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Citrine Focus Pack


Citrine Focus Pack PCFP2019

We have limited numbers of this Pack. Read on to find out more about this pack:

The Citrine Focus Pack features a signed copy of the A5 YOM 2019 Planner, and a 2019 crystal hand-chosen and channelled by Nicole.

You’ll receive:

  • One signed copy of the YOM (Year of ME) A5 Planner
  • One beautiful crystal for 2019, hand-chosen and channelled by Nicole just for you

Special Bonuses:

  • One 32-page Manifesting Mandalas Colouring Pad and an online course to show you how to use mandalas for setting your intention and calling in energy in the year ahead
  • One bonus Working with Crystals online course to help you make the most of your 2019 stone

The topics covered in the Manifesting Mandalas Course are:

  1. What is a Mandala
  2. Navigating the Manifesting Mandalas Colouring Book
  3. The Energy of Colour
  4. The Importance of Intention
  5. Colouring Your Mandala
  6. Gathering Activation Materials
  7. Activate your Hand Chakras
  8. How to Activate Your Mandala - Part 1
  9. How to Activate Your Mandala - Part 2
  10. How to Deactivate Your Mandala

The topics covered in the Crystal Course are:

  1. Welcome to our Crystal Course
  2. Gathering Your Resources
  3. Choosing Your Crystal
  4. Cleansing Your Crystal
  5. Getting to know your Crystal - Guided Meditation
  6. How to work with Energy and Light
  7. Healing Meditation Using Crystals
  8. Hands-on Healing with Crystals
  9. Using Crystals to Access Information via Meditation
  10. How to make Crystal Grids

Delivery Instructions

Items will be shipped to you as a complete pack. You will also be given access to the appropriate online courses at that time

Add a beautiful bookmark to your purchase. All proceeds of this bookmark will go to Pencils of Promise that will help children in numerous 3rd World Countries go to school and have a future.

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