Happiness is a choice

Someone commented recently on how lucky I was to have such an awesome life, and that having my life would make anyone happy. I told them that happiness was a choice.

Fact is, I AM happy most of the time, and more and more my life is beginning to be shaped in pleasing ways. But all of this has been by deliberate creation. And there are still many things in my life that are challenging, and sometimes downright devastating, be it health issues, floods and droughts, deaths of friends, family or livestock.  None of us are immune to pain and suffering.

I came to a realisation years ago, that I could either focus on the good things or focus on the bad.  And focusing on the good helped me feel better.  Feeling better helps you climb out of the hole.  When you feel good you are magnetic to more good.  When you feel bad and ooze that vibration of misery and gloom, more of that stuff seems to come your way.

So, understanding that happiness is a choice, a discipline as much as a philosophy, has helped me to heal, to heal relationships, to attract more love and friendship into my life. I’m not saying it’s easy to choose happiness, but it’s ALWAYS better than the alternative.


Time for some self reflection.  Take your journal, and over the next few weeks carefully and honestly answer the following questions?

  • Who supports me in my life?
  • What have I always been good at?
  • What activities or things make me feel good about myself?  How often do I experience these?
  • Does my home environment reflect who I am?
  • Does my work environment reflect who I am?
  • How can I make small changes to help my surroundings mirror the inner me?
  • Who erodes my sense of self?  How do they do this?  What can I do about it?
  • What six small things can I do right now, in this next week, to reflect my inner worth and personality?
  • What ten things have I always wanted to do, and that will be beneficial to my Soul and Sense of Self, but that I have not done yet?

Now use these answers to start making some changes.  Thinking is always useful, but DOING is what makes the difference!

Sending much love to you, ♥ Nicole xx

Actually, Nickelback sum it up pretty well…

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20 thoughts on “Happiness is a choice

  1. loving the lists you share with us, clarifying much and a focus point for me, thanks Nicole 🙂 I am off to do some journalling! oh and a Big congrats to Suzie for winning the heart necklace, she must be overjoyed <3


  2. Nicole I was discussing this with a friend this morning. I know what to do, get happy, and why I need to do it, to get happy, but I was so stuck on the doing. My crystal ball said it all came down to wanting to always get things right = happiness. I’m now slowly chipping away at my concrete shoes which are stuck in old ways of thinking and starting to step forward onto a new ‘happy’ path and way of being. Thank you sooooo much. XXX and I’m going to add a SX now that I know what it is!

  3. You are a wonderful example of focusing on the good things in life Nicole. Inspirational. You deserve every happiness. We all do, but as you mention it does take effort at different phases in our life’s journey. Looking forward to doing those questions. Mxx

    Song great reminder.

  4. right on sista!!! it’s a choice! one that i choose to make for myself and love and encourage everyone in encounter to do the same – it’s about feeding all the good energy and surrounding yourself with people who support you in this!! sending love and light to all beings! sx

    1. lol! everyone around me (how did it get there?) sometimes my typing fingers just have a mind of their own!! sx :o)

    2. oh now that is cool! i use ‘sx’ as short for sarah but smoochy kisses, that fits even better!! can use for both! :o)

  5. WoW…just when I think I have a ‘cap’ on my feelings…up comes more…loved this song…loved the images. I’m committed to my 2 lists for this week…thank you so much for supporting us ALL. I am also now practicing the healing heart meditation (with the oil anointing) as part of my everyday practice…X

  6. Thank you for sharing this Nicole. I really needed to hear this today especially Nickelbacks song. I have been wondering whether to tell the man I adore exactly how much I am in love with him even though nothing will come from it. If today was my last day, I don’t want to have any regrets. What do you think??? Love to you

    1. Hi Leisa, I’m subscribed to the theory that we never know when our last day may be, so I take action to avoid regret. As long as you have no expectation of an outcome, and it will do no harm, then yes, I’d be sharing my feelings. Much love to you too xx

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