‘Pebbles for your pocket’ meditation – a simple way to create inner peace

There is a short meditation I make part of my regular practice.  It involves the selection of four stones or pebbles, and then a simple reflection activity for each stone.  Often I will go for a walk first, and select four stones from the beach or the fields.  I’ve even managed to find four pebbles walking along a suburban sidewalk.

Sometimes I will select four tumbled crystals from my collection, using the energetic qualities or colours of the stones to further enhance my experience.  This is a lovely way for crystal lovers to find a practical use for their stones.

I then do a  five-minute meditation with my chosen stones, and for the rest of the day I carry those four stones with me in my pocket, to remind me of what I have practised in my morning meditation.

(In my pocket today I have citrine for Freshness, rough fluorite for Solidity, clear quartz for Clarity and amethyst for Freedom.♥)

Watch this short video by Thich Nhat Hanh to see how the stones are used in meditation.  You may want to choose your stones first, and then follow along.  Once you’ve done this a few times, and remember what the stones stand for, it’s a simple practice you can do anywhere, which creates a great feeling of peace and calm.

5 thoughts on “‘Pebbles for your pocket’ meditation – a simple way to create inner peace

  1. This is fantastic Nicole. For the past 2 weeks i have been allowing a crystal to choose me for the day and placing it in a necklace container which i wear for the day. Yesterday for the first time I made a ry fanning out from a candle and meditated on that, again allowing a crystal to be drawn to me.
    Tomorrow I will use this process with the video.
    in love and light

  2. Don’t you just love synchronicity! This is one of my favourite meditations, and the added bonus of being able to work with the energetic qualities of the crystals gives it something a little extra special. May your meditations be magical ♥ Nicole xx

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