Day 15 – Gratitude Challenge

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“To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.” ~ Johannes A. Gaertner (1912-1996)

Our bodies have an innate wisdom.  They know how to move, they know how to heal, they know how to create balance and how to communicate with us.

For bodies to heal effectively they need a number of things – good nutrition, rest, emotional peace, and sometimes the hands of a skilled healer or medical practitioner to ease or correct what we cannot do for ourselves. (Some other good ideas for better health here)

For us to truly facilitate that state of healing, we need to do our best to step out of resistance and into flow.

You’ll know that feeling of resistance – resistance is filled with doubt, complaint, fear, and ‘lack of ‘…

You will hopefully also recognise flow – flow is a space of ease, grace, acceptance, peace and emotional well-being.

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When we are in flow our physical, emotional and spiritual healing capacity is greatly magnified.  Our body, mind and soul can more easily recover and repair. (You can read more about that here)

One of the fastest ways to get back into flow is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

Counting Our Blessings and Using our Gratitude Rock

If you need a detailed reminder of the process, you can review it here in Day 1 of the Gratitude Challenge.

  1. List five Blessings in your journal, explaining why you are grateful for each one.
  2. Count your Blessings off on your fingers, summoning positive emotion and saying Thank You from your heart for each one.
  3. Remove the image or name of the person to whom you intended health, well-being and positive physical energy.  Hold the photo or name in your hands and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Really feel that positive energy in your heart.  Know that as you have affirmed this for others, you are also allowing for similar energies to come into your own life.
  4. Tonight before you go to sleep, hold your Gratitude Rock and affirm I am richly Blessed. I have an Abundance of Good in my life. Visualise one thing you have been grateful for today. Swell that positive energy up in your heart like a beautiful golden light, and give a heart-felt Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to the Universe, then imagine a tiny shower of golden light travelling from your heart into your Gratitude Rock.
  5. Still holding your Gratitude Rock, bless your fellow travellers on this Gratitude Journey by sending them golden light, and saying Thank you.  I Bless You.  I intend for you Love, Miracles and Abundance. Know that as you are saying this for them, they are also saying this for you. Feel that connection and gratitude and know that there is real love and support for you here. Place your rock back beside your bed, and go to sleep, cocooned in this good energy.

If all you do today is these five steps, know that is enough.

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For this who want to explore some additional opportunities to practice gratitude, read on…

Hold a Picture Of Wellness in Your Mind

No matter what your current state of health, you need to make peace with that. There is no point in fighting the reality of your current situation. If you’re fat, you’re fat.  If you’re in pain, if you can’t get pregnant, if your legs ache or your blood pressure is too high, well it is what it is.  Stop fighting it, making excuses for it, or pretending it isn’t happening. Accept what is.

Accepting what is, without judgement, is the first step in making positive change in your life.

The second step is letting go of your attachment to what is.  Where you are today is the result of yesterday’s thinking, yesterday’s actions, yesterday’s focus or lack of focus.

The third step is to hold a clear picture in your mind of what you DO want in your life, and find a way to summon positive emotion around that.  Be grateful for the small things already present in your life that relate to health and well-being.  Celebrate health and well-being in others.  Visualise health and wellness coming to you.  See yourself as healthy, active, energised, healed, whole.

Today spend five minutes visualising yourself in a place of wellbeing, however that looks to you.  Feel gratitude for the positive improvement in your health as if it has already happened. Swell that feeling of gratitude and love in your heart, and say Thank You to the Universe for this gift of healing and health.

My intention for you today is that you allow yourself to be in flow with health and wellbeing. I wish for you an abundance of feel-good energy and vitality.  Bless ♥ xx

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9 thoughts on “Day 15 – Gratitude Challenge

  1. yes, yes and yes! I am struggling with health issues lately and realized all the above about 2 weeks ago. And began working on it much as you remind me once again here. It is beginning to slowly show results. Certainly on a mental and emotional level, which is no less important than the physical. And I would add to what you have “written” in sand: “love yourself -exactly as you are at the moment”.I love myself very much but can become frustrated with certain situations about myself, my health etc….and then I have to remember to not love myself any less than when everything was “perfect”. Because whatever I am, or wherever I am, at the moment…IS perfect for that moment and for me!! 🙂
    with much love light JOY and extreme gratitude 😀

  2. Hello Nicole,

    Much GratitudenAppreciationnLovenLightnBlessings to you for your ‘Gratitude’ initiative.

    Using ThetaHealing, each day of your ‘Gratitude’ initiative, I will ‘download’ you and your inspired guests and diners of your delicious ‘Cauldrons and Cupcakes’, ‘The Creator’s’ perspective of unconditional Love and Gratitude, and to know it, feel it, understand it and know you are worthy of it and deserve it; to receive this, all you and your reader’s need do is say ‘Yes’ to themselves daily, and of course saying ‘No’ or nothing allows one’s ‘free will’ to not receive unconditional ‘Love and Gratitude’.

    If anyone desires to be trained in ThetaHealing Basic DNA & Advanced DNA ( each 3 consecutive days) to allow you to be eligible to be ‘Teacher Trained’ by Vianna Stibl, Founder, ThetaHealing, in Sydney, Australia, 1st week October, 2012, please contact me and I will connect you with a Cert. ThetaHealing Teacher in your district.

    Unconditional Love and Gratitude are excellent Universal Human Virtues to include in one’s ‘Pure Intentions’ at each New Moon, during the first 2 hours, the ripest ‘window of opportunity’.

    LovenLightnBlessings to you all, from

    Internationally Cert. ThetaHealing Practitioner & Teacher
    Ghostbusters Australia (Facebook & Skype)
    Mother Earth Illumined Twin Flames & Associates

  3. This is a great one- whenever I am having a moment of feeling self-conscious about my body, I remind myself that my body is an amazing thing- it allows me to move, do yoga, hug my loved ones, listen, and see, so we need to be grateful for it, not hard on it 🙂

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