A week-long course in journalling – Day 6

How do you know what your deepest truth is, especially when you spend too much time in your head? There are the things we tell ourselves to be true, and things we know and believe, and this information is readily accessible to us.  In fact we’ve already tapped into it in Day 4‘s journalling work. It sits in our mind, at the front of our conscious awareness.

But there is also a great source of truth hidden within us, residing in our subconscious and unconscious mind.  How do we access that information?

Day 6 – Inner Child Work; Left Hand Right Hand Dialogue

Often we think that the best way to find guidance is to look to someone older and more experienced, or a Guide, Angel, God or our Higher selves.  There is, however, a wonderful source of Guidance within you, known as your Inner Child.  This is the refreshingly honest, loving and very caring part of you who can tell you with all the affront and careful attention of a five year old, what’s really going on in other parts of you. (This image by photostock)

There is a great wisdom that dwells within you, and it has the purity, honesty and integrity of a child...

The best way to work with your Inner Child is to have a conversation between the Big You, and the Little You.  You can do this through what is known as Left Hand – Right Hand Dialogue.  It’s an easy thing to do!

Task for the day:

Take out your journal and some different coloured pens or pencils.  Use your dominant hand (the one you usually write with) to be the Big You, the conscious awareness of you as an adult.  Choose one pen for this hand.  Then use your non-dominant hand to represent your Little You, and let that hand pick a pen, or pens to write with. (image by posterize)

Have your Big You write a question for your Little You, and then let your Little you respond.  The writing will be awkward, and please don’t worry about spelling or vocabulary. Just let the writing flow and trust… What you’ll get is honesty, and love, and isn’t that all we really ever need to get started?  You can do this to work on problems and blockages in your life, and you can even get your Little you to draw and create works of art.  Enjoy experimenting!

If you’d like to keep working with this technique:

Using coloured crayons or pens, have your Inner Child do a drawing of you with your non-dominant hand. (another lovely image by Stuart Miles)

Then use a left hand, right hand dialogue as described above, to ask your Little You questions about what the drawing represents, and any advice they have to give concerning this. Inner Children are very opinionated about what you need and why, and their advice will always come straight from the heart.

My own Inner Child Work has reminded me of the importance of spiritual work just for me, of the need to move my body and spend time in nature, and encouraged me when I need to spend more time playing with my dogs. ♥

Be prepared for some surprises!  This is a great technique for working with health and diet, career, relationships and so on.  And it may bring to the surface things you’d never even thought of!

Wishing you joy in your day, and a journal full of self-discovery. Bless xoxo

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3 thoughts on “A week-long course in journalling – Day 6

  1. Beautiful, I think this has to be one of my favorite techniques of yours Nicole…It has helped me out many a time and given wonderful insights. Thank you……xxxx And I am so enjoying writing on better quality paper – what a huge difference?

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