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#GeSHiDoMo 2018


#GeSHiDoMo 2018 GESHI2018

Come Join Us For #GeSHiDoMo in November!

#GeSHiDoMo stands for Get Your Sh*t Done - and I am dedicating the month of November to #GeSHiDoMo, so that we can arrive at December with a bunch of stuff ticked off and completed. You might have One Big Thing, or a mass of smaller and unrelated things. It doesn't matter what you want to get done - what matters is that you do it!

Come join us for a month of activities, community, support and ACTION!

I promise that this program works, and that no matter what your goals (or your existing level of overwhelm) you'll be able to work out what matters, prioritise and make real progress in November.

The #GeSHiDoMo program launches on 27 October 2018, at 4pm Brisbane - Australia time. That gives you four full days to prepare like a Ninja before the month begins, so that you can own November! Our Facebook group is open now so you can come over, get comfy and say Hi.

What will you get when you join #GeSHiDoMo?

  • A #GeSHiDoMo Planner workbook to download. This Planner will help you to create your goals and tasks to complete in November. You get a proper system for organising and completing these tasks, so you can finally Get Sh*t Done.
  • #GeSHiDoMo Bingo Sheets - sounds crazy, I know, but wait til you see them. Suddenly getting organised has become fun!
  • #GeSHiDoMo Daily Checklist - in case Bingo isn't your thing, or if you prefer to micro-manage.
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Membership Page and Community, where this month of madness will unfold. It will be a place where you can share your progress and support each other.
  • Introductory and Weekly Videos to help you start strong and keep going.
  • Facebook Live Events where Nicole will coach you, share wisdoms and answer questions. We will be able to share progress and encourage each other.
  • Daily motivational tips.
  • Heaps of very cool competitions.
  • Super-Ninja fabulous prizes!!!
  • An Awesome Certificate of Completion when you get Get Your Sh*t Done by midnight on November 30.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that you got some shit done and finished the year strong - well positioned for 2019 and with some great new habits of completion in place.

What previous participants have to say about #GeSHiDoMo

  • Loved #GeSHiDoMo 2017 - the group interaction and Nicole's support. It was inspiring and the bingo sheets with my own diary system worked really well for me. Thank you to all xx
  • I loved this challenge and wish it ran more than once a year.
  • I loved it! I almost finished everything I set out to do, and realized I was trying to do too many things at once, which is something I need to get better about. Really enjoyed doing this exercise. Thank you!
  • It was so much fun in the group and so motivating and a super idea, thank you so much.
  • Loved this! Halfway through I changed the things I'd written on my bingo sheet and I went in a different direction. It made me realise things are so much easier when they're broken down into bite size pieces. So, Thank You. A great life lesson!
  • It was very uplifting to be a part of this group. The videos and live events kept me motivated, and I loved watching everyone's progress. A very honest and kind group who helped each other over the finish line. I learned a lot, and got heaps more done than I had thought I would.
  • I finally found time for me, and ended the month rested and with some healthy and supportive routines in place. No more burn-out for me. Thank you x
  • Let me do it again. ...I've been so productive!

Delivery Instructions:

The Digital Download of your #GeSHiDoMo Planner, #GeSHiDoMo Bingo and #GeSHiDoMo Daily Checklist will be available immediately. Please ensure that your email address is correct, to facilitate this process. There is a link within the Planner to take you directly to the Facebook page. Please ask to join the group and a moderator will approve you within 24 hours.

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