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Half-Year YOM Membership and A5 YOM PLANNER 2019 - Hard Copy + SURPRISES!

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Hey, Lovely!

Are you wanting to feel more supported on your spiritual journey? Are you looking for tools, tips, techniques and connection with like-minded people? Are you looking for someone who can guide you and empower you as you awaken to your own intuitive gifts? Are you wanting to feel more connected to your emotions, dreams and inner wisdom? Do you want to learn how to manifest more mindfully? Are you ready to claim those parts of you that have been hidden?

If you answered YES to any of these then I want you to come join my community.

Whether you're new to my work, whether you've been on the fence, or if you stepped away and have been wondering what you're missing then now is the time to jump on in.

Let me tell you more...

We've decided to create a mid-year intake for our Planner and Membership Community. We're doing this because next year we launch our Learning Academy and we wanted to reward our loyal readers, clients and students with access to this year's Foundation pricing and all of the benefits that will go along with that.

I know, you might think this is all about a Planner, but it isn't really. It's so much more! It's about giving you skills, confidence, community and access to ongoing learning. I am passionate about empowering people to know themselves, to use their intuition and to create more meaningful and satisfying lives for themselves by living from a heart-centred and self-aware space.

What you get with this 1/2 Year Membership Package:

  • A Hard Copy YOM Planner, posted to your door (or pick one up from us if you're in Brisbane, Australia) plus a little surprise, because who doesn't love surprises!
  • A digital version of the YOM Planner for direct download
  • Access to the YOM Foundations online course, which gives you all the basics you need for working with the Planner and for beginning the journey of intuitive awareness - this is material you can work through at your own pace, dipping in and out as necessary
  • Access to the 2019 YOM Journey Through the Year online course - this material is also self-paced study with access to videos, meditations and other materials.
  • Access to the Members Only YOM Facebook Group for 2019 - the community is AMAZING, so supportive, active, wise, kind and wonderful. You'll love it.
  • Access to two new 90 minute webinars as they fall due. These are exclusive events for Nicole's community. Nicole shares information, teaches and also channels her Guides and Energetic Companions for you. There are opportunities for you to ask questions and the webinars are also recorded so you can watch them whenever you need to.
  • Free Access to the Journey of Transformation Intuitive Card Spread online course
  • Free Access to the Crystal Grid for Personal and Family Healing online course when it opens
  • Additional member bonuses including Guided Meditations and other activities to support you on your journey
  • Discounts for Retreats and other Live Events

About the Planner

The YOM Planner allows you to create your own map – to a life that is intuitive, intentional and purposeful. ME stands for Manifesting Energies, but it also stands for you. This is about YOU mindfully creating a life more aligned with your dreams. It’s a Planner for helping you to create more room in your life for the things that matter to you, for making some quiet time for spiritual growth and connection, for charting a practical path to achieving goals and dreams, for celebrating the pleasures of an ordinary life and for cradling and supporting you when the going gets rough or when life is crazy busy.

I've developed a system that allows you to combine intuition, spiritual guidance (from oracle cards and journalling), forward planning, self-care, gratitude and management tools all in one place.

Our Planner starts with a review of the year that has been, because we learn and grow when we can look back on things with eyes of compassion and openness, rather than judgement. Then we plan the year ahead, and we begin to use tarot or oracle cards as companions on our journey, helping us to receive insights and messages from our own wise souls that will make the path ahead better lit and easier to follow. There are also full year calendars in the front of the Planner for 2019 and 2020. This book is 342 pages of deliciousness!

The Planner explains the energies of 2019, and how to best use them. Then it guides you Quarter by Quarter, month by month. Each Quarter has a theme. Each Month has its own energies and I also explain the best crystals to use to support you through that month.

Every month has a full-page calendar showing the moon cycles and with room to write in, and every week there is space for your card of the week, for practising gratitude and a mini meditation, and then a day planner to help you keep your time organised.

There are simple monthly financial sheets to help you keep track of your money and financial position, as well as tips on how to manage your money better.

At the end of every Quarter there is a review where you can look over the previous three months, learn, grow and then plan the next Quarter so that it reflects your dreams and goals.

That’s the essence of the Planner, but there’s so much more – there are simple systems and processes to help you choose areas of focus and goals for the year, and then how to break these down into measurable steps that you can actually achieve. And there’s space for you to deepen your spiritual practice and inner journeywork.

Whether you want to launch a business, get in shape, write a book, plan the most exciting holiday or wedding, build a garden or just have more time for the things that really matter I’m here to guide you, step by step, to manifesting that life. I want you to use this Planner so that you can look 2019 in the eye and say with confidence ‘2019? This is going to be the year of ME!’

I truly love my YOM Planner, and so do many others. We now have a thriving and supportive community of YOM (Year of ME) people! I’m so excited about this tool that I could just about bust. It helps you to practice extreme self-care, personal and life management, and will guide you to put plans on the page that are actionable and realistic, with just the right amount of daring. More importantly, it is a system that is flexible enough to allow you to roll with life's many unexpected turns.

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