Journal Challenge Week 5 – August 30, 2015

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“Wounding and healing are not opposites. They’re part of the same thing. It is our wounds that enable us to be compassionate with the wounds of others. It is our limitations that make us kind to the limitations of other people. It is our loneliness that helps us to find other people or to even know they’re alone with an illness. I think I have served people perfectly with parts of myself I used to be ashamed of. ”
~ Rachel Naomi Remen


Welcome to Week Five of our journal challenge. If you missed the start you can go here to catch up on the tools you’ll need, and to find links to previous weeks.

This week, starting on August 30, is supported by the energies of the glorious Supermoon in Pisces. This is the Healer’s Moon. A moon that allows healers to access energies for their own healing. A moon to help all of us find a softer, kinder space in which to relate with ourselves.

The supermoon is a powerful connector for those wanting to work more strongly with their intuition and inner knowing. That intuitive flow can facilitate all kinds of healings, transformations and breakthroughs. If you’re energetically sensitive I’m sure you’ll have been feeling this push for honesty and positive transformation in our lives.

It’s no longer enough just to survive – to keep doing what we’ve always done in ways that keep us numb, or that make us die inside a little more each day.

This week the emphasis is on beginning to honour what we need to truly live a healthy, happy and emotionally satisfying life.

Are you ready to get clearer about what that looks like?

Let’s go!

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Weekly Structure Reminder

Each week of this nine week challenge will follow the same format:

  1. We will begin with the short guided meditation for the week, using your guidance stone. During this meditation you’ll be given a colour to work with for the week, and a word or phrase.
  2. We will choose an oracle card to give us inspiration and direction for the week ahead
  3. We will spend ten minutes (or more if desired!) to complete our weekly journal prompt.
  4. We will spend a few moments at the end of our day in gratitude.

Start Here!

1. Guided Meditation

Take your guidance stone and sit or lie quietly. Then simply follow the sound of my voice. You’ll need seven minutes.

When the meditation is complete, write down your power colour and your power word or phrase in your journal.

  • How can you use your Power Word this week? Write a few ideas, based on your word. Trust whatever comes and write it down. Don’t overthink it.
  • What does your Colour mean to you? What words or ideas does it provoke? Write them down. This week, use this colour to boost your energy. Shut your eyes for thirty seconds and breathe it into your body whenever you feel a bit flat or low. Wear it as clothing. Choose flowers in your colour. Eat food that colour. Be creative with it.

2. Oracle Card

Take your cards, offer up a small prayer that whatever you do be for your Highest Good, and then shuffle the deck. As you’re shuffling, ask the question‘What do I most need to focus on this week?’ Say it out loud or hold it as a thought in your head. Either will work.

Choose one card. How you choose is up to you. Split the deck. Fan them out. Top or bottom. Dive right in. There is no right or wrong.

Now look at your card and hold your guidance stone in your non-writing hand. Really look at the card. Don’t use the book or the ‘proper’ meaning. We are being intuitive here, people! What stands out for you in the picture? What thoughts and ideas do the images provoke? Take a minute or two and write those thoughts down. I know, you might feel like you’re just making it all up. That’s okay. Write anyway. Trust that there is a part of you that is wise and that has been waiting for this chance to speak with your conscious mind.

I love my oracle card this week. The words at the bottom of the card have no bearing on what has come through for me. The images evoke my memories of the Elder Elephant of Chiang Mai, one of my Aboriginal Aunties, and a burgeoning sense of hope and optimism about my future:

2015-08-29 17.53.03

3. Week Five Journal Prompt

Take some small pieces of paper and write the following phrases, one for each paper:

  • My Heart
  • My Body
  • My Spirit
  • My Creativity
  • My Self Image
  • My Relationships
  • My Personal Magic
  • My Future

If there is anything else that you want to add in, go ahead and do that!

2015-08-29 17.30.36

Place the scraps of paper in a bowl or hat, or even in your lap. Breathe in your Power Word. Breathe in your Colour.  Ask for guidance in knowing what most needs healing in your life. Then draw one scrap of paper out.

Now journal about your choice. What do you need to do to help heal this aspect of yourself? Write the wisdom out that is already within you. Trust that you know what is most needed, or what your next step can be.

Write as little or as much as you want.

Do this once, or write a little every day. Whatever works for you. Choose just one, or a new one each time. Hold your guidance stone in your non-writing hand or place it on your lap or beside you while you write.Genuinely seek to connect with what matters to you.

Here’s my beginnings. I decided to draw myself at the centre of the page and then free write whatever came to me about that topic. During the week I will choose again. If a choice comes up more than once I won’t reject it. I will see it as a sign that there is more to explore about that topic:

2015-08-29 18.03.43

Using the Gratitude Rock:

The Gratitude Rock anchors positive energy and gratitude at the end of every day.  You can carry your stone with you, or leave it beside your bed.  At night, before you go to sleep, hold your Gratitude Rock in your hand.

As you hold the stone say to yourself I am richly Blessed. I have an Abundance of Good in my life.  Then hold in your mind one or more image of a thing you have been grateful for today. Swell that positive energy up in your heart like a beautiful golden light, and give a heart-felt Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to the Universe. Visualise a tiny shower of golden light travelling from your heart into your Gratitude Rock.

Now here’s the fun bit – imagine all of the other people who are taking part in this journalling challenge with you. Once again build up a strong positive energy in your heart, and then imagine shooting a stream of golden light out into the Universe to those people.

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Say Thank you.  I Bless You.  I intend for you Love, Miracles and Abundance. Know that as you are saying this for them, they are also saying this for you. Feel that connection and gratitude and know that there is real love and support for you here. Place your rock back beside your bed, and go to sleep, cocooned in this good energy.

Happy exploring through words this week! Let your Power Word and Colour guide you. Think on the wisdom you’ve taken from your oracle card. Use it all! And remember to pop over to facebook and let us know how you’re going. I always love to hear from you.

Much love, Nicole <3 xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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4 thoughts on “Journal Challenge Week 5 – August 30, 2015

  1. Hi Nicole am loving this but have a query. Three times now I have pulled the paper with ‘personal magic’ written on it. Not really sure what ‘personal magic’ is, could you enlighten!?

  2. I’m a little behind in this as well as so many things. Last week we were away for a wedding and I left the laptop safe at home. So I shall save last weeks for the end. I did pull a card before leaving from Colette’s cards and earlier I pulled one from Carolyn Myss’ Archetype cards. Carolyn’s in the middle of the week was the “rescuer” , Colette’s on Saturday night was “rescue” I thought it odd but as a Virgo who has a tendency to rescue others and not so much myself I was looking at the lesson there. The week has been hectic but the one coming up will be more restful and reflective. I’m getting an eyelid lift on the paralyzed eye so I can see better. That will slow me down a bit and allow more time to assimilate. I have a grown son, 47 living with me (temporarily?). All of these exercises are quite helpful and I wanted to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated. I’m sitting here with my coffee in my bed “relaxing” for the first time in ages. My little pile of phrases is waiting for me to pick one but had to write a thank you note first. I have done my morning meditation and written in my journal the color and word for this week. I pulled this weeks card and it felt quite right. #14. So off I go into my Sunday to enjoy a lovely rain soaked Oregon day. Gratitude for the rain is on the top of my list today. Have a wonderful week and thank you again.

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