Journaling for Spiritual Clarity and Connection – a 4 week course

There is a natural wisdom within us, a spiritual energy that can help us to stay centred in our truth.  This energy can guide us to make sound decisions, help direct our talents and gifts to contribute to the positive development of the wider community, and encourage us to care about ourselves and others.  This wisdom can help us with every aspect of our lives. Most of us know this energy as intuition. I consider it your Soul Wisdom or spiritual centre.

Intuition has often been seen as a woman’s gift, but it is a part of each human, male or female.  The more time we spend on left-brain activities such as working, paying bills, acquiring assets or power at work, the more masculine our energies become.  If we don’t also use our right-brain skills such as intuition, creativity and emotional perception we can create communication barriers between the left and right sides of our brain, and become unbalanced and unhappy.  This is true of both men and women.

As our world changes, there is a greater need for each of us to honour and balance both our masculine and feminine aspects, regardless of our gender.  Small changes can bring big results, so I’ve created a series of four journaling exercises to be done week by week over a month to help promote positive change and connection in your lives.

Why not try these simple suggestions over the next month, or to really give this a good go, do each activity for an entire month!  Each of these exercises will help to clarify and strengthen your soul connection and help you ‘hear’ that inner voice of wisdom within you.

The areas we will cover are:

Week 1 – All about my Body

Week 2 – All about my Mind

Week 3 – All about my Emotions

Week 4 – All about my Soul

I’ll post the first exercise tomorrow, and then each Monday we will explore the next topic.  All you need to join in is a journal and pen, and some time for yourself. I do hope you’ll join me for this next adventure of self discovery.

Love and Light, Nicole  ♥ xx

23 thoughts on “Journaling for Spiritual Clarity and Connection – a 4 week course

  1. Love the idea and the first week I will be painting/drawing or maybe I will see what the left hand printing will bring forth from the inner self.
    Thanks for your input into my healing-
    love ag light
    Suzie ♡♡♡

  2. Great post! The balance of the brains is so important so one can see, perceive, with the “mid brain” at last (i believe this will be the 5D brain for a lot of us). I’ve been accused of using my right brain too much by people who used logic (left brain) more so and couldnt literally understand my reasoning 🙂 In my case, i try to make sure i dont spend too much time in the right brain as there is a tendency for one to become ungrounded if such an imbalance is triggered. Much Love ~

  3. Hi, I am a day behind but will be do this journalling. Glad to say I have been working on some of the suggestions for a little while now, just not consistent enough. So the journalling will fix that.

    Thanks, once again. Mxx

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