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Amethyst Guidance Pack


Amethyst Guidance Pack PAGP2019

We have limited numbers of this pack. Once they are gone there won't be any more!

The Amethyst Guidance Pack is the ultimate pack to guide and support you for the year ahead. This pack combines a year’s worth of membership to Nicole’s YOM community; which includes year-long guidance, membership to the private Facebook group, access to 12 new additional online mini-courses, and events that are exclusive to members and which are designed to grow your intuitive and spiritual skills, as well as discounts to many of Nicole’s other events.

You’ll also receive a signed copy of the A5 YOM 2019 Planner, a meditation mala featuring all of the crystals of the month for 2019, and a deluxe crystal hand-chosen and channelled by Nicole.

In addition you’ll be bumped to the front of Nicole’s two-year waiting list so that you can enjoy a personal reading for 2019. The 2019 New Year Positioning Reading is the same session that Nicole does for herself at the start of every year. In this 60-minute session Nicole will look at what you most need to know for the year ahead. She and Sokli will also create a custom-made essential oil blend as your signature oil for 2019.

You’ll receive:

  • One signed hard-copy of the YOM (Year of ME) A5 Planner
  • One handmade Meditation Mala featuring the 2019 crystals of the month
  • One deluxe crystal for 2019, hand-chosen and channelled by Nicole
  • One YOM full-year Membership
  • 12 online mini-courses
  • One 60-minute 2019 New Year Direction reading with Nicole (focus can be spiritual, business, personal or a combination of these). This will be recorded and sent to you as an MP3.
  • One custom-made Essential Oil Personal Signature Blend by Sokli and Nicole to support you for the year ahead

Special Amethyst Pack Bonuses:

  • One 32-page Manifesting Mandalas Colouring Pad and a free online course to show you how to use mandalas for setting your intention and calling in energy in the year ahead.
  • One bonus Working with Crystals online course to help you make the most of your 2019 stone
  • One bonus Mala Meditation online course to teach you how to meditate using your mala to bring calm and inner peace as part of your daily spiritual practice, for metaphysical growth and for mindfully manifesting your intentions

The topics covered in the Manifesting Mandalas Course are:

  1. What is a Mandala
  2. Navigating the Manifesting Mandalas Colouring Book
  3. The Energy of Colour
  4. The Importance of Intention
  5. Colouring Your Mandala
  6. Gathering Activation Materials
  7. Activate your Hand Chakras
  8. How to Activate Your Mandala - Part 1
  9. How to Activate Your Mandala - Part 2
  10. How to Deactivate Your Mandala

The topics covered in the Crystal Course are:

  1. Welcome to our Crystal Course
  2. Gathering Your Resources
  3. Choosing Your Crystal
  4. Cleansing Your Crystal
  5. Getting to know your Crystal - Guided Meditation
  6. How to work with Energy and Light
  7. Healing Meditation Using Crystals
  8. Hands-on Healing with Crystals
  9. Using Crystals to Access Information via Meditation
  10. How to make Crystal Grids

The topics covered in the Mala Meditation Course are:

  1. What is a Mala?
  2. Your Handcrafted Mala
  3. Understand the Crystals of Your Mala
  4. The Magic of Rudraksha Seeds
  5. The Guru and Blessing Beads
  6. Preparing Your Mala for First Use
  7. Care of your Mala
  8. Setting your Intention for 2019
  9. Simple Breathwork Meditation
  10. Blessing Meditation
  11. Manifesting Meditation
  12. Program your Blessing Stone
  13. Extra Uses for Your Mala

Nicole I’ve received my package and it is beautiful!!! This year’s planner is so vibrant - the artwork is gorgeous. The Mala is stunning and I am absolutely thrilled by the crystal you picked for me. This was so much fun to open! Many thanks to you and your team and congratulations on such a wonderful product.🙏 B.R. Canada

I have been a member of the YOM community for years now and can’t speak highly enough of all of the tools Nicole creates for us, including the wonderful community. It’s so incredibly rare to find such a supportive and loving community – especially online. Nicole is also more than generous with her time, insights and knowledge. There is so much goodness and so many reasons to be part of it all. K.B. USA

Delivery Instructions
Items will be shipped to you as a complete pack. You will also be given access to the appropriate online groups and digital copies of the Planner at that time. You have until from November 20, 2018 to February 28, 2019 to redeem your 2019 New Year Positioning Reading.

Add a beautiful bookmark to your purchase. All proceeds of this bookmark will go to Pencils of Promise that will help children in numerous 3rd World Countries go to school and have a future.

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