Join Me for a Twelve Day Oracle Card Challenge?

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“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
~ Ernest Hemingway

Hello, Lovelies!

So, here I am in Rome for a few days, before Ben and I begin our cruise around the Med. And you may be surprised to know that our very first stop in Rome is the airport cafe! Why? Good coffee and fast, free wi-fi. Once we get to our hotel and then onto the ship I am expecting the internet to be quite dodgy for the next little while, so Ben suggested that I get some blog posts loaded for you before we catch a cab to our hotel.

And the result?

I have a wonderful Oracle Card Challenge for you!

June is our mid-year point, and that makes it a fabulous time for a little refocusing on who we are, what we need, and where we are going.

Whether you’re working with my Year of ME Planner (which you can still buy! I’ve created a mid-year intake for our membership group, and a modified Planner to take you through from June to December. Details here), or simply doing your best to make the most of 2016, I’ve designed a simple project for you to help you get that clarity as we had into the second half of this year.

Want to join me?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A deck of your favourite oracle cards
  • A journal
  • A favourite crystal or stone
  • Some pens and pencils
  • About ten minutes of your time each day (of course you can spend more, but ten minutes will get you done!)

Go gather your materials together and meet me back here tomorrow for your orientation to the program. Don’t worry if you haven’t used oracle cards before. I’m going to show you everything you need to know.

Lots of love, Nicole xx

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