Coffee with a (feathered) Friend

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“Without birds, trees would be very lonely and men too!” 
~ Mehmet Murat Ildan


As I sipped a coffee yesterday, killing time, with worries on my mind, a little Mickey Bird (Noisy Miner) came to visit me.

The Universe must have known I needed some company.

The friendly bird stayed with me, singing cheery songs and chatting away until it was time to go. It supported me to feel calm, supported and loved.

And it helped me feel the presence of Little Auntie, one of my favourite Aboriginal Aunties, whom I also knew as Little Bird.

We are never, any of us, truly alone.

I’m sending you much love today, Nicole xx

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11 thoughts on “Coffee with a (feathered) Friend

  1. Oh what a blessing! What a darling little bird that came for a visit. Are they fairly tame?
    Thank you for your lovely post!

  2. It never surprises me how much comfort and inner peace animals can give us. And I love the fact it also re-connected you with your Aunties. Big hugs Nicole X

  3. How beautiful Nicole! I really love today’s blog 🙂 thank you! I’m so glad little bird (auntie) did that, what a lovely experience it must have been.
    sending you lots of love and healing..

  4. Is he not the sweetest little stranger Nicole . I have felt alone this week . Had problems with my computer but have discovered wonderful people in Starbucks that have helped me get on line . Sometimes you loose some things and gain other things that are a whole lot better…no we are never alone… there are such kind people out there ..
    Cherry x

  5. Lovely! I love waking to birdsong and with the large, park-like, garden that wraps behind my house, they are kind enough to wake me rather early each morning… 🙂

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