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You’ll also find the 2017 options for the Year of ME Planner and Membership page as well as a few of my other online courses and offerings. I’m so proud of this lovely little Planner. It’s helping our community to reconnect to their own inner wisdom and intuition, and to put time and energy into themselves and their dreams. Already our YOM-ers (Year of ME community!) have been able to do such things as create their own businesses, finally find some time for hobbies and projects, stick to a fitness routine, take a well-deserved holiday, and be kinder to themselves.

If you have any queries you can reach me at

You can also direct general queries to my wonderful PA, Dana, at 0r +61 438 438 775.

Please be patient if it takes a little while to respond to you. We work from our homes, and we work in ways that support a sustainable and meaningful life – which means we aren’t sitting in front of our computers or manning the phones 24/7. Having said that, in most instances we’ll be back to you within 48 hours at the most.

Thanks for your support and friendship!


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  1. Hi Nicole I filled in all the info to subscribe for yom17 n business course with credit card but as I was confirming PayPal screen wanted me to log in. I don’t want to use PayPal so I am not sure it actually went thru. There were no discount options. Can you check please?

  2. Nicole, I’m a bit confused, I purchased the planner separately, but I’m reading that with joining the year membership the planner is included, I don’t think it matters.

    1. Nicole sorry for this confusion but yes, I’m heading over right now to join the year-long course and so thrilled to be a part of this community and have your guidance. Thank you.

  3. Hi Nicole I just purchased the Year of Me planner, so excited, can’t wait to get started. I’m thinking of joining the monthly membership but was wondering if I can cancel at anytime. Thank you.

    1. Hi Masha, if you do the monthly subscription you can cancel, but it is not an open-ended subscription. It’s twelve payments. We’d love to have you join us. It’s such a fabulous community, and we have a tonne of great content, webinars and activities to support you through 2017. Thanks for supporting me, and for buying my Planner. Much love, Nicole xx

  4. Hi Nicole I was just wondering if there is any possibility of added on the crystal pack to the monthly subscription price as I’m not in a position to outlay for them just yet?
    Thankyou in advance I can already feel the blessings

    1. Nicole, hi! I’m so glad you commented on the crystal pack, because we had the price as the original pack price, and we’ve actually heavily discounted this pack especially for the Year of ME. The total pack is $175 plus postage for the 24 stones. I’m sorry I can’t add the stones to a subscription package, but they are already significantly discounted. All of the crystals are listed in the planner for you to purchase as you need them. I’ll also talk to my team and see if we can come up with anything else for you. Much love, Nicole xx

    2. That’s ok, just thought I would ask. I’m eagerly awaiting hubby to come home so I can show him the planner and request this be my Xmas present ( for everyone’s sake)

  5. Hi beautiful soul!
    I recently found your blog through my friends over at The Mojo Lab. I am thoroughly convinced it is kismet, especially having found it a few days before your planner launched; in other words, right as I was gearing up to start planning for 2016. So I have asked my dad to gift me with the planner + the monthly subscription for the course and he has graciously gone for it.
    I am hoping to order it today but I was wondering if you or any of the readers could share any printing advice, i.e. the best place to go to print it. I was trying to get a price on Office and it came out to be over $140 if printed in color O.O

    Thank you!
    Sending love and light always
    xx Empie Rae

  6. Hi Nicole, I subscribed to the Option 2 monthly payments today, my Christmas present to myself 😊, but apart from the paypal acknowledgement I’ve received nothing. How do I get my planner etc? I’m eager to start!!!!! Thanks, Kylie xx

    1. Hi Debbie, click on the button above that says Monthly Subscription $0.00. A description will come up. Within the text of the description you will see a button that says SUBSCRIBE. Just click on that button and it will magically sort it all out for you. Don’t click ‘Add to Bag’ or nothing at all will happen, which will be very sad. Merry Christmas, and thanks for supporting me and my blog. Much love, Nicole xx

  7. Hi Nicole, I have just received my 12 month planner; I’m about 50 pages in and your vision and gift to us is just perfect; thank you so much 🙂 X
    Can’t wait to print (I’m old school) and get started!

  8. Hi Nicole 🙂
    I subscribed to the monthly payments 3 days ago and I’m not sure if I havent done something important but apart from the paypal acknowledgement I’ve received nothing. How do I get my planner and invite to join? My email was correct hence paypal email. Thanks, Lynley x

  9. ditto for me. It is such a great resource to focus manifesting energies for 2016. Can’t wait to see where it takes me… Thoroughly recommend this resource for combining visioning, spirituality, goal setting, tasks, scheduling, reviewing and nourishing ourselves in 2016. Good you Nic! sx

  10. Nicole

    Thank you for the wonderful Year of ME Planner. It’ so much better than I anticipated – and I had high expectations to start with! Your design is so thoughtful and full of things I didn’t know I needed but now I don’t know how I managed without. I love the monthly crystals and the ability to set a purpose for each month that will align with the energies of the month. I hadn’t ever thought about the financial aspect of my planning either but it makes perfect sense! I can’t wait to put all of your ideas into action. I know 2016 will definitely by the “Year of ME” now.



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