Speaking your Truth – tips for the Throat Chakra

Only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth, and that is not speaking it. – Naomi Wolf

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We often talk about speaking our truth, but how many people even understand what that means?  Our truth is that wise part of us that knows who we are, what we need, and what we believe in.  It is a personal truth – it differs between individuals, and it often changes over time.  What matters most is that we acknowledge this truth, and honour it by being able to voice our ideas, opinions, needs and wants.

If you have trouble asking for help, if you say no when you mean yes and yes when you mean no, if you find it hard to say what you really feel or think for fear of upsetting or offending others, if you worry about being judged or ridiculed for your opinions, or if your voice deserts you altogether when you’re called upon to speak up, it’s time to work on speaking your truth, and we can help do that by balancing and opening the Throat Chakra, an energy centre located near the base of the neck.  If you put your hand to your throat you’ll automatically gravitate to it.

The Throat Chakra is all about communication – voicing our inner truth, expressing ourselves and our creativity, speaking up about our personal intentions, desires, needs and ideas.  The colour of this chakra is blue.

The Throat Chakra governs the throat, mouth, gums, teeth, thyroid, neck, shoulders, arms and hands – we can hold a lot of tension here from not speaking and honouring our truth. We can bite down or even choke on all of our unexpressed thoughts and emotions. Do a little check of these areas.  Is there any tension, constriction or pain?  Yoga can help enormously with freeing up the energy here. (See the youtube clip below)

When our Throat Chakra is open and balanced we are excellent communicators – with good listening skills, strong non-verbal communications and a clear speaking voice. We speak our truth – we hear, acknowledge and express that inner voice.  We will also have access to our intuition and, for some people, the ability to connect into telepathic and channeling abilities. (Stay tuned to my website for information on courses to help develop intuitive and psychic skills – I’ll be uploading new dates this week.)

If the Throat Chakra is closed down or unbalanced we can suffer anxiety, frustration, low
immunity, poor or no boundaries, and an inability to ask for help or have our needs met.

Speaking up for yourself takes courage

This may be expressed outwardly as anger, criticism or judgment.  It may be expressed inwardly as fatigue, overeating and other addictions, self abuse in many forms, and not saying what we mean or feel for risk of hurting, angering, upsetting or offending others.

We might do too much talking and not enough listening, we can’t be told, we are nervous talkers, we fill the silences with words, we talk but don’t do enough doing or acting, we disclose too much, we have a lack of discernment in sharing information, we overcommit and overpromise, we ‘spin’ to make people feel good.  We swallow down our feelings and truths and they get lodged in the lower chakras, causing further blockages and lack of flow.

5 steps to help us find and speak our truth:

  1. Journalling is a terrific way to explore our thoughts and beliefs, both the conscious and the unconscious ones.  Listen to the guided meditation in Step 5 and then write in your journal, allowing yourself to just write stream of consciousness.
  2. Take small steps – say no without justifying your answer to something minor that you don’t want (or yes, to something small that you do),  eg – ‘no more for me, thanks’ when a friend tries to get you to eat an extra helping and you would have done it just to be polite, or ‘yes please’ when you are offered the last piece of something when you would normally have declined, even though you wanted it.
  3. Bee Breath Meditation (We’ll cover this tomorrow!)  A great activity for freeing up the energy of the Throat Chakra.
  4. Singing – it doesn’t matter how or even what you sing.  Just use your voice, and do it with expression, energy and joy. Or anger or any other emotion you need to get ‘out’.  Your words don’t have to match the music. If you really struggle to speak your truth and find this very confronting, start with the youtube clip below.  It’s a kids’ song, with lots of movements that free up and energise the throat chakra area.  Sing along and do the actions, even if you feel silly. Then have a big drink of water afterwards.  Brilliant!    
  5. Guided meditation – I’ve recorded a simple ten-minute guided meditation to help you work with the energy of your throat chakra.  Listen by clicking on the link below.

Nicole Cody’s Throat Chakra Meditation

Win a Throat Chakra healing necklace

I’ve made a beautiful healing necklace, using crystals and colours to heal, energise and balance the Throat Chakra.  The gorgeous stones include blue lace agate, lapis lazui, sodalite, blue fluorite, turquoise, tourmalinated quartz, chrysocolla, howlite, peruvian opal, amethyst, pearls and other pretties, with sterling silver clasps. Deliciousness! I have charged it up and programmed it up in a special meditation, filling it with energy and intention that you may speak your truth with courage, conviction, integrity, authority and joy.♥

Win these beautiful beads for yourself or someone you love!

All you need to do to win this necklace is to add a comment to this blog post.  When I’ve received 50 comments I’ll choose a winner and notify them via this post and by their email address. (No need to publish your email address – your details will be visible to me as the author of this site.) If I receive more than 50 comments in 24 hours I’ll draw from that entire pool.  If it takes more than 24 hours, 50 will be my cut-off point. Good luck! Nicole xx

And the winner is...  Michelle Birkett  Congratulations! ♥

The finished necklace - Throat Chakra healing beads ♥
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146 thoughts on “Speaking your Truth – tips for the Throat Chakra

  1. My mediation revealled a tribul women examining my essence…..her face was very close to mine and her head move in curious nature as she studied what is that I am….she was small middle aged pretty…..her face was gray like mud….next i saw full beauitful lips smiling….a parrot that turned into dove was froze in mid flight….when my head chakra was touched and then my heart chakra touched, a white light flowed between them ,turning into a sword.My journey begins.

  2. Thank you for this blog. I have been struggling over Christmas with too many thoughts going through my mind, so I decided to go back to meditation. The twice I have done it this week I cannot swallow. It is very intense and it lasts for hours and hours. As you stated, this could be due to not speaking the truth. I always hold back for fear of hurting others, I feel that there is a message to be taken, when I am asleep, but I cannot seem to find what it is. After a social meeting with friends I rerun what I have said and wonder what they think of me. This shows exactly what is happening, but I still not sure how to move forward.

    I would love to know what crystals were used in the necklace so that I can find some to maybe release the tension.

    Thank you

  3. Dear Nicolle,

    Thank you for sharing this powerful post. I will definitively put it in practice. While chanting mantras, I am experiencing intense pain in my left side of the throat that goes until my ear. I was wondering if the necklace throat Chakra healing beads might help to improve the pain. Do you know where can I find one like the one you made? Thanks in advance! Sandra

  4. I would love to receive some advice on how to communicate with someone who shits down when angry or upset. I have tried many things in the past with no luck. It seems to take weeks for him to let go of his annoyance and if I raise the issue before this time it turns into him throwing insults. When I try rationalising and ask to talk about solutions instead of insults I get thrown at me that I’m trying to be a psychologist (something I’m interested in). This issue for us is centuries old and although I have grown I feel as though he has not. But I would like to properly try, not just to walk away. I also see this as a growth opportunity for both of us of we can find a way to better communicate. I’m just stuck on how to reach someone that blocks you. Any advice?

  5. A very powerful Mantra to open the Throat Chakra is


    GUM (seed syllable for Ganesha)
    SHRIM ( Seed syllable for Lakshmi ) pronounced SHREEM
    MAHA ( Great )
    LAKSHMIYEI ( endearing form of “Lakshmi ” )
    SWAHA ( ” We salute you ” )

    This mantra is actually one of the most amazing Mantras to work with.
    To achieve full potentiol chant this day and night and then start observing how Abundance starts manifesting within and around you.


  6. Hi Nicole, I came across your throat chakra piece and I have a question. For as many years as I can remember most times when I’m in the presence of a child for about 11 months to about 18 months ( does not have to even be a relative) I get this feeling in my throat chakra I can hardly explain. It’s a wonderful, joyous warmth that feels like a very clear and high vibration. I’m not sure if it even is the throat chakra but the location of the sensation is right there. Can you help explain this? Or guide we on where I might look?

  7. Thank you for writing this. I am doing some soul searching and research based on how the throat chakra is interconnected with my thyroid growths and finding many ways to help balance this in reading your article :).

  8. Found you this a.m. after AA Michael showed me in a chakra meditation that I must work on my throat chakra. Thanks so much for your right-on information, videos, and lovely meditation. Much love.

  9. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I have been tyring to align my chakras and I really found this helpful. I can feel it in my forehead but didnt have any idea on how to do my throat chakra. I will sing every chance I can. Thank you

  10. I Love to speak my truth,it is a real challenge as I seem to be and have been around others who differ and shout me down when I do…
    It has silenced me in the past so Am learning to deal with this also even now..

  11. Did this meditation this morning Nicole. I have trouble visualizing and didn’t think it would work but before I knew it I was encased in a beautiful aqua light. A lovely way to start the day. Will be doing this again.

  12. Journalling is a great first step, but I think it vocal “noise” needs to be made (where possible). I was once at a toning workshop where, as part of the day, we would tone a particular sound for a while. I was toning along happily when suddenly I burst out crying… my rational mind was completely befuddled – I had *no* idea whatsoever why I was crying – but my body just needed to release something. It was pretty weird, but a great eye-opener on the human voice. Now I’m completely in love with voice and love singing (especially with others) and also listening to choirs. Sing out, people!!! xxx

    1. Haha, thanks Nicole! And thank you so much for sharing your heart and wisdom through this wonderful blog. Much love to you! ♥♥♥

  13. This blog post especially resonated with me, Nicole as I’ve been trying to voice my opinion to my boss for so long and sometimes it doesn’t come out write! I know I will find the above most helpful, thank you for your beautiful posts! Lois

  14. My ultimate goal is to be able to communicate with truth and inspiration, my spiritual level is to be able to listen and represent myself through my creation by surrendering to my truth and faith of knowing who I am while gaining insight from all available sources.

  15. I like the information about throat chakra here. Thank you. It has. One at a time when I am just beginning a speaking career and enhancing my teaching sphere to address my bigger dreams of service. <3

  16. Thanks for your inspiring and wise words. I believe for me it has been difficult to speak the truth, as I wanted to be someone I was not, hide from things, say what others wanted to hear. Now I finally realise that by letting go and coming from a place of love rather than fear, I can finally be more authentic and rediscover my voice again. Now that it is ok to say no, stop trying to please others, be ok with being vunerable, learn to express myself and speak more confidently. Most of all, it made me realise we can be who we are meant to be. It’s time to be real and sing from the roof tops. The voice is an amazing tool of creativity and expression, it can make us laugh and fill us with joy. Sometimes in life it is easy to forget the little things that can bring us so much pleasure like singing a song with your partner, even if it’s out of tune it can still make you smile. one of my favourite is from the musical Annie – Tomorrow. Ok to sing ………..

  17. Thank you Nicole for sharing your wisdom. Today is my first day back at work and your blog is a wonderful reminder to always be truthful. This is a new workplace for me, and I have promised myself to always be honest in this new space even if it’s difficult and my voice shakes!

    I have already had a couple of challenging conversations with my boss, and even though it was difficult at the time, I feel that our relationship has become stronger
    and we can speak the truth with each other and having the emotional maturity to manage the emotions.

    With gratitude


    1. Yi-Ching, I really honour the place you’re in, being brave enough to speak your truth even when you are unsure about doing so, and finding it challenging. It’s worth it, and I hope your post here will inspire others to own their voice and speak up too. The key is in your last line: ‘we can speak the truth with each other and having the emotional maturity to manage the emotions’. Yes! Bless xx

  18. I am a taurean and apparently we are often prone to problems with the throat chakra. I really relate to what you’ve written here. Sometimes I feel I am all ears, eyes and feelings , and not enough voice! I aim to restore the balance in 2012- Thanks Nicole!

  19. The inner voice, the gentle nudge, the thought that drops into our conscious awareness just at the “right” or sometimes “wrong” times to speak a word, a phrase, an expression.

    Where does this come from? An intuition? Some call it thought, inner thoughts that reside, wanting to speak, being repressed, what toll do we pay for this?

    The ability to speak comes firstly from our hearts, when we live through our hearts, or heart charkra all things are possible. Energy moving from the heart finds a voice in the way in which it was intended to be delivered.

    …hmmm so is this trust? Trust in our intuition? Intuition that then moves to the heart and comes alive when we speak?

    Living through our hearts is therefore the key? Do you agree? It matters not that you don’t.

    The above is me speaking from directly from my truth, allowing that “voice” to express freely, with no editing, just allowing myself to “speak”.

    Thank you for this opportunity Nicole.

    The real work (for me) comes from courage, having the “guts” to press the “Post Comment” button.

    Quick, do it NOW!

  20. I think we can spend our whole lives not speaking our truth, then one day you make a decision and ask the universe to help you open up to that ability and all of a sudden magic happens. I decided this on the 31st and O man within two hrs I was given an opportunity to put this gift into practice. The same day of course my egoic self came in and gave me the mother of all sore throats 🙂 But through the challenges of being sick I am still finding my voice and appreciating the journey it’s taking me on 🙂 Tks Nicole gentle reminders and helpful hints just make the journey a more gentle experience, and that was the second goal on my list. “grow and learn with ease and gentleness”

  21. Truth and integrity is all we really have. Block one and our foundation starts to fall… dis-ease manifests in various forms. We must first honor and respect ourselves and the world will respond in kind. Love and blessings to all xx

  22. i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately nicole, about the risks we take to say what must be said, and the risk we take to NOT say what must be said. Words are so precious, once they are spoken, we can not take them back. many times I have said too much, without really saying anything at all. Too often I have held back from speaking my truth, and it was almost as if a little part of me died inside because that voice was muzzled.

    So recently I have been participating in a therapeutic practice where I allow my voice, froma any part of myself, to speak. I allow the voice, allow the actions, allow the feelings, and let them flow. If i want to just rock, I rock. If a part of me wants to cry, I cry. If a part of me wants to speak, it speaks and tells the other parts of me what it wants to say and have heard. I have never felt so integrated in my life, after acknowledging all of the parts of myself all have voices, and don’t all want the same thing.

    But if we want to hear others- we must first hear OURSELVES.

    This takes great courage, but then we can feel proud of ourselves. I know I do.

    thank you for your beautiful wisdom as always.


    1. What a wise, beautiful and heartfelt post, Lauren. I think all of us at times are guilty of saying too much without really saying anything at all. My biggest learning about this has been to always come from kindness. And sometimes that kindness has to be about me, rather than always thinking of the other person first. Much love to you xx

  23. Thank you for that wonderful meditation Nicole, it is exactly what I needed. Funnily, last night while driving I sang my lungs out to ‘Electric Blue’. It’s so much fun to cut loose & sing with all your heart! Love it 🙂

  24. I think we are in sync.. I just did a throat chakra meditation a couple of days ago, as I had a sore throat for a week and I felt there was some negative energy that needed to be released.. Suffice to say it worked and my sore throat disappeared that day..

  25. Thank you so much for this Nicole. When I read this blog I thought it was actually quite relevant for me as I have been struggling with Hashimoto’s disease ever since I had my second daughter. Hashimoto’s is an auto immune disease where your immune system gets a little confused and attacks and can eventually kill your thyroid gland. I have been on medication for some time, but it has been a long journey trying to get it all sorted out. I am very interested to try your meditation and try to balance my throat charkra and see if it can make a difference for me. I think I have tried just about everything else! Anyway, I figure if this is a blog about speaking your truth, then I should definitely speak mine and mention just how much I love your gorgeous necklace and how much I would love to have it snuggled up against my throat charkra 🙂 However, I am glad it is not me who has to decide who this necklace belongs to…it’s going to be a tough choice for you I think!! I would definitely be interested in having you make one for me when you start selling them further down the track though so I will be keeping my eyes peeled with anticipation for them! Thank you as always Nicole for you tireless efforts in helping us all to be our best selves <3 Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle,
      congratulations on being the winner of these gorgeous Throat Chakra healing beads. I am very familiar with Hashimoto’s, having been diagnosed with it some years ago. I am now free of all symptoms and have a normally functioning thryroid. Some of the things that helped me to cure Hashimoto’s naturally were meditation, speaking my truth, and the Bee Breath – as well as acupuncture, herbs and supporting my immune system by removing stressors in my life. I was on thyroid support hormones for a while, but now don’t need them.

      When I was putting these beads together I surprised myself by putting the two tourmalinated quartz right at the centre of the necklace, one on each side of the blue fluorite flower, when I had intended to use blue stones. I said to myself at the time, “Well obviously whoever this is going to needs some support and work on their thyroid.” As soon as I read your post I knew these beads were for you.

      I hope you enjoy wearing them, and would love you to let us know how they feel once you have worn them for a while. I’ll contact you privately to get your postal details.
      Love and Light,

    2. Nicole thank you sooooo much! I am so excited to have won!! I just want to give you a big hug!! I cannot wait to wear this necklace and I am really excited about the changes it can help me make to my health. I feel very special to have been chosen 🙂 I can’t stop smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 Xx Ps I still can’t believe it was me that won!!! lol Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

    3. Nicole thank you sooooo much! I am so excited to have won!! I just want to give you a big hug!! I cannot wait to wear this necklace and I am really excited about the changes it can help me make to my health. I LOVE the story behind how you decided the beads were for me. I am also feeling so positive about healing myself after reading your own story with Hashimotos. I am so happy you are now enjoying good thyroid health 🙂 I just think it is so amazing how the universe works and I feel so special to have been chosen to be the owner of this beautiful, beautiful necklace. I can’t stop smiling 🙂 🙂 🙂 Xx Ps I still can’t believe it was me that won!!! lol Thank you, thank you, thank you <3

    4. Hmmm well I did try and remove my first post because in all my excitement in winning I realised that I had not said everything that I had wanted to say!! However it wouldn’t let me delete it, so I figured that it’s ok because now you just get twice as much love sent to you!! 🙂 Thank you again Nicole <3

  26. Thank you for this reminder!! It’s interesting how this is one of the most difficult things for me to do and when I do get the courage to speak up I am usually told that I have to learn to shut my mouth!! Go figure!! Love the meditation and the necklace!!

    Love and peace all ways and always,


    1. Hi Catherine, I think speaking up can be difficult for all of us at times. Interesting isn’t it, how others behave when you honour your own truth after having been silent so long? It’s good to shake things up. BE brave and keep working with your truth! Love, peace and joy to you too xx

  27. Nicole,
    I found it quite emotional a couple of times during the reading of this post. I was told once that my throat chakra was blocked and I did many meditations to help clear it and do feel like I speak my truth.
    Then I read thyroid in your list and realised that this is a wacky thing for me and I just would love it to be balanced.
    Then when I read about the singing I really thought that I need to do some work on this. Every time I sing I cry… I just love to sing… I have been told repeatedly throughout my life what a terrible sound that comes out of mouth when I sing and to not sing around people. When alone or in the car and I do allow myself free reign to sing aloud my heart opens and I cry. It sounds a lot better in my head anyway, however it is all about the feeling.
    Thank you for the meditation and for your blog.
    Loving it all as always,

  28. Thank you for this, Nicole. My throat chakra (and heart too) are getting some serious clearing these days, with wave after wave of internal heat causing my outer skin to burn then peel away. Layer after layer … like the proverbial onion. That gorgeous necklace might really help get the job done!

  29. Very interesting blog. My son has Selective Mutism, an anxiety that prevents him from talking in social situations. Never realized it could be his chakra. Going to work with the steps and see what happens. Would be wonderful to get him off the medication/

    1. The Bee Breath meditation would be a good tool for him, Kelly. If you do hands-on healing, reiki or meditation you could also send him energy for the Throat Chakra – mums seem to be instinctively good at this! I’ll also include you both in my nightly healing meditations. Bless xx

  30. Speaking the truth for me has never been easy when it comes to matters of the heart and my needs being met. I have found that since being a mum I have found my voice and I’m able to speak the truth from a place of love and compassion some of the time and other times when I’m tired and in overwhelm I am not so gracious. Becoming a mum has made me a softer more nurturing person – I am only now learning to nurture myself – that involves speaking my truth with wisdom and compassion. Your beautiful necklace seems very healing, vibrant and powerful in assisting to unblock the chakra. It will be a lucky person to win such a thing. Nicole you are a beacon of light xoxo

  31. Many thanks for passing on your knowledge. My favorite part was the picture of the flower, it resonated so much energy. I will have to return to listen to the meditation & songs as my grandson has just woken and I am needed elsewhere.

  32. Thanks for this important blog post Nicole. To my mind this is one of the most topics that can change lives.

    My experience has been that in the last year as I have truly spoken my truth, and especially the truths I was even denying or ignoring within myself, miracles have happened and my life has taken leaps and bounds.

    Yet even with those leaps and bounds I have more work to do and I am very grateful for these resources you have posted here and your other recent posts on journaling to allow me to go deeper into my truth.

  33. Ummmmm!makes you think!!!!!I have trouble with saying yes when i mean no.Goes back to conditioning in childhood.All the puzzles are presenting themselves lately as i’m working on my spiritual path.Thank you for the insight.I can work on that!

  34. Aloha Nicole, Many blessings for these magical times ahead of us…..Thankyou for Sharing you fabulous blog….It seems we always get what we need in the moment….Your words have touched me deeply and confirmed that indeed these last actions and descisions i have made to take complete ownership and responsability for every aspect of my life including my ability to speak up, and speak my truth is indeed what i have needed to do..Through reading your blog i have been able to pin point a long term minor health issue that has progressed into a more complicatedand advanced stage, back to my throat chakra…So Thankyou, this has given me even deeper insight into what happens physically when we are not speaking our deepest truths….I have made the commitment that from this point onwards i will not be silenced anymore by myself or by others…

  35. What a gift it is that you share your voice here on Cauldrons and Cupcakes. I love this blog. Speaking my truth has created powerful changes in my life and my visibility on both my personal and corporate stage.
    I have been working with young adults in creative industries and helping them to find their individual voices and speak their truth, rather than the truth that they have assumed or inherited. It has been profoundly satisfying.
    When we own our voice, we own our power.

  36. Not speaking and sticking to my truth led to me exploding over christmas. A house filled with relatives, then inlaws that would not leave, when I needed time and peace with my 6 week old baby. After two weeks, and no-one leaving-or giving my flight dates-I lost it….hehe….and thankfully I have sufficient space again. Some repair work is needed, but mostly I’m happy that I was finally heard, even tho it wasn’t the best way.

    1. Gee, Carrie, sounds totally understandable to me. I’m sure it’s all fixable. Congratulations on asking for and getting what you needed! We forget sometimes, that other people can’t get inside our heads and read our thoughts. It’s always good to be able to speak up and say what we need and feel. Love to you xx

  37. like many have said I am really loving your new blog, feel so much more connected to you and what you are saying. Your blog is great timing as always, especially being the new year and beginning all fresh and new. Can’t wait to see your courses really keen to do something this year now that sam is one and only feeding morning and night have more time to do day courses to help with my ongoing spirital development. The necklace of course would be lovely jubley to help me with all this. Love your work and your style. All my love the happy, healthy, vibrant healer Fee xx

  38. divine creator, please send loving healing energy to all beings i have harmed when i have been disconnected from my truth, grant me the loving tolerance and courage to stand in my own truth, to accept and voice my truth, and support others to do the same, i open myself to your loving guidance, thank you nicole you are a blessing! sarah

  39. All these aspects have been in my focus for a while now. They are the workings of so much dis-ease. To identify them in your behavior takes work, to begin to change these patterns takes ‘courage’ for sure. Our Truth is what defines us and makes us clear.

  40. It is so important for us to learn to speak our truth. All too often we only allow ourselves to regurgitate other peoples truth thinking that it is ours. Thank you for your inspirational post and meditation. Keep up the wonderful work xxx

  41. Thank you. I woke up this morning thinking about something I need to do that will take great courage. As I made my toast and tea, and looked out on the beautiful day one of my guides popped in to ask me, why are you setting yourself up to fail? Fear. So I smiled and laughed to myself, and said, you are right. I need to set myself up to succeed and whatever happens, it’s perfect either way. I went into my office and the first thing I saw was a link to this blog, and then I read the words – “Only one thing is more frightening than speaking your truth, and that is not speaking it.”. Perfect. Thank you.

  42. Of all my chakras, my throat chakra is my most “troublesome” and probably has been for all my life. Curiously and ironically, I have worked as a speech pathologist for over thirty years, assisting other people with issues of communication. It has dawned on me only recently just how much more I personally have to learn about communication! My reluctance to speak my truth is not so much about words and language but about awareness and the courage to break through my outmoded ways of being. It’s about being clearer in regard to my feelings and taking responsibility for only my own feelings and not others’. As a nurturer and “rescuer” from way back I now make a conscious effort to allow people the space to feel their feelings and own them as I do mine. I am clearer about my own projections and theirs and more likely to start the difficult conversations with “I feel…………..” rather than indulge in blame games. How they receive my communication is truly their business, not mine.
    I look forward to the meditations once I get my computer speaker working again. And your necklace looks luscious! I work with crystals as a body/energyworker and intuitively select a different necklace to wear for each client session. I would looove to have yours in my collection. XoX

  43. As someone who has one mission in life – “to share the magic of the universe through stories” – I think this blog is brilliant. When i coach people in telling their story – the first principal I teach is “Come from your heart and speak truth” – Then we can live transparently.

  44. Fascinating. I had a vivid dream last night (I rarely remember my dreams) where I was protesting very publicly and anarchically (and later, creatively!) on an issue I didn’t realise I even felt strongly about. My futility and frustration lay in the responses of my antagonists, who were quite verbally and physically savage in their replies based on stereotypes that wouldn’t usually apply to me at all. I’m still processing that lot, but I think often the struggle to speak, or speak out, or speak up, comes from fear, not just that we will be harshly judged, but that we’ll be unable to articulate what’s important in ways others will understand. People don’t hear words or thoughts simply as they’re expressed; they bring all their own expectations, hopes, disappointments and experiences into their interpretation. The challenge to communicate clearly is a daily one; music and singing seems to be one language that conveys meaning better than most, so I loved your reference to song to help clear the throat chakra.

    The necklace is stunning. I don’t wear them, so no need to include me in the draw, but as always, I’m very thankful for your care of us and your inspiring and healing work. And I am loving this blog.

    1. What a great post, Karyn! I love what you said about the fear of not finding the right words.We can never control the response of others, and their reaction is up to them, but it is important to honour our own truth by speaking it, and it gets easier as we go. Much love to you ♥ xx

  45. Hi Nicole – I love this line ” Our truth is that wise part of us that knows who we are” how very true. We sometimes out of habit, speak from the unwise places of ego and find our truth is just from the head, from defense and the inability to take the time to reflect. The ole knee jerk reaction.
    Thank you for all your beautiful gifted meditations and sharings that you give to everybody, your heart and joy is felt by so many. Love to you Em xoxo

  46. I am so very drawn ALWAYS to these colors!! Your blog reminds me of how long I have suppressed expressing my ‘true self’. This is my time to ‘ speak my truth’!!! Thank you for inspiring me to fully access my gifts, talents and abilities and share then with the world!

  47. Nicole, my throat chakra is definitely blocked, everything I have just read describes me perfectly and before reading this I woke up this morning with a sore throat!! I have gotten myself into a situation of taking care of another person who was sick. This person has now taken over my life, my space and I a filled with resentment but unable to speak up as I feel sorry for him as he has no one else to take care of himself and he can also be a very angry person. I would love to be able to speak my truth in a loving way that is best for both of us so that he is able to move on and I am able to reclaim my life and my power. Thankyou so much for the wonderful tools you have given to help me with this and I would LOVE your beautiful necklace to give me the extra healing and power that I need to move forward in my life. Bless you Nicole

    1. Hi Sharon, I’ll include you in my healing meditations. It’s so important to speak up for yourself in situations such as this. I know you feel sorry for this person, but it’s also important to care for and value yourself in this relationship. I trust that you will find the words to say to reclaim your voice, and your direction. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Much love to you xx

  48. I love your blog Nicole.I feel very close to you, reading it daily, and sharing your thoughts, your feelings and your daily life. Besides, I feel you are also taking care of me and my well being. Thanks for letting me be that close. Love.

  49. Hi Nicole, I used some yummy blue crystals, blue lace agate and sodalite during the meditation. I’m still floating around peacefully getting ready for work and will let you know if I notice any changes during the day! xx

  50. I really enjoyed that Nicole, thanks for sharing your wisdom! Looking forward to seeing the dates of your upcoming courses. Trace xo

  51. opening my heart and falling in love with myself has been a wonderful journey…it seems the heart and thoart chakras work together as I have learned how to express my needs and to give love unconditionally….this is a life long process but it feels really good…xoxoxoxo

  52. Having had a huge argument with my mother a few days after new year, and just before my 40rh birthday. I tried to speak the truth to her about how she is killing her self slowly with alcohol and all the anger built up inside her! Much to my efforts she claimed down and refused to listen… I believe that I tried to tell her too much, too quickly, and having had too much to drink earlier in the night she was not in a state to listen. I have come to a very hard decision of cutting her off from me and my children / her grandchildren but finding the right words, using the right logic and saying it with conviction without anger getting in the way is one of the hardest things I have to face!

    1. Pauline, I know you came from love in what you tried to do. Sometimes boundaries are the best way to get protect ourselves and those we love, when we can’t help any other way. Hold your Mother in your heart, send her love, wish every good thing for her, and then look after yourself! I’ll keep your Mum, you and your family in my prayers and meditations. Love and Light, Nicole xx

  53. Little did I realise when I excitedly sat down to partake in this Meditation what would unfold…physical tension releasing…tears…joy…permission to use my voice…some inner peace…deep gratitude for being here right now…and now for a cuppa & some journalling…XO

  54. Reading this has helped me even more understand how much I need to start speaking for myself. I have for many years kept things to myself. I do find it very hard to speak my true feelings to people but I am slowly starting to do that. Your blogs have helped me understand what I can do. Thank you so much.

  55. I have learned the hard way about speaking my truth. When most of what I believed in had been stripped away and there is nothing left – all I had was myown truth – a truth I had to search very deeply within to find. My truth, not someone’s elses – mine.. I learned to face people in my life who had caused me great pain and speak from my heart, therefore allowing the words to come with love and compassion. I have spoken words in pain, anger, frustration – these are not words of truth – they are emotions protected at someone. I have learned that the gift of speaking one’s truth comes with love, wisdom, and compassion. I am continually challenged each day to speak my truth whether it be about my belief systems, the “does my bum look big in this” question and I am gradually learning the gift of speaking the truth with the help of Spirit and those lessons or gifts I should say I have received in recent years. “The truth will set you free”. What more can I say, there is so much freedom in speaking your truth, a lightness a sense of relief and release when you speak from the heart. The heart is the true communicator, speaking from the heart allows you to move into the space of unconditional love and wisdom therefore when you speak your truth your words hold that frequency

    1. Lorraine, thank you for sharing your own truth so freely, and with such wisdom and compassion. I’m really grateful for the way that people are being generous in opening up here on my blog, and how that in turn supports others to find their own truth. What grace there is in caring and sharing that care. Bless xx

  56. I have previously had to work on opening my throat chakra, as I was getting very emotional not being able to speak my truth. I can now speak my truth (not everyone likes it!) but I know in my heart I’m right. I can now recognised blocked throat chakras in some other people just from what they’re not saying, and their actions. ~x~Love and Light~x~

    1. It is an awful thing, isn’t it, to have to choke down our truth, and it causes so much damage in our emotional and sometimes even our physical bodies. Sometimes, when it isn’t appropriate or possible to voice my truth to others, I still give myelf space to acknowledge and feel it, so that there is some avenue of expression for it, even if it is journalling, or a dialogue I run in my head. It’s great to hear that you’re beginning to recognise blockage in others, as well as yourself. Love, Light and hugs to you, Jo xx

  57. That meditation was beautiful Nicole- I am now off to do my morning painting no doubt with blues and gold:)
    Love your new blog and that you are expressing so much joy through Cauldrons and cupcakes.

    I had just completed a chakra meditation when I read this post from Sonia Choquette ans she too is a great advocate of singing- something I often do as I skip along at the beach or when I am driving- something I know I can do more of to keep that throat chakra open.

    Thanks for who you be and all that you share- you are an inspiration

  58. Thanks for this useful blog.. speaking one’s truth is a powerful step towards creating the reality we want to live in.. and I think it creates more space for others to do the same, if it is done in a loving, and non-attached way. As a bodyworker, I would say that the throat chakra and neck are often constricted and blocked.. but we can learn how to relax and open the area.. thanks for the tips!


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