A New Journal Challenge For You!

Image from artleo.com
Image from artleo.com

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
~ Rumi

Writing a journal is something I’ve done since I was a child. I don’t mean a simple diary, where you record the events of the day. You know what I mean… I ate this. I did this. Someone said that. No. I mean a place where I could explore ideas, talk with myself, and find my own answers.

Over the last few years I’ve created several journal challenges here on my blog, and I’ve just made a new one for you, to take advantage of the fabulous energies August and September bring for truly going deep within, in order to know and understand ourselves better.

Would you like to join me?

We’ll be starting next Sunday, August 2nd, so that you have adequate time to gather your resources together. Each Sunday for September and August I will have a new journal activity for you to complete during the week. You’ll need a minimum of ten minutes to set aside each week for writing, and an additional five minutes per day for five out of seven days for energy work. (If you can do more, great. If you can only find ten minutes then we’ll flow with that too.) There will also be an optional guided meditation each week.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A new journal. Choose one that feels right for you. Make sure there are enough pages to get you through 9 activities.
  • Some pens and pencils.
  • A small stone to use as a gratitude rock.
  • A larger rock or crystal to use as a guidance stone.
  • A deck of oracle cards.
  • A sense of adventure and a readiness to explore your inner world.

NB: A note on choosing oracle cards – choose cards whose pictures and messages are meaningful to you. Avoid cards such as tarot decks that show only coins or cups etc. Instead choose a deck whose imagery really speaks to you. It’s the pictures that matter. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use them. I’ll be showing you.

That’s my own journal, cards and stones in the picture below. I’ll be right beside you doing each week’s activities too. My gratitude rock is a small citrine, and my guidance stone is a labradorite. The oracle cards I’ll be using are Colette Baron-Reid’s Enchanted Map cards

Who’s in? Pop your name in the comments or let us know over on facebook. If you post a pic on the facebook page during this challenge, you’ll be in the running to win a cool prize! Stay tuned for directions.

Much love, Nicole <3 xx

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171 thoughts on “A New Journal Challenge For You!

  1. Hello, I found you from a blue moon ritual search that bought me here. Funny how things drop into place when you need them to! I’ve been looking through your blog, loving it btw, & saw this so count me in too! I’m in the process of learning all sorts in this realm so this will link in nicely & hopefully feed my work too. Looking forward . I know I’m now a week behind but immhoping I can’t catch up. Thanks 🙂

  2. I would love to take part in this. It sounds fun and inspiring! Just want I need to give me a lift. Do you think that “The Spirit of the Wheel” meditation deck would work for this? Thank you, Vicki

  3. OK, I’m in on this. I’ve never kept a journal or used oracle cards but maybe it’s time I started? Off to my local Crystal Shop to see what they have – and I might be tempted to buy a special crystal for my guidance stone. This could be the wake-up call I need, (Not going into that here!) so thank you Nicole for all you do for us.
    With much love and those crystal sparkles again. XXX

  4. Yes please I would like to take part in this journalling challenge. I write to make sense of me, so I am more than ready to see where this takes me.

  5. I’m so happy to have come across this. I always love your blog, and was catching up on the past few days… I’m most grateful for this opportunity 😀

  6. Dear Nicole, I have gained so much insight through your wonderful blog. Excited to finally be taking part… I began gathering my supplies today!

  7. Was recently drawn to the Enchanted Map Oracle (love the cards), have just created a new journal, am in a transition….. so I think it’s time I stepped forward and said “I’m in” too. 🙂

  8. I’m in. I am ready to connect back into the wonderful habit of journaling again after such a busy month of travel. Looking forward to the fun and connection.

  9. Hi Nicole, Thank you for this opportunity. This will be the first time I am doing this. I have a new journal and ordered the oracle cards. Now I have to find my gratitude rock and guidance stone.

    1. Thanks. I wasn’t sure which oracle cards would best suit, and since there’s no place around here to purchase them, I purchased 3 decks from Amazon: Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan, Trust Your Vibes oracle cards by Sonia Choquette, and the Osho Zen Tarot. I am not sure what to use either for the gratitude rock and guidance stone.

  10. Count me in too Nicole! Good to go. This may be (should say must be! since my inners went into a dance as I chose to count myself in) what I need to help me focus, defrag and gain a little much needed discipline in my self-care and healing.

    I want to thank you too, you are such an inspiration to me. You INSPIRE! So grateful for your presence in my life even if through your blog. I gain so much from your posts, your sharing and your big Heart! Blessings, Peace & Joy. Be Bathed in Love always.

  11. Hi, I have begun the journey of self improvement, which of course is a life long lesson. I am so keen to learn to read oracle cards, I have some Doreen Virtue cards. The journal writting will be so good to pick some tips up. I am new to this area so any guidance will be great.
    Thanks and kind regards

  12. Wow sounds like something I need right now….clear the fog and the bumps and humps…:>) Count me in….have a lovely blank journal waiting for this…..:>) Yay thanks Nicole for the inspiration.

    1. You can start small, Ange. Don’t overwhelm yourself if you’re not in the habit of writing. I’ll also have some activities that are non-writing. But I encourage you to give it a go! Well done, you!

  13. Nicole I’d love to be a part of this. I’ll follow along with a journal I have but I have a huge favour to ask. Could I please see your supplier of the beautiful leather journals. My daughter and cousins have all asked for one since try saw mine (the beautiful one from the workshop last year).
    They’ve been driving me crazy for almost a year now for both the journal and shoulder bag.
    I would be amazingly grateful if you could help me out with this. I’ve spoken so much about you they’ve joined in so many challenges but I promised them I would get them each a journal and bag as a gift they have helped me so much in past years as I’ve been ill.
    With deep gratitude.
    Blessings courageous lady
    Susan 👼💗

    1. Hi Susan! Lovely to hear that you’ll be joining us. Let me know how many you need and and I’ll put away a journal and bag for each of them then. What a thoughtful gift. So glad to hear that you’re well, bright and happy. Much love to you, Nicole xx (((HUGS)))

  14. Im in. Sounds like something wonderful to do. I may even need some new oracle cards….I have a bunch of ipad ones ie digital. I personally seem to connect with digital as well as I do physical – possibly due to working with computers and programming day in day out. I can feel their energy. Im aware that may be unusual…. but crystals – now THAT will be fun. And Ive an almost new moleskine to fill….. Thank you for your time and effort Nicole. I appreciate it. WE appreciate it. Especially when you are still unwell. 😍😘😘

    1. Moleskines. *Sighs happily* You’re so welcome, Leisa! Big love and hugs to you. PS: Am feeling almost back to normal again, and my brain is so happy. That awful jolt of treatment, hard as it was, has certainly unlocked a whole new range of function. Yay!

  15. Yes! Yes! Yes please! This sounds perfect for me. Journal, pens, pencils, oracle deck at the ready, but not sure about crystals. Can I just use my two favourite pieces, a rose quartz and an amethyst? I suppose as they are the ones I love they are the ones I need? Thank you soooo much!

  16. Oh yes this is for me …count me in dear Nicole . Hey dude ! Where did you get that cute journal I love it …I tend to use ‘paperchase ‘ for my journals they are so pretty . I will go for leather bound next I think …can’t wait for the challenge .

    1. Hey Cherry! Goodness your ‘Hey dude!’ made me laugh. I’ll be giving away one of those beautiful leather-bound journals with the inset crystal for our 2 Millionth Hit Party. Stay tuned for details. Nicole xx

  17. Dear Nicole, I think this is something that would be good for me to do right now. Please count me in. Now to choose my stones…

    1. Nicole, will this come to my email, or do I need to check into the blog…. I did not receive anything this morning.. Anxious to get started. Sent with love barbara🌻

    2. Barbara, is you click the follow page on my home page the post will come straight to your email (unless you have a wordpress site and have configured it for no emails). But it won’t post retrospectively. I posted this activity yesterday (our Sunday here in Australia) so look down the menu bar on the right hand side of my home page and you’ll see it as a link under ‘recent posts’. Let me know if you have any trouble finding it. Much love, Nicole xx

  18. I’m In! I’m In! I’m In! And yes, perfect timing! Thank you, Nicole! And what fun it will be to treat myself with the perfect journal and a new set of oracle cards!

    1. Nicole, that’s lovely that you were thinking of me :). I am here, just much busier, as I have started a University degree this past month. I am still blogging and writing though. I hope you are well. My thoughts are often with you xo

  19. I’m looking forward to it. I have both kinds of journals that I keep regularly and a gratitude journal. The last is a one line comment about what I’m most grateful for that day. The first because I can never remember when things happen. I will look at Colette’s cards. I had a private reading with her about 5 years ago and for some reason, she got nothing. Kind of worried me. I must be an odd duck of sorts. She said to try back in a few months but that wasn’t possible so I let it go. I have notebooks all over the place so I can always write. Meditation is harder. For me it’s in the gardening where I get lost in the moment. This should be interesting. Especially since I have something that needs to be worked out in my heart.

    1. Not a silly question at all, Catherine. Many book stores, new age stores and health food stores have them. You can also get them through companies like Amazon. Make sure to get a look at what’s inside before you buy if at all possible.

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