Day 23 – Gratitude Challenge

Reach for the stars – by PridesCrossing

“Reach high, for the stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”                ~ Pamela Vaull Starr

Congratulations! We have just 8 magical days to go on our 30 Day Gratitude Challenge, and we’ve been cooking up a storm of positive energy, love and support for ourselves and others.  Now that we’re into the home stretch we’re going to shift our attention to the creation of a glorious future for ourselves, using the energy of gratitude and appreciation to manifest our heart’s desires.

Gratitude is a wonderful thing – when it pours out from us, it makes us magnetic to more and more good in our own lives.

There are a host of powerful emotions that go hand-in-hand with gratitude, including love, excitement, empowerment, happiness, anticipation, benevolence, joy and wonder.

All of us have had moments in our lives when everything has gone well for us; when the stars have aligned, the Gods have smiled and life has blessed us with gifts beyond our expectations. In this Blessed Space we always experience a surge of positive feel-good energy.

Here are a few of my own wonder-full moments, in no particular order:

The gorgeous Bert. One of the best unexpected presents from the Universe I’ve ever had!

There is always so much to be thankful for in this life, and the more we look, the more we find…

Counting Our Blessings and Using our Gratitude Rock

If you need a detailed reminder of our daily process, you can review it here in Day 1 of the Gratitude Challenge.

  1. List five Blessings in your journal, explaining why you are grateful for each one.
  2. Count your Blessings off on your fingers, summoning positive emotion and saying Thank You from your heart for each one.
  3. Find a picture of someone you would like help or direction from, or write their name on a piece of paper.  If you don’t have anyone specific in mind, cut a face out of a magazine, using an image that feels friendly and warm to you. Now write on that image or piece of paper Thank You, Universe, for all of the Help that I am now Attracting. People are so helpful, supportive and kind. With their assistance I am stepping closer and closer to my dreams.
  4. Tonight before you go to sleep, hold your Gratitude Rock and affirm I am richly Blessed. I have an Abundance of Good in my life. Visualise one thing you have been grateful for today. Swell that positive energy up in your heart like a beautiful golden light, and give a heart-felt Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to the Universe, then imagine a tiny shower of golden light travelling from your heart into your Gratitude Rock.
  5. Still holding your Gratitude Rock, bless your fellow travellers on this Gratitude Journey by sending them golden light, and saying Thank you.  I Bless You.  I intend for you Love, Miracles and Abundance. Know that as you are saying this for them, they are also saying this for you. Feel that connection and gratitude and know that there is real love and support for you here. Place your rock back beside your bed, and go to sleep, cocooned in this good energy.

If all you do today is these five steps, know that is enough.

But if you’re up for more of a challenge why not try this?

All Those Unexpected Wins!

Take a moment and search your memories for some of your own wonder-full experiences; the unexpected prize, the dream promotion, the day that was perfect from start to finish, birth of your child, wedding day, amazing park right out the front of the shops on Christmas Eve, free dessert at your favourite restaurant etc etc…

Image from

Think about that experience for a moment, and swell this feeling of gratitude and appreciation in your heart as you remember the event, and how special that was for you.

Now create some NEW pictures in your head.  Think about the future and see yourself winning something you’d love to win, enjoying a magical holiday, having someone help you to achieve a dream, or anything else that feels good and that puts you into an energy of positive anticipation. Allow yourself to really feel and enjoy this event as though it’s actually happening right now!

Affirm to the Universe Than You for supplying me with a path to my Dreams.  Thank you for the many Blessings that flow my way. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

Trust that with your thoughts, you are creating a positive future for yourself, manifesting helpful people and all manner of success, luck and fortune. ♥

Sally Pearson achieving her Olympic Dream – London 100m hurdles Gold Medal 2012. Image from
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6 thoughts on “Day 23 – Gratitude Challenge

  1. Focusing on the positive things that have happened in our lives brings back all the lovely feelings, too. I glanced through pictures of trips we’ve taken, family celebrations, and places we’ve gone–and it is a wonderful life. It’s good to be reminded of these things. And speaking of doggies…(not a great segue, but it’ll do), Bert is an absolute love. You two were so lucky to find eachother. Happy day to all! :0) –Lucinda

  2. That was a nice little extra challenge, thinking of good experiences from the past, I remembered one or two things I haven’t thought of for ages. The bookshop you found by mistake looks amazing! Thank you for yet another great post in this 30 day challenge, you’re doing a brilliant job!

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