Oracle Card Challenge Orientation Day

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“Make the most of yourself….for that is all there is of you.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Today’s post is designed to help familiarise you with some basic techniques you’ll need for our Twelve Day Oracle Card Challenge, which is starting tomorrow.

Don’t be scared about using Oracle or Tarot cards. They are simply a tool to help tune you in to your own intuition and inner knowing. It is possible that you may also choose the same card more than once over the course of this challenge. Each time you choose a card, treat it as a whole new message. You may find yourself having several interpretations from just one card over time, depending on the questions you have asked.

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Choosing your Deck

Choose a deck of Oracle or Tarot cards based solely upon the pictures. Avoid Tarot decks that have pictures of coins or swords are cups as the primary image for a card. Choose your deck based upon the images and their ability to tell a story for you.

Current favourite decks of mine include Osho Zen Tarot, Colette Baron Reid’s oracle decks such as Enchanted Map and Wisdom of the Oracle, the Mythic Tarot and Tao Oracle Cards.

If you don’t have a deck you can use one of Colette Baron Reid’s online ones here.


Preparing the Deck

If the cards are new, shuffle through the cards taking a moment to look at and connect to each one.

Now shuffle the cards back together, or give the cards a shuffle if they are an existing deck.

Hold them between your two hands and visualise white light running into the cards. Offer up a small prayer or intention that these cards work with you for your Highest Good.

Now your cards are ready to go!


Choosing your Crystal or Stone

If you are working with the Year of ME Planner, use the stone you chose as your 2016 crystal.

Otherwise, choose a crystal or stone (it can even be from the garden or the beach) that appeals to you and that feels good in your hand.

Go here to do a short meditation to connect you in to your stone.

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Your Other Materials

You will also need a journal or some paper. You’re welcome to use the notes pages in your Year of ME Planner too. At a minimum you’ll need a pen to write with, but feel free to have some different coloured pens, highlighters or pencils at your disposal to help make the information come alive in your journal.


Format for the Challenge

Each day you’ll need a minimum of ten minutes. It’s a challenge you can do in your coffee break! You’ll use your crystal and do a short guided meditation, and then follow the instructions on the blog post to choose and interpret your card for the day.

Okay, now you have everything you need to begin. See you tomorrow for Day One of our Challenge.

Much love, Nicole xx

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