Feeding the Heart Chakra

Energy of the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, an energy centre located at our heart, is an open doorway, the anchor for our soul, and the seat of love. Its colour is a magnificent shade of rich emerald green.

When your heart chakra is open and balanced you will be in a space of self-love, self-nurture, generosity, kindness, humour, empathy, non-judgement, happiness, tolerance, expansion, optimism and FLOW.  You’ll see beauty everywhere!

When the chakra is unbalanced you may experience too much empathy,and hypersensitivity to the moods and emotions of others – where you will process these emotions as your own or feel responsible for them.  This is draining emotionally, physically and spiritually.

When the chakra is closed down you may experience loneliness, depression and anxiety, a sense of not belonging, shy away from intimacy and commitment, be overtly critical of self and others, be defensive and even paranoid. This lack of flow can create addiction, including workaholism, because addictions mask and numb PAIN.

In all instances, what the heart chakra needs is LOVE, and to feel good. Treat yourself and others with kindness, and spend time listening to your heart.  Your heart holds all the wisdom of your soul, it truly knows what is best for you and what direction best serves you.  All you need to do is tune in to that wisdom. That’s what we’re going to explore this week!

Activity: Feeding Your Heart Chakra:

Food contains energy, trapped sunlight, known as Bio-photonic Energy.  It also contains a myriad of chemicals, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and all sorts of amazing properties, many of which are not yet known or understood by us. Consciously incorporate some of these heart-chakra friendly foods in your diet, and begin to FEEL the difference.

For the Heart Chakra think green!  Salads, steamed vegetables, green oils, juices and smoothies.  These foods are full of calcium, magnesium, iodine, selenium, sulphur, essential fatty acids, B group vitamins and Vitamin C – all great for heart health, cleansing of the  blood, and general circulation.

Spinach, silverbeet, artichokes, asparagus, broccolini, celery, cucumbers, green capsicums (peppers), leeks, lettuce, all edible green leaves, winter melon, bitter melon, okra, watercress, green beans, broccoli, zucchinis, snow peas, green peas, kale, rocket, chard, asian greens such as bok choi and choi sum, parsley, coriander, shallots, basil, green pesto, sage, thyme, brussel sprouts, avocado, spirulina, seaweeds, cabbage, limes, honeydew melons, kiwi fruit, green grapes, green apples, green pears,  fennel, olives, extra virgin olive oil – cold pressed, hemp oil, green tea, barley greens, pepitas, pistachio nuts, capers, rosemary, green lentils, chlorella, aloe vera, oregano, green lipped mussels, wheatgrass, all forms of sprouts.

One of my favourite recipes for a green smoothie is one cup of coconut milk (or coconut water and flesh from young coconut) and a few handfuls of young spinach leaves, a frozen banana, dash of organic vanilla and a spoonful of spirulina.

And for a beginners green juice you can’t go past apple, cucumber, zucchini (trust me – it makes it so creamy and delish!), parsley, celery and a hint of ginger.


One of the most powerful ways to work with the energy of the Heart Chakra is to recognise what makes you happy.  Today, write a list of things you enjoy, are grateful for, and that make you smile and feel good.

If you have time, and feel so inclined, create a collaged double-page spread in your journal of pictures, images and words that uplift you and speak to your heart. If you like, go crazy and make a full-sized dreamboard.

Simple Meditation:

Picture your heart chakra as a rose bud, tightly furled and lusciously green, and then opening into a beautiful red rose with the most gorgeous fragrance. Do this once or daily.  And use some rose scent or a fresh rose to anchor this new energy!

This short clip has an excellent visual for you:

Above all, this week, choose to feel good.  Even if that means you don’t win the argument, or get the last word in, or be ‘right’.  Let this week be about flow, and ease and listening to your HEART.

Focus on you.  Focus on happiness, and on drawing into your world more of the energies and activities that nurture you, uplift you, make you smile, make you FEEL all of that incredible love that is within you and all around you.

The happier and better you feel, the higher your vibration.  The higher your vibration, the more good you attract into your life. Trust me on this – it really works.

I’ll be meditating all week on heart healing and helping you open up to the wisdom and love within you.  Know that you are much loved ♥ Nicole xx

PS – Remember to leave a comment, so you can be in the running to win my beautiful Heart Chakra healing necklace. Details and picture here

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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35 thoughts on “Feeding the Heart Chakra

  1. Thank you for this very up-lifting post Nicole ! Seeing the time-lapse rose had a calming effect on me. It reminded me of an e-course I took with James Van Praagh on how to develop our intuition, and we had to buy a rose (a real one), stare at it and notice if we were feeling or seeing anything. You cannot imagine all the things I felt and saw ! It was amazing ! I am very intuitive but I never imagined I would see all these things.
    I am just starting to try to connect more with my heart chakra, for the past 2 years I have been more concentrated on my third eye which is developing slowly but surely.

  2. Beautiful, Nicole. My daughter drew me a picture of two swans exactly like the ones above–with their bodies making a love heart in the middle–about 12 years ago (except in pencils, and in different colours). Lovely suggestions. Thanks again. Joanna 🙂

  3. Hi Beautiful Nicole,
    I love your blog! I have been craving broccoli out of all things 🙂 So my heart most need some nurturing. Thank for posting xxxx

  4. Beautiful Nicole!!! Just what I need right now and confirmation of the messages I’ve been receiving lately. the card I pulled this morning? ‘Follow Your Heart’ from the Ascended Masters….very apt methinks! Thanks Nicole for your wonderful blogs! xxxx

  5. Dear Nicole,
    Thanks is not enough to express how much my Heart Chakra needs to remember the ebb and flow of life right now. Just like the rose we are always unfolding. We bud and we bloom and we can always recall the feelings of love and joy that are just a thought away.
    Heartfelt Gratitude to your presence in this Universe. Mxxx

  6. Hi Nicole, thank you for this beautiful reminder about the Heart Chakra. Since meeting you and implementing massive change in my life, I have moved away from my Heart Chakra being completely closed to now BEing very open to receiving all that I can. My Heart fills and sometimes bursts with the joy, love for self, compassion, caring and nurturing I have for me. I have noticed that when I allow myself to receive all of this, then those that are in my world often comment on how wonderful i look or feel or the contribution that I BE in their world. Who am I not to be amazing and in turn show others what else is possible. Thank you xxxx Much Gratitude for you and all the you BE.xx

  7. I heart this blog – your amazing words and beautiful images. I now see where I’ve been, closed and unbalanced and now, I am beginning to “remember” the pathway to openness. Fear of not having or being enough is being replaced by new feelings of joy at connecting with and helping others. And, I’m beginning to love it, because I see it is and always was, my natural way of being. Nicole, thank you for your amazing guidance as always. XXX OOO

  8. Wonderful Nicole
    to be love and to feel good- things dear to my heart and current healing journey. Also this might spark a few left-handed intuitive hearts to add to the series- in gratitude – Suzie ♡♡♡

  9. What a beautiful experience for you both. I’m convinced that when healers and therapists of all modalities can combine knowledge with love and being centred in the heart, healing miracles can happen. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. Much love to you, dear friend xoxo

  10. Hi Nic,
    Love following your blog and love the heart med esp. Had an amazing experience with a client going through a very scary, paranoid experience which I dealt with using our hearts to connect, by placing our own hand on our heart initially….. I could feel the expansion and compassion in mine. It felt like we were meeting and healing on neautral, all knowing territory and she was able to calm herself relatively quickly.
    It was amazing to feel the expansion and compassion in such a way in my own heart and I felt such gratitude for the experience.
    Thanks for the expansion you are providing.
    With Love,
    Trouble. xx

  11. Wow, my heart chakra is so unbalanced and closed! I am displaying virtually all of the symptoms you outline:

    “When the chakra is unbalanced you may experience too much empathy,and hypersensitivity to the moods and emotions of others – where you will process these emotions as your own or feel responsible for them. This is draining emotionally, physically and spiritually.

    When the chakra is closed down you may experience loneliness, depression and anxiety, a sense of not belonging, shy away from intimacy and commitment, be overtly critical of self and others, be defensive and even paranoid. This lack of flow can create addiction, including workaholism, because addictions mask and numb PAIN.”


    1. Hang in there Monique – it’s all fixable, and a little awareness around this goes a long way towards helping. I hope you work with the activities and meditations, and of course I’m including you in my daily prayers and meditations too. xx

  12. Dear Nicole,
    Thank you for this article, it has really touched me and made me aware of areas of my life to look at and change. Your insights and your posts are much appreciated. xxx Sandy

  13. For me it is from where everything starts if my heart is open and full of love, everyone feels the love, thanks for your blog Nicole its a wonderful start to the day.

  14. Hi Nicole, it will be lovely and timely to revisit some of these lovely thoughts, techniques and meditations. I find myself incorporating some of your ideas into the advice I give my mentoring group at work – so often people come looking for advice about career and we end up working on self care, positive thinking of self and others, being gentle and so on. I find this helps people to relax and open up in what can be a high pressure, emotionally draining environment and bring out the best for themselves and their team. This will also help me to stay in my heart and out of my head at a time when I am feeling some pressure (guidance?) to move and make changes in my life. Furthermore there is a young lady in my life now whom is presenting some challenges for me and I am asking for guidance to do and say the right things. Somehow I am sure we have a lot to teach each other. I’ll be joining you this week, thank you so much for sharing xoxo

    1. Hi Rhonda,
      there is no better way to be an effective leader than to honour the heart and the heart in others. I trust you’ll make a big difference in their lives. We need our heads and our hearts, and the key is to fond a way to be in both at once. Very proud of you! Bless xx

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