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2019 New Year Positioning Reading - YOM Members ONLY


2019 New Year Positioning Reading - YOM Members ONLY 92003

2019 New-Year Positioning Reading - Now Available to YOM Members


There's a reading I've been doing for myself for over twenty years. I do it only at the start of a new year, and it helps me to understand the unfolding energies of the year from both a soul perspective and from the perspective of me, here on the ground, living my life right now. That reading is my New Year Positioning Reading.

The New Year Positioning Reading gives me a deeper understanding of who I am on a soul level, and how that journey might unfold for me in the year ahead. It helps me to see what truly matters in the coming year, and where I am being supported to grow, change and evolve. It helps me to understand the bigger energies at play and how I can best make use of them, or surrender to them. Because I learned long ago that it is easier to flow with what is than keep fighting that flow and going nowhere. This reading really helps the themes and direction in my life become clear.

After that I do the Year Ahead spread that's now in our YOM Planner, and suddenly that reading makes SO much more sense.

I then have the direction and themes, as well as the strategies and actions that will carry me through the year and help me to live with wisdom, grace and mindful awareness.

I've also created a support area for our New Year Positioning Reading participants to help you get the most out of our session together and to best use the information in your reading as 2019 progresses.

Your Positioning Reading includes:

  • a 60 minute session with Nicole where she will conduct the Positioning reading via the internet, phone or face-to-face (Brisbane only)
  • an MP3 recording of the session
  • access to support materials to help you make the most of your reading and the year ahead
  • priority booking to bump you to the front of Nicole's two-year booking queue

Testimonials for the New Year Positioning Reading:

"I've done several readings with you and they've all been so helpful. But this reading - it was like I finally understood myself at that deeper level. For the first time I saw that my life is bigger than this one year. It's filled me with hope and optimism, and the pieces of the puzzle suddenly fit so much better. I've already made some major strategic decisions for 2019 based on what came out of this reading and things are already working better for me. Can't thank you enough, Nicole. I just loved this reading and will want to do it every year from now on!" H.K. Australia

"As soon as I listened back to our recording I knew I was making crazy, misaligned choices for my year ahead. And you know what, Nic? I KNEW that already, but you gave me that external validation. This year would have been a disaster if I hadn't made the time to do this work with you. I was carrying all that old energy of fear and lack and grieving into this year, and I would have blown my fresh start. Now I know my way forward I feel so much more peaceful. Had the best sleep I've had in months last night. Thanks, Angel. You're a lifesaver." S.B. United Kingdom.

AU$535 In stock