Join us for our next ‘Colour And Cuppa’ Online Gathering! ❤ (Theme: The Sun)

Ô, Sunlight! The most precious gold to be found on Earth.

Roman Paynens

Hi, Lovelies!

How are you coping, in these COVID times?

Feel like catching up for a cuppa, some comfort and company and a good chat?

Each fortnight I hold a free gathering online, which is also a lovely sharing, colouring and meditation session. You’re all invited to join us, and so are your children. It’s a way for us to connect, heart-to-heart, as intuitive and sensitive souls. It’s a way for me to tune you in to the energies of the weeks ahead, and to give you some tips and teachings for dealing with that, and for building both your metaphysical and self-care skills.

Each session deals with a theme, and there are lovely mindfulness colouring sheets to download too. Of course, if you’d rather bring your own art project you’re more than welcome. Scroll down and you’ll see some delightful examples of the creative projects people have worked on during our get-togethers. This is a session where we can connect, chat, share and be together – and right now that kind of connection is so important.

Our theme this week is ‘The Sun’. 🌞😎

We’ll be talking about the sun as an energetic and symbolic force in our lives, as well as looking at sun cycles and solar flares. I’ll share some tips on how to use the sun to energise you, and we’ll do a guided meditation that can help you tap into the sun’s cleansing and revitalising powers.

‘The Sun – Colour and Cuppa’ gathering will be at 2pm Brisbane time on Thursday 6 August (which may be August 5 where you live). To support people in other time zones we are scheduling these live events at various times throughout the year so you can find one that works for you. It’s completely free to join us, and we’ll be holding this gathering via Zoom. All of the details and the link will be in our Facebook Group, The Journeymakers, prior to the event.

If you’re not already a member you can join here:

I’m looking forward to our discussion and to sharing a lovely meditation with you.

I’ll be at our next session with a pot of Peppermint Tea, and some great stories to share, ready to spend a delightful hour with you all.

I can’t wait to see you!

Love, hugs, and sunshiny goodness, Nicole xx

Let’s hear from our Journeymaker Community Members:

From Lynley Forgione: I loved last night’s talk. I stayed quiet as I could’ve talked for hours about the middle east and my soul’s desert home 🐪
So I listened and worked on some gift tags which themselves a gift.

From Nicky Nicole Strickland: The talk was…..I don’t know how to describe. A part of me was filled with a deep sadness and yearning. Another part could see most of this life’s experiences have been tied to wild/natural places….and volcanic (Glasshouse, Hawaiian volcanoes).

Tree was/is next choice. Tonight was….
Didn’t see the runes at all, rather ‘symbolic signs’.

Emma Harcourt: I enjoyed being part of the colour and cuppa this afternoon. Thanks Love Pascual for the art work and Nicole for talking all things Angels. I called on the Unnamed Angels today and while I was walking saw 2 sticks perfectly parallel and equal on the ground. It felt like a sign…💚🧡💛

From Sara Neves‎: During the cuppa session I was so into the talk that I didn’t draw anything, but afterwards I got really inspired… Not sure if there are mouse angels but this was what came to my mind… I loved everything that Nicole explained about angels and I really wanted to know more about the subject. And loved seeing you all on Zoom and your stories made me cry… Nicole is there an angel whose flowers are daisies, poppies and spikes? 🙂💗

From Cherie Durant: Here is what I was working on during the Colour and Cuppa. The background is a monoprint which I had already done. So I worked on the little owl yesterday 😀

From Showko Showfukutei: I really enjoyed Cuppa zoom talking about angels yesterday.
I made an angel puppet!
He doesn’t really look like an angel more like a fallen angel?
Are there such things as “fallen angels”?

From Penny Aiken‎: I finished this blanket top in this morning’s colour and cuppa session.
I became an Aunty to twins this week and it is for my niece (next project is to start one for my nephew)
Thanks again for hosting Nicole

From Kathryn Duncan: Thank you, Nicole Cody – always just what is needed!

From Celia Veloz: Here is my daughter’s on the left and mine on the right. I am so happy I made it home on time to get on the zoom and share this time with my daughter. Thank you🌺

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From Jeanie Tapp: Loved the Colour and Cuppa session tonight! My Cuppa was Aged Earl Grey. I chose to color this bright little faerie without fully realizing my intention until Nicole mentioned setting an intention. 😆 Thinking about it, I realized my intention is calling on the support of nature life and the elements to help me in the creation of my new garden. Supporting the best way to work with the location to redirect the rainwater from continuing to flood the crawl space under my house and where best to place new plantings 🌱 🧚‍♂️☔️✨🙏🏻☀️💖 Thanks Nicole, Sokli and y’all for a fun social evening 😊💖✨ xoxo

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