Power Mantras for erasing negative thoughts and images

Sometimes we end up with thoughts and images that play over and over again in our mind.  We know they are not helpful, in fact sometimes we can see that these thoughts and images are downright destructive, but what do you do about it?

A friend of mine emailed me after she went out with a man she met through internet dating.  Here’s part of what she wrote :

I was in his company for three hours with him talking at me – lots of negative and brutal images. I feel psychically bashed and woke this morning from a nasty nightmare. I unsubscribed from the internet dating site, and sent him an email thanking him for meeting with me, but being clear that I do not want to meet again.

Can you please give me any suggestions how I can cleanse his words from my memory and how I can stop thinking about them??? Any thoughts at all?

When you’re stuck with unwanted thoughts in your head, it’s a little like living in a house that has a horrendous colour scheme, or ugly wallpaper. If you are immersed in that energy all day it’s bound to affect you. (Thanks to Salvatore Vuono for this special image!)








To get back into a feel-good place you need to get rid of that wallpaper.  But removing it is going to be hard, painstaking work. And all you will be focusing on is that awful wallpaper. Why not put new wallpaper or paint straight over the top?  Soon you can be sitting in a decor of your choosing – and what works for walls, works for thoughts.

Got thoughts or images making ugly wallpaper in your head?  You need to make yourself up a power mantra – a phrase to say, or even better, a song you can sing to yourself that blasts over the top of the old thought and totally covers it up through repetition.  In fact, if you use your power mantra often enough it will magically transform the old wallpaper at a molecular level, and you’ll never need to be bothered by that wallpaper again!

For my friend, I advise that she affirms all is well, that she has released the past with love, that she is cleansed and free and in harmony, that she is drawing to her all good things, that she is blessed on every level.

I like songs for re-orienting my thoughts.  They are fun to make up, and easy to remember. Sing your little song often, continuously if you need to, so that it makes you smile and laugh and feel good.  Soon your head’s interior will be much more friendly, you’ll be feeling more optimistic, and you’ll have raised your energy and vibration to a much better place.

Like this:

thanks for the image, nuttakit












Some of my favourite power mantras include:

  • Everything I want is ALWAYS on special. (I encourage you to try this one – it never fails to amaze and delight me, because, well, everything I want is always on special…)
  • Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.  I’m blessed with health, and blessed with love and I’m showered with miracles from Heaven above. (I didn’t say the songs would be clever or have literary merit!)
If you’re stuck for ideas about what to affirm, Louise Hay is the Queen of Positive Affirmations. She has a website full of ideas, and many good books on the subject.  I also love Jessica’s energy and attitude in this youtube clip.  She’s a great example of positive self-talk:

And if you have a bath, dump a big heaping cupful of epsom salts into warm water and have a good soak – the magnesium restores nervous system balance and cleanses your aura. If you don’t have a  bath, use a bucket and soak your feet.  A drop or two of lavender oil in the water and you’ll be feeling calm and restored in no time!

Hope that helps,
Love and Light,

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4 thoughts on “Power Mantras for erasing negative thoughts and images

  1. You are spot on with this – I am just erasing a negative email I received this morning and it has taken me back to peace, love and harmony again. Perfect timing as always Nicole.
    Loving the new blog – love Lucy x

    1. Good for you, Lucy. There is no point in keeping that sort of energy around – and so often we fret and worry over things like that and why we caused it, and how we need to fix it, when the problem lay with the other person and not ourselves. It can be hard for sensitive people (and for pleasers and fixers) to do what you have done and hit the delete key. Thanks for sharing this! I’m sure it will be useful for other people in similar situations. Love to you 🙂 xx

    1. I’m glad you found it useful, Catherine. I’ve found that changing my thoughts has made a profound difference to my happiness and wellbeing. And it’s a wonderful thing to realise that while you can’t be in control of everything that happens to you, you CAN take control of your thinking. <3

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