Chakra Journal Challenge – Week 9

“And suddenly you realize: you are in every dot of the universe vanishing and arising.”
Amit Ray, Enlightenment Step by Step


Hello, and welcome to the wrap-up week of our Chakra Journal Challenge!

If you’re only just joining us please go back and read my Orientation Post first.

Bringing It All Together

Now that you have had a chance to tour these eight chakras and to explore how they work and what that means for you, this week we are going to bring this all together.

If you need to review, you can go back and access that chakra work at the links below:

Week 1 – Feet Chakras

Week 2  – Base Chakra

Week 3 – Sacral Chakra

Week 4 – Solar Plexus Chakra

Week 5 – Heart Chakra

Week 6 – Throat Chakra

Week 7 – Third Eye Chakra

Week 8 – Crown Chakra


Guided Meditation:

Again we’re going to use the sound of my Tibetan Singing Bowl in our meditation. You’ll need about ten minutes for this exercise.

Sit quietly for a moment before you begin the meditation. Set your intention to be aware of where the sound, light or vibration enters your body. Set your intention that you be shown the wisdom, message or healing of that experience.

Then just listen to the meditation as directed.

You can listen to the meditation here:

Journal Prompts

Now answer the following questions, writing as little or as much as you need:

  • Where did the sound energy of the Tibetan Singing Bowl enter your body? What words, images, wisdom or ideas did that provoke? Write them down.
  • Did any colours come to you? Write down what you experienced and what that means to you.

Want to go deeper with your journalling? Try these additional prompts. Write the beginning of the sentence and then keep going, using stream of consciousness. Do one or all of them. You’ll be amazed what you might discover about yourself!

  • The Chakra that expressed itself most to me today was…
  • When I connect into the energy of that Chakra I know that…
  • The Chakra or area of my body that needed the most support was…
  • When I connect into the energy of that Chakra or area of my body I know that…


Hands On Healing:

This week our hands-on healing can be done at any time during the day. It’s also a great healing to do last thing at night, in bed, just before you go to sleep.

  1. Sit or lie comfortably and with a straight spine.
  2. Shake out your hands and activate your hand chakras. (Can’t remember how? Go back and review our Orientation Post)
  3. Now gently use the fingers of both hands (not thumbs) to tap lightly on your Heart Chakra
  4. Then place one hand low on your belly and one hand on your heart. Let white light flow from your hands into your body.
  5. When your body is filled with white light begin to bring balls of coloured energy from your hands into your body. Send the coloured energy along your spine to each chakra, and down your legs to the chakras in your feet. Be open to healing, insight or whatever else comes to you.
  6. Let the colour of the energy change as you do this, if any other colours come to you and feel right.
  7. To finish, lift your hands from your body, shake them out and sit quietly for a moment. Or simply allow yourself to fall asleep.

You can also do this healing  when you first wake up. Enjoy!

Practicing Gratitude

The Gratitude Rock anchors positive energy and gratitude at the end of every day.  You can carry your stone with you, or leave it beside your bed.  At night, before you go to sleep, hold your Gratitude Rock in your hand.


As you hold the stone say to yourself: I am richly Blessed. I have an Abundance of Good in my life. Then hold in your mind one or more image of a thing you have been grateful for today. Swell that positive energy up in your heart like a beautiful golden light, and give a heart-felt Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to the Universe. Visualise a tiny shower of golden light travelling from your heart into your Gratitude Rock.

Now here’s the fun bit – imagine all of the other people who are taking part in this journalling challenge with you. Once again build up a strong positive energy in your heart, and then imagine shooting a stream of golden light out into the Universe to those people.

Say Thank you. I Bless You. I intend for you Love, Miracles and Abundance.Know that as you are saying this for them, they are also saying this for you. Feel that connection and gratitude and know that there is real love and support for you here. Place your rock back beside your bed, and go to sleep, cocooned in this good energy.

Our Final Prize!

Our final prize is a natural clear quartz crystal from the Kimberley, hand-chosen by me, and all juiced up from being in that recent big crystal grid on my farm. Delicious! ❤ The winner of this beautiful stone is Lilly Belle Rose. Congratulations! Please contact us at so that we can post this out to you.

Thanks again for joining me on this journal challenge.

Love and hugs, Nicole ❤ xoxo

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