A week-long course in journalling – Day 5

One of the most powerful laws I have ever come to understand is that the Universe unfolds before us based upon vibration – influenced by the energy of our thoughts and intentions and the emotions we attach to those thoughts and intentions.

Whatever you give the most thought to, and whatever thoughts you attach the most emotion to, appear in your life as situations, opportunities, relationships and objects.  The clearer the thought, the stronger the emotion, the faster it turns up in your life.

Even more interesting is the concept that like attracts like.  You know how that goes… Think an angry thought and another one follows.  Something shows up in your day to escalate that mood of crankiness.  Conversely, when you are happy, and in a space of being grateful for what is already in your life, more of that good stuff shows up! (This happy image by Stuart Miles)

The more you find to be happy about, the more you'll notice good things appear in your life.

Day 5 – Practising Gratitude

Our journal is a perfect place to begin exploring the many things in our life for which we can already be grateful. Sometimes, when we are at our lowest, this can be hard to do.  Especially if we haven’t been in the habit of practising gratitude. But once we start to look; at today, and the days that have gone before these, there is always something that made us smile, something that made us feel good, and something to be grateful for now.

Often these things are unexpected gifts.  They usually have nothing to do with conventional ideas of wealth or success… A beautiful sunrise, a baby’s laugh, a favourite song coming on the radio at just the right time, a good cup of tea, a walk on the beach. One of the most powerful ways to create positive shift in your life, and to connect you into greater flow, is to live in a space of gratitude for these things.

I am always grateful for the natural environment, and the many places of beauty that surround us

Task for the day:

Make yourself a cuppa as you sit at home in your pyjamas, take yourself to a favourite coffee shop, pour yourself a juice and head into the garden – whatever you do, today find somewhere comfortable to sit with your journal, and have something to drink at your elbow.  That’s the lovely thing about journals.  You can take them anywhere.

(image by nuchylee)

Sit for a minute, and get happy.  Find something to think about that makes you smile. Then when you’re ready, start writing about things that make you feel good, things you are grateful for, things that make you feel better about yourself, the world and the future.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a short list or a long one.  And this is a list that you can keep adding to over time, for each new day brings its own blessings.

Yesterday we wrote about the importance of Daring to Dream.  By focusing your thoughts and emotions on things that you can feel positive and grateful for today, you begin to create an energy that attracts more experiences, adventures, opportunities and relationships into your life that will match these feelings generated as you practise gratitude.

The following clip has a great wisdom about gratefulness, and shows us where to start when we aren’t sure that we can begin.

Open your heart to the many miracles and blessings already in your life, and pour that energy onto the page  ♥

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