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Craft A Visionary Talisman - Online Course

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What's This Course All About?

Every year I choose a Guiding Card for the year ahead, and then I use that card to create a Visionary Talisman. It's an image a little like a vision board but specific to my Guiding Card. It's what I was going to teach at my pop-up shop last year which was cancelled due to my ill-health. But I didn't want you to miss out, so I've created this course for you...

This is much more than a little craft course. The Visionary Talisman Course will help to deeply connect you to a Guiding Card for the year ahead, and teach you some foundation shamanic journeying skills to help further your own spiritual and psychic development. This is as much a course about intentional manifesting as it is about personal and spiritual development. Guiding Cards aren't just for the new year - they can also be chosen to give you direction at peak times in your life. They help you to see who you are now, and who you can grow to become. They connect you to qualities, emotion, beliefs and actions that can support, empower and positively transform you. They act as a conduit for your intention, and work to manifest positive energies for you. You could choose one for your Birthday and the year ahead, for your career or relationships, for a special project, or to give you guidance and direction during a dark or difficult period of your life, and then create your Visionary Talisman for support with that.

I have created a Visionary Talisman for myself every year for the past fifteen years, and I've found the personal and spiritual growth I have achieved during this time to have been accelerated by this intentional and mindful creative practice. It truly is a powerful tool for transformation and manifestation. The Talisman is also a lovely focusing tool to use for meditation and journalling work, and a strong visual reminder to me of my Guiding Card qualities and messages.

This online course contains 8 lessons, a guided meditation, three instructional videos and a host of practical tips and information. It's the kind of course that you can complete some aspects of in an afternoon, but which will give you enough material to carry you through the year too. It's a self-paced course, so you can work through the material in your own time, and you'll retain lifetime access to it.

This is shamanic work. Deep work. Work to help you know yourself, work to strengthen your intuition, work to build your psychic and spiritual connections. You don't need to be an artist, and you don't need to have any experience. I'll guide you through every step, and teach you the foundation skills of everything you need to know.

What the course includes:

  • How to activate your Hand Chakras and work with channelled energy
  • How to do an intuitive card reading with a Tarot or Oracle Card deck
  • How to choose and work with a Guiding Card
  • Guided Meditation to connect with your Guiding Card
  • How to create a Symbolic Lexicon
  • How to create a Visionary Talisman
  • How to activate your Visionary Talisman
  • How to use your Visionary Talisman
  • How to use your Symbolic Lexicon
  • How to use meditation and journalling to take your spiritual practice deeper, and to connect to answers and direction intuitively

Pricing Of This Course:

I want as many of you as possible to experience the power of this work, so we've decided to offer this course at an introductory low price of $57AUD. Normally the price would be between $77 to $97AUD and it will go back up to that again soon. If you're already a paid member of my YOM community this course is FREE for you. (Want to join us as a member? Click here: Yearly Membership and Monthly Membership)


When you purchase the course you will receive downloadable instructions. You will then be added to the course by our team within 48 hours. See you on the inside!

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