Working with the energy of forgiveness

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.”
Suzanne Somers

Negative emotions can disrupt the flow of your heart chakra just as easily as boulders in a stream. How many boulders have piled up in your heart over time? Each boulder represents a major hurt, a major resentment, a major betrayal or disappointment, a deep wounding, shame or grief.

When the flow is disturbed or slowed, stagnation happens. Stagnant heart flow breeds anger and resentment, depression and self-loathing.  It muddies the clear waters of the heart, and that dirty water spills over into everything you do.

So how do we get those boulders out?


Forgiveness of others.  Forgiveness of self.

Forgiveness is the gift that sets us free. It’s not about condoning or approving what has been done, it’s about releasing yourself from the pain and the hurt of the past, and allowing yourself to move from stuckness back into flow.

Meditation on forgiveness:

Here’s a link to a simple guided meditation on forgiveness that can help open and clear your heart chakra:

Nicole Cody’s Guided Meditation on Forgiveness


Allow yourself to feel sorry for yourself for a bit.  Just a little bit.



Or a big bit if that’s what you need.  In that space of reconnecting into misery, start writing, beginning with the words, “If only that had never happened I would have been able to…”

Get it out.  There’s no point keeping it all bottled up.  All this stuff is doing you damage, all these half-truths and misconceptions and limiting beliefs.  Clear your heart stream of these sticks and stones. When you’re done, take a breath. Give yourself a ‘mental’ hug.  Good work. Feel the space you’ve just created in your life.


Today, when you feel yourself move into an energy of impatience, resentment, frustration, anger, say in your mind “I forgive you and myself. I wish you well. I send you love. I bless you and I set you free”  

Another useful blessing is “All is well in my world. I am love. Love is what I am attracting.”

Here’s a very short, powerful prayer for forgiveness.  Have a peaceful and blessed day. Love and Light, Nicole xx

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24 thoughts on “Working with the energy of forgiveness

  1. I will take those words and sit with them and hope that an understanding breaks through to the point that I can fulling forgive with its true energy. I am still trying to grasp it. Thete are so so many hurts that I just dont know where to start. All the pictures come up at once andI become clouded and overwhelmed.

  2. It’s so easy to hold on to negativity, grudges, self loathing and hard to forgive myself and others. It’s become a habit over a lifetime to look for the worst in others and myself. Thanks for all your practical tips, Nicole. I’ll put these in to use. With much gratitude, Joanna xx

  3. You are beautiful Nicole and i thankyou from the bottom of my soul for your uplifting words and inspiring messages of love and hope when all seems lost and gone. My recent journey of pain and forgiveness has been transforming and i am grateful to be blessed with such awesome life lessons and be free of the stagnation! xxoo

  4. Thank you for your beautiful meditation. I saw my dark objects turn into pink hearts and then evolve into butterflies that flew away from my heart and now surround me. I also realise I’ve been soooo hard on myself for getting sick unable to forgive myself for something I didn’t consciously choose. I would never blame another for getting sick and yet I’ve been doing it to myself. Getting teary now so I will leave you with love and gratitude and go and have a good cry and release. Thank you Nicole, you beautiful soul. <3 <3 <3

  5. It’s been a week of letting go of people, work and energies that no longer serve me. Your meditation was perfect for letting them go with love, and gaining some peace with all these decisions 🙂 Thank you xx

  6. Hello Nicole, thank you for your forgiveness meditation. Just what I need in the here and now. I feel grateful this morning for finding your messages this morning.
    Much love to you, Anna

  7. Thank you Nicole,…….I think I am the boulder in the water. I have just “got it” that I need to fully forgive myself. I have the been given answers to my questions, i just don’t trust myself that the answers could come to me. So more work of forgiveness, and that’s OK and now it will be directed mainly on myself…………….thanks love and light Lyn

  8. this is so relevant to where i’m at in my life right now – i feel it is these blockages and boulders all over my body that inhibit the free flow of my fertility, they are past hurts and resentments, i must truly learn to forgive myself and release myself and others from the pain created by my ego, this helps me to link into the soul wisdom of my higher self – thank you for your daily inspirations! blessed be… sx

  9. Hey Nicole this is exactly what I need right now, my pain at times is so unbearable it forces me to confront my issues with my mum and I am trying to forgive and except her, and show her how much i love her, thank you.

    1. Hey Matty, forgiving your mum is a beautiful act of heart and courage, and it frees you up to be more present in your own parenting, instead of stuck in your pain and mirroring that in life. So proud of you! Sending much love your way xx

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