A week-long course in journalling – Day 1

Want to join me for a week of free journalling instruction?  I’m a big fan of journalling, and have filled endless diaries and notebooks over the last 20-odd years. It’s a great way to get time alone with yourself, and it helps with that often difficult task of knowing ourselves, and all our messy hopes, dreams, desires, blocks and resistance. Over the next seven days I’m going to explore journalling as a tool for self-awareness, creativity and spiritual development.  From the seeds of writings in our journal, many positive things can grow. (thanks to greenphile for this image!)

Day 1 – Select your tools

The beginning of 2012 begs for the opportunity to begin a journal if you haven’t yet started one.  Part of the joy is in the selection of that new book. Yes, old-fashioned paper rather than a digital device.

 What size will you select?  What colour shall the cover be?  Will it be lined paper or blank unlined pages?  Spiral bound or glued spine?  Art diary to capture images as well as words?

And will you use pen, ink, pencil, crayons, or a combination of writing implements? You may even want to buy a snappy pencil case or tin to keep your writing tools in.  Perhaps you’ll favour stickers, or things cut from magazines that will need to be glued. Keep open to the possibilities, especially if you don’t consider yourself artistic!

(journal image by vichie81)


Task for the day:

Today, take the time to choose your journal and writing tools.  Let it be a gift of time and energy for yourself.  You may have things lying around the house that you could collect, you may need to buy something.  What matters most is that you decide to journal, and gather your materials together.  See you tomorrow, for some WRITING! ♥

(another beautiful photo by nuttakit)


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23 thoughts on “A week-long course in journalling – Day 1

  1. I’m on it!! And I’m excitedddd.. I don’t buy magazines so now I can, and while I’ve got them catch up on some trashy gossip while using the pictures in my journal lol.. thankyou. xx

  2. Nicole, thanks for sharing such beautiful thoughts and words of wisdom. You offer so much of yourself freely. I am really looking forward to going on this week long journalling with you xx

  3. What does it take to start ? Any website that provides a framework ? I am very interested but don’t quite get it even though I have understood the above requirements.

    1. Hi Anoop,
      Just follow the blog posts over the 7 days, and use the ideas and directions to guide your own writing. I’ll be coming back to this topic again throughout the year with more tips and inspirations.
      Love and Light,

  4. I am a great writer of thoughts that pop into my head….however people do snoop….and they tend to put there own agenda on what and the why you have written something…..actually it as been know to cause a divorce…even my daughter who writes does so now in code….as to stop people misunderstanding her words…..

    1. Journalling does need to be a safe space, Michael, and in my experience journals often collect thoughts and emotions that were merely passing through or bubbling to the surface having gathered momentum from many long-lost moments and memories (and which don’t accurately express our truth but that still needed dumping on the page). Snooping is not cool, and implies a lack of trust or open communication. But I’m not looking at a journal as a diary of your life, although it can be that – I’m hoping to show you ways to use journalling to access the wise, creative and spiritual part of yourself, as well as being a dumping ground for the trash of our minds.

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