Letter Writing Challenge – Week Five

Image from imgkid.com
Image from imgkid.com

“I’ve heard fate talked of. It’s not a word I use. I think we make our own choices. I think how we live our lives is our own doing, and we cannot fully hope on dreams and stars. But dreams and stars can guide us, perhaps. And the heart’s voice is a strong one. Always is.

Your heart’s voice is your true voice. It is easy to ignore it, for sometimes it says what we’d rather it did not – and it is so hard to risk the things we have. But what life are we living, if we don’t live by our hearts? Not a true one. And the person living it is not the true you.”
~ Susan Fletcher, Corrag


Welcome to Week Five of my Letter Writing Challenge, and heartfelt apologies for missing this post last week. For six weeks, every Monday, I am posting a theme and ideas, and asking you to pen a short (or long!) letter to someone, and then pop it in the post or otherwise deliver it to them.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your favourite pen or writing implement
  • Writing paper, cards or postcards
  • A small crystal or stone
  • Between five and thirty minutes each week to sit down and write your letter.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Read the instructions through once, and then complete the activity.

This Week’s Theme :  A Heart-Directed Letter from Your Wise Self to You!

That’s right. This week’s letter is for you, from yourself. No-one knows you better, and there are things that the voice of your heart is eager for your stubborn go-it-alone brain to hear.

Start by holding your crystal or stone in your hands. Close your eyes, and build an energy of gratitude in your heart. Feel your heart swell with emotion. Pour that energy of gratitude into the crystal and then continue to sit in meditation for a minute or two longer. Now connect in to your heart. You may connect with a feeling, an idea, an image or even a colour. Sit quietly and ask yourself this question, “Heart, what do I most need to know right now?”

Trust that whatever you write today will be exactly what you need to guide, inspire, direct or uplift you.

Now write your card or letter.

Trust that you will be guided to find the best words to express this wisdom of your heart.

You may find yourself writing a note of encouragement. If that’s the case, place that note somewhere where you can read it often and be guided by those words of comfort and wisdom.

Image by Jennifer Chen
Image by Jennifer Chen

You might surprise yourself, and write an outpouring of what truly matters, what needs to be looked at, what needs to be included or discarded.

It could be a longing to create a certain kind of life, or to give energy to a dream hidden deep within you.

Allow your letter to be as long as it needs to be. If necessary, write it in installments. If you haven’t been in touch with your true self for a while you may find that your heart has plenty to say.

Whatever comes, take time to sit with that letter once it is finished. Read it often. Allow your mind to connect with the whisperings of your heart.

Our heart always knows…

Image from pixshark.com
Image from pixshark.com

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