Fall down seven times, stand up eight…

Australian Soldier at Gallipoli WWI. Image from awm.gov.au

This post is dedicated to the members of our Defence Forces, Emergency Services and their families, past and present, and to everyone who is facing hardship, no matter it’s nature.

There is something that many people don’t know about courage. Something most people don’t know about strength, and resilience…

We usually only find these qualities in ourselves when we’re already on our knees.

There is no need for it when things are going well. When we are in flow and life is good, the gifts at our core are hidden from view.

So you won’t know you have it in you until the day you need it.

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Life is never all smoothing sailing.  The good times don’t prepare us for the bad.

But I promise you, when it gets hard, if you dig deep you’ll find that there is a place inside you you didn’t know was there.  A place of courage and grace and steely determination.  A place of valour and a drive to stand up and keep going, even when you don’t know how, even when you don’t know if standing back up is actually possible yet.

But you can’t win at life when you’re on your knees. You can’t win if you give up. Victory might be around the next corner.  Or the next.

The Japanese proverb, Fall down seven times, stand up eight... speaks to the heart of this.

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You can be your own hero.

The choices you make today determine who you will be tomorrow.

Trust that it’s within you.

Pick yourself up.  Keep going.  Grow…

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15 thoughts on “Fall down seven times, stand up eight…

  1. I fell so many times, and always managed to stand up again, but I’m tired.
    I read a lot that by thinking positive, we bring positive things into our life.
    I am trying. For over 20 years, this day was a horrible one for me. I tried to turn it into a positive one, hoping it will work.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging nudge Nicole. My week has been amazing with insights and growth. I thought I was cooked and ready to rock. Today, the physical pain in my core tells me otherwise. But I’ll not give up. I know I’m getting closer and the answer might just be around the next corner, or the one after that! LOL! Thank you again and love and blessings to you and to all. <3

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