Morning Healing Meditation Mandalas

“Outside the open window
The morning air is all awash with angels.”
~ Richard Wilbur, Collected Poems, 1943-2004

“The period between four and six in the morning is called the Brahmamuhurta, the Brahmic time, or divine period, and is a very sacred time to meditate. ”
~ Swami Satchidananda, The Yoga Sutras


And now on my travels I find myself in Cebu.

In this corner of the Philippines I still wake each morning at 4am to meditate in my room, after which I go sit on the empty beach for a while to watch the day dawn.

Yesterday morning I decided to make an impromptu crystal mandala to dedicate to the healing and wellbeing of a little girl named Imogen.

It’s a restful and evocative process, to create such a focal point for meditation and healing. I worked with what I had to hand – a stone from my pocket, a bracelet from my wrist, some flowers and leaves from nearby plants.

I enjoyed the process so much that I have decided to make a new healing mandala every day while I am here in Cebu.

Here is Imogen’s mandala. It features a Prehnite, Rutilated Quartz, frangipani and bouganvillea. And a whole lot of love.

By the time you read this post I may have already made this morning’s mandala. But you can be part of tomorrow’s.

Tomorrow I will be meditating on healing of childhood hurts, old family pain and ongoing issues, self-worth issues, insecurities and damaging or limiting stories imposed upon you by others. I’ll also be working on your base chakra, heart health and emotional security. If you’d like to be specifically included please add your name below or over on our facebook page.

Much love, Nicole <3 xoxo


54 thoughts on “Morning Healing Meditation Mandalas

  1. Hi Nicole, glad you’re taking a bit of time for yourself, and thanks for including the rest of us, as you do! Could you please add both myself and Cameron M to tomorrow’s mandala? Much gratitude, Sarah

  2. I would love to I’m in the US so I probably missed it . I love your meditations they really do help me thanks Nicole enjoy your adventure.
    Keep Smilin’

  3. Hi Nicole, I loved the tip that 4 – 6 am is a sacred time to meditate. Please include me on your list – the meditation focus sounds made for me. Enjoy the Philippines.

  4. Oh the morning sounds so beautiful and serene. Please include me in your meditation. So glad you are having a wonderful time. Love Katex

  5. Thank you Nicole – please add Roger and Elisabeth. And thank you for sharing some of your gorgeous holiday with us – stay safe xx

  6. ❤️Hi Nicole, you are absolutely beautiful❤️. Healing was my power word for this week. If I could be included, that would be wonderful.Thank you 🙏❤️🌈

  7. Yes please Nicole I would love you to include me in this mandala healing. thank you so much for this opportunity, Janine Harpley.

  8. Lovely to see you are having some peaceful you time but also thinking of us too. Bless you for that.
    Please add my son Noah my husband John and myself to one of your healing mandalas please. Thankyou & Namaste 🕉

  9. Hi Nicole, so much sadness and hopelessness is imposed on us as children. Thank you for always caring and thinking of us. Would love to be included🙏🙂 Cristina

  10. Your holiday looks wonderful Nicole, and I love you for taking time out for us.
    You never need to ask where it hurts- you always know! Every time.
    So yes, please, I’d love to be included. Thankyou x

  11. Hello Nicole,
    Thank you for including us all.
    Please add John and Karen W. to your mandala meditation.
    Very much appreciated from the two of us.

  12. Hi Nicole. Your holiday sounds amazing. I would love to be included in tomorrow’s meditation. Thanks, really appreciated. Warm regards, Rita

  13. Oooo… I loved Cebu several moons ago! I love the thought of being included in your healing mandala in a place that evokes such fond memories. Please include my husband Julian and myself if it is not too late. Thank you so much. Brit

  14. Hello Nicole,could you please add me, Lisa Bradley to your morning meditation? Thanks and enjoy your vaca!!

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