A week-long course in journalling – Day 4

So many things rattle around in our brain, and in that crowded space they are never given air or light or room to grow.  Today we are going to capture some of those wild thoughts and imaginings, those some-time longings and almost forgotten wishes, and give them roots in the rich soil of our journal.

Journalling is much more than just writing, much more than mere clearing of the pipes.  Journalling is also a ticket to adventure, that magnificent journey of self-discovery.  When we begin to identify our hopes, dreams and cherished desires we can begin to consciously manifest these things in our lives.  Thoughts can become things, imaginings, reality…   (Image by wiangya)

Journalling gives us a powerful tool for mapping out our cherished hopes and longings, making dreams reality.

Day 4 – Connecting to our conscious desires 

Most of us have an idea of what we think might make us happy, but often all we ever do is let those thoughts float around in our head like so much dandelion fluff. (image by Tina Phillips)

A journal is a great place for exploring these thoughts and anchoring them on the page where they can begin their journey from thought-form into something tangible in our lives. There is a great power in identifying dreams and goals.  And there is a magic that happens when these thoughts are transferred from our minds to paper.  Like dandelion fluff in the breeze, we capture the tiny seeds and begin to nurture them into existence.


Task for the day:

If you haven’t already checked out my post on How to Live Authentically on 2012, I suggest you go visit it now.  You’ll find a series of questions to help you become clearer about what’s important to you in life.  Use this as a starting point for today’s journal entry, where you can begin writing down your conscious hopes, dreams and desires.

Don’t censor what you write.  Hope is an important nutrient for these fledgling dreamseeds.  It doesn’t matter that you don’t know how you’re going to achieve or obtain the thing you’re dreaming about.  All that counts is that you identify that thought and write it down.  Dare to dream big dreams as well as small ones.

I’ve created a short Guided Meditation to help you get into the flow of this exercise.  Just click on the link below to begin.  (Forgive the bumping noise midway through, as Bert my trusty office-assistance-dog came to sit on my lap!)

Day 4 of Journalling – Dare to Dream

Meet my office assistant - Bert ♥

You might also like to work with the meditation I created to welcome in the energies of 2012.  Meditation and visualisation is a wonderful way to ease into the flow of journalling.  Let me know how you go!

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3 thoughts on “A week-long course in journalling – Day 4

  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work, with the blog and the podcasts! Have been reading some of your old posts. Feel that you have made a major positive impact on my life. My heart, mind and soul thank you! Cheers!:)

  2. Thanks for added blessings, Bert! (Glad they don’t have smello-vision yet, though, just in case you were adding power of another kind ;))
    Nic, thanks stacks for this. I have done so much of this kind of thing over the years that sometimes it all feels old hat and sometimes I find it hard to feel I am really speaking the truth – can feel like I am just skimming scum off the surface rather than diving down to the true deeps. But the infectious enthusiasm of your voice when the lotto-guy came a-knockin’ made me smile and get in touch with a more free-wheeling, child-like sense of myself.
    Tarn and I and a friend of his were just playing this game the other day – ‘what would you do if you had squillions of dollars’ and the same vision popped into my mind when I heard your voice. The most perfectly re-vamped, true-to-the-era campervan (of this ilk: http://www.mycoolcampervan.com/) just keeps appearing in my daydreams. I don’t know if I want one of my own or if I want to reconstruct the journeys of my childhood in the UK with Tarn or what. I know it would be ultra-cool to follow the inspirational research places of my story in one of these, that’s for sure! In my subsequent lookings for images on the net I even stumbled across a competition to win one (well, a reconditioned caravan), which of course I entered immediately!
    The lovely thing about this allowing to dream-thing was that it put me in touch with my longing and need for freedom and adventure and space, something I’ve been denying and putting to the side for a long time. The absence of funds always an inhibitor. It made me realise I really do need to get away. Somehow, and soon. Not necessarily in the dream-camper, but something with the spirit of that. As I pondered this, I realised that some people would laugh at a girl who needs to get away from paradise. And that made me suddenly realise that my little snippet of paradise could be someone elses’ dream retreat or holiday location, and that could help make my needed get-away more possible! It’s a very, very basic, simple little home, but the location is pretty darn special, and it is a pretty cute little place. I’m sure for the right person it could be perfect for a couple of weeks or so. Yay! So thanks so much for the encouragement to allow myself to dream a little, and subsequently think a little laterally! I feel free-er and happier already. 🙂 xxx

    1. 🙂 Sally Amber, I almost did cartwheels reading this! I can so see you in one of those campers, toodling your way around, and the lateral thinking idea sounds totally do-able. I’m sure lots of people would line up for a swap with you, or to rent out your cottage while you’re away adventuring. Everyone needs a holiday from the ordinary, even when their ordinary is a little slice of paradise. And yes, Bert was adding power of another kind – so you and everyone else should be impressed at my powers of concentration that I managed to keep talking 😛 Keep dreaming, and here’s me wishing those dreams come true for you <3 xx

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