For some of you that will be confronting. Who are you, and what do you want? These are questions you may have had no time for as you have busily lived to please or support others.

Image by Kara DeCarlo at

Image by Kara DeCarlo at

The Star gifts you a dawning sense of self-worth and self-confidence. Not based on shallow or external devices, but on your own self-knowing. This comes from having looked within, and from spending time in your own company.

As you begin to truly know yourself you radiate your own light and truth out into the world. You trust yourself. You understand your wants and needs. You can now live guided by your values, from a place of integrity and authenticity.

Gradually, as this depth of knowing increases, you can become a guiding light for others.

This is a year for creativity and innovation, and for taking small but consistent steps towards your dreams by anchoring your thoughts into reality through your deeds. It is a year of transformation through action.

2016 is a pivotal year, for the energies we invest in this year will become magnified over the next nine-year cycle. There is no need to get it all done. But if something is important to you, make sure that it is represented in your life, even if it is only there in small amounts.

It’s never too late to be whom you might have been. Choose a place in your life and just get started. There is so much support available for you as you intentionally and deliberately work towards manifesting change this year.

Take time out throughout your year to think deeply about your life, and how you want it to be. Check in with yourself. What makes you happy? Do more of that. What tears you down or wears you out? Do less of that. Make conscious choices that allow you to create a life that is rich and meaningful for you, rather than a life lived to make others happy or to gain their approval.

Above all, trust your gut. Live from your intuitive wisdom. Listen to and honour your inner knowing. BE yourself. Own the truth of who you really are.

I’m wishing you a year rich with meaning, and filled with love, support, kindness, well-being and flow.

Bless ♥ Nicole xx

PS – Want a system and support to help you make 2016 a great year for you? Check out my Year of ME Planner – 2016 and community. It has everything you need!

Does Planning Your Future Press All The Wrong Buttons In You?


“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”
~ Salvador Dalí

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
~ Maya Angelou


2016 is right on our doorstep.

For many people it’s a time of review. For some it’s a time of making New Year’s resolutions. And some of us are working with my Year of ME Planner – 2016.

Reviewing and planning your life – it sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Except when it’s not.

I have always maintained that self work is some of the hardest work you can do. It’s easy to go through life busy – getting up every day tired, going to work or school, coming home to eat and watch a screen and then fall into bed. Repeat x 365. With the exception of holidays and Christmas. Busy numbs you. Routine numbs you. You don’t even have to think. Life becomes a series of multiple choice questions with the answers all there in front of you. Or we can let life drive us and carry us along.

Self-work wakes you up. Self work makes you examine your life. Who are you? What do you want? In what direction do you want your life to go?

When we begin to ask ourselves those questions it can be hard to truly see and own the choices (or lack of choices) we have made thus far.

It can be incredibly confronting to stand at the centre of our life and realise that we no longer know what makes us happy. Or worse, that we have become so disconnected from ourselves and from Spirit that we feel like we have only emptiness when we ask ourselves the big questions.

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Image from

And there’s one other elephant that often creeps into the room when we do start to give ourselves permission to plan and dream and consciously create our lives.

That would be the elephant of Unworthiness.

That feeling where all our fear kicks in. All our self-doubt. The voice in our head, which is effectively silenced by hard work, routine, illness or fatigue, starts whispering and then shouting…

Not good enough

Too fat

No money

Too sick

Too old

Too stupid

Too late

I’ll fail

I don’t deserve it

It’s impossible

and all manner of other unhelpful things. All the old fears rush in. Plus a few new ones. Often that voice gets so loud that all we want to do is put down our Planner (Did I mention that I have an awesome Planner to really help you live consciously in 2016? :) ) and go back to the numbness of the life we lived before.

You’ll know if that’s you.

You’ll move into a place of resistance. Of procrastination. Of crankiness even.


That’s always a positive sign that those buttons are being pushed in you because you are moving out of stuckness (where it’s safe) and back into the flow of life again.

I’d urge you to keep going with planning and dreaming and manifesting through your intention.

I know some of you will now counter that with, ‘But Nicole, you don’t understand! I’m sick. I have no money. No-one is helping me. My life sucks. How can I plan a better life when I am not even coping with my day? That’s so unrealistic – to dream of an ideal life, or even a better life, when were I am currently sucks so much.’

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Image from

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Remind yourself that self work is the hardest work you can do. Encourage yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Treat yourself kindly, like you would a small cranky, frightened child.

Know that sometimes this work needs time to flow. Stick with it. Work in small bites. You can always write a little bit down and then come back to your dreams and your life plan and add more later. Let it be an adventure in knowing yourself, rather than an awful chore that needs to be perfect or ‘done right’.

And most importantly?


Imagination is a powerful force, and just like when you were a child, you can go into your imagination and create without limitation. Thoughts become things. Change is always possible.

Back in 2000, shortly after I was married, I became so sick from undiagnosed lyme that my husband was advised to put me into a nursing home. I had lesions on my brain. My cognitive ability was shot. I couldn’t walk, think clearly, or function in daily life. It was predicted that within six months I would be a drooling mess, and that within a few short years I would be dead.

But I still had my imagination, and my ability to dream.

I’m sure that’s what got me through.

And every single thing (bar one – having kids), on my list of dreams and seemingly impossible goals from that time in my life has now come true, even though at the time I was sick, had no money, life truly sucked, and I didn’t know HOW it would ever change.

Life is a great big adventure, and we never truly know how it will unfold for us. But thinking and dreaming is still free, and there is powerful magic in those two acts. Don’t give up on yourself!

2016 is almost here. It’s a whole book of blank pages for us to fill. Don’t let that be terrifying. Your imagination is a giant crayon box jam-packed with colour and possibility, longing to be let loose on those blank pages.

Dare to truly think. Dare to give yourself permission to imagine. Dare to dream.

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Want some help and support for your journey?

We’d love you to be a part of our Year of ME Planner – 2016 community. Come join us, and make 2016 a year of supported and nourished growth.

Much love to you,

Nicole xx


Setting Clear Boundaries for 2016

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“Setting boundaries is a way of caring for myself. It doesn’t make me mean, selfish, or uncaring because I don’t do things your way. I care about me too.”
~ Christine Morgan


2016 is a very important year, for many reasons. One is that it is a foundation year. Our choices in 2016 will set the tone for the next nine-year cycle, magnifying the energy of our thoughts, activities and interests from 2016, and delivering more of that in the coming years.

Think about that for a moment.

Whatever we choose (or by default don’t choose and simply let happen), we’ll be signing ourselves up for more of that in the years to come.

How do you want the next decade to look?

Like the years you’ve just been through? Or something different?

2016 is a year where it benefits us to make space for what is meaningful to us. It’s not enough to simply think about what we want. It’s time to start incorporating the activities and actions that will shape the unfolding of our lives in ways that are pleasing to us. We don’t even need to make wholesale and radical changes – we simply need to make sure that if something is important to us we make a little room for that in our lives in 2016. We only need to make a start, and then consistently keep having that thing show up in our year through conscious choices (that may end up becoming new habits!).

Boundaries become important. As we create time for ourselves and our dreams we must also guard that time so that it is not eroded by old habits of always putting others or unimportant stuff first. The boundary is not just there for others, it is also there for ourselves.

Boundaries create protected spaces. These spaces let us and the world know that something here is important. Those protected spaces reflect our values, our emerging priorities, our precious projects and relationships.

Boundaries are about us saying yes to what matters, and ensuring that what matters is represented in our daily lives.

Boundaries are also about us saying no. No to the relationships, behaviours, thought patterns and beliefs that take us away from our values and what matters most to us. No to the circumstances that limit or harm us, or that needlessly waste our energy and time.

As adults we have choices. 2016 is a great year for exercising those choices.

In 2016, what will you choose?

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My 2016 Personal Planning Summit!

2015-12-27 06.05.03

“As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.” ~ Antoine de Saint Exupery


Today is a day I always look forward to. After a relaxing Christmas, and a delicious day of doing completely NOTHING yesterday, today I begin my personal Planning Summit for 2016.

I’ve set aside four days, four glorious empty days, just for thinking, dreaming, designing, discussing and planning. It’s a time for Manifesting Energies for the coming year.

My year-long whiteboard calendar is wiped clean of 2015. All ready for the year ahead.

I have my Year of ME Planner to be filled in.

I have oracle cards and notebooks and stickers and an abundance of pens and pencils. There is music and silence and snacks and tea and all of last years notes and financials. I have my stories to explore. Health to think on. Retreats and workshops to hold. Online courses to launch. Holidays to plan.

Some of this I’ll be planning on my own. Some of it I’ll plan with Ben. Some it will be me and my wonderful PA, Dana, sitting with our heads together and discussing what’s happened in the last year, and where to from here.

Today I’ll start with some stretching, and a little reading, followed by a good breakfast with Ben and Cafe Dog.

Then I’ll come back home and get stuck into it. In between naps and swims and the watching of Christmas DVDs. Because planning must incorporate moodling time, and time for ideas to consolidate. For me it needs to be fun!

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Image from

If you want to hold your own Planning Summit I have everything you need in the front of my Year of ME Planner – 2016.

You can access all of the Planner options here.

If you’ve signed up for my year-long course (still spaces available) or deluxe membership package (only one spot left!) I’ll be on the private facebook group today from 12pm (Sydney, Australia time), discussing my planning strategies, guiding you through the process, and answering questions. I’ll be popping in and out of facebook through into the evening and I’m really looking forward to sharing with you!

All of the Planner and Planner Package options are available by clicking on my Shop tab.

I’m wishing you your best year yet for 2016.

And right now, it’s time for me to plan mine!

2015-12-27 06.04.10


December 2015 – What to Expect

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“Dare to dream, for in the daring there is defiance to live beyond your circumstances.”
~ Su Williams, Dream Weaver


Hello, Lovelies!

We’ve almost made it through the year. Already we are under the influence of 2016 and her glorious possibilities, which is why December is an important month for tuning in to the current energies (sorry, I’m a week late in posting all of this due to being on retreat and madly finalising my Year of Me Planner to help you make the most of next year, so please forgive me!).

December is a month for taking time to dream – dreams for our lives and for our hearts. Dreams that will help us to create and manifest a more meaningful existence. Dreams that encourage growth and change. It’s also a month for beginning to take tiny steps (or a couple of wild leaps) towards some of those dreams.

It’s shaping up to be a busy month, so make sure you can fit in some time for resting, imagining, doodling and journaling. Your subconscious and intuition have so much to share just now about your year ahead. You’ll be glad that you made the time to explore your inner world and reconnect to your hopes and dreams.



Card for the Month:

I’ve chosen two cards for December for you: one from the Osho Zen Tarot Deck, and one from Colette Baron-Reid’s The Enchanted Map. Remember that I don’t use these cards in the conventional way, but rather as a stimulus for channelled information.

Here is what I have received from each card:


“When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”
~ Audre Lorde


New Vision is a call to dream bigger about the possibilities for our own life. We’re reminded that there is no satisfaction in living out our lives on auto-pilot. This is our one life to live (this time, anyway), and it ain’t no dress rehearsal. As each day ends that means one less day to live out the dream we hold in our hearts. There is no point postponing that vision – we need to be living in a way that supports our dreams and that provides us with a rich and meaningful life. Or else we may never live that life at all…

New Vision encourages us to look at where our life is small, unsatisfying or out of alignment. It reminds us to connect to the activities and inspiration that help us to see a better future for ourselves, where we feel safe, open, happy, uplifted and connected.

We are also reminded that it is important to have something to strive towards. We need to gift ourselves room to grow into a better version of ourselves, and that always starts with thinking about how that version of ourselves might be.

Imagining a big picture for our lives, and then identifying smaller do-able steps is a beautiful way to work with the energies of December.

In December, ask yourself Who do I want to be? Dare to dream, and then get ready to rise up in 2016.




“We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.”  ~ Mary Dunbar


The second card, Golden Palace, is all about strengthening ourselves, our self-esteem and our treatment of ourselves. We are reminded that we have worth, and that we deserve fairness and respect from ourselves and others.

Golden Palace assures us that our most valuable treasure lies within. It is a symbol of abundance and prosperity, but we also see that true wealth comes simply from being mindful of the precious nature of this life – from having someone to love, someone who loves us back, work that we enjoy, and a way to use and explore our own unique talents and gifts. We are intuitive. We experience emotional pleasure from such simple things as a baby’s smile or a beautiful sunset. Once we begin to see that we are enough we treat ourselves better, and we demand that others do the same.

Golden Palace works beautifully with New Vision.  Our lives are valuable, we are valuable, and we need to take time to deeply consider how we want to live and express this gift of life for the finite number of days granted for this particular existence. We are not here for the pleasure of others. This is our life to live, and our personal and spiritual growth and emotional fulfilment are our greatest treasures.

Is your life more about existing or surviving than living? December invites us to reassess. December invites us to dare to dream a little about what might really make us happy and give us emotional fulfilment. We are encouraged to daydream, to imagine and from there to begin a plan that moves us in the direction of our dreams.


In December, no matter how crazy life becomes, protect a little time and space just for you. Play with your oracle cards. Daydream. Make a Vision Board. Do some journalling. Talk to your guides and angels. Take yourself on long solitary walks or coffee dates so that you have some space to think. Let it be okay for you to find yourself wherever you are right now. Accept the reality of your current situation and then get busy dreaming a new one into being, more aligned with your heart and soul.

2016 is a powerful year for supporting positive life change and for living with authenticity. Get ready the best way you can – by dreaming big and thinking deeply about the year to come.

Much love to you,

Nicole <3 xx