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Meditation Mala & Online Meditation Course

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Why Use a Mala?

Have you always wanted to meditate but don't know how, or struggle to meditate on your own?

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety or being stuck in your head?

Using a mala will help you to meditate and find that place of inner calm, emotional resilience and spiritual connection. A mala isn't just a stylish fashion accessory - it's a useful spiritual tool!

This handmade Meditation Mala comes with a bonus online course to teach you about your Mala and how to use it in meditation.

How Do I know This Mala Can Help You?

Meditation is my anchor. I have practised meditation daily from the age of eleven. Since my twenties, it has been twice daily. It is the single most transformative thing I have ever incorporated into my life, and it’s a passion of mine. I use a range of meditation techniques, but one that I come back to again and again is using a mala. When I am in pain, when I am exhausted, when I am too tired or too stressed to think and know I would struggle with the discipline of other forms of meditation working with my mala always calms me, and gets me into that meditative space I might otherwise not be able to reach.

Malas make meditation easy and accessible for EVERYONE. Even if you have never meditated before or don't think you can. This will work for you, not matter what your age or level of experience. And it seemed pointless for you to buy one of my malas without me teaching you how to use one, so if you buy this mala your purchase also includes entry to my online Mala Meditation course.

How This Mala Came About

Every time I run a mala-making workshop or a meditation workshop they sell out fast! I listened when you told me that you wanted to be able to learn to meditate even if you couldn’t come to my classes. So when I was working on the draft of my new YOM (Year of ME) Planner for 2019, I saw a way to help you. Each year I choose crystals to support the energy of every month of the year. For the past two years I have sold these stones in packs when I launched my Planner. But for 2019 I have done something different – I have incorporated each of the stones into this meditation mala. I have also added a lava stone and a clear quartz to the end of the mala. You can use the lava stone as a personal diffuser by adding a drop of your favourite essential oil. The clear quartz can be programmed to hold your intentions for the year ahead.

After I designed the mala, I searched high and low to find someone to make it for me. It was important that the people I worked with were ethical, that the staff were treated well and paid fairly, and that I could trust the integrity of the stones and of the work. I wanted the people making the malas to understand their use, and to respect them as a spiritual tool. Finally, I found a small company in India, and we have worked together tirelessly for months as I have modified my design, sourcing the best crystals from around the world and rudraksha from Nepal, creating the best possible product to support you. Rudraksha are seeds from a holy plant that is sacred to Hinduism and Buddhism.

Each mala has been lovingly made and hand-knotted – all to my design. A blessing is said for each bead as it is placed on the string. The finished malas are then blessed by a Hindu priest in a special ceremony. The blessed malas then sat in meditation with me at my farm, as I charged them up in a crystal grid and worked to attune their energy and made them ready to share with you.

The energies of this special mala are amazing. You can really feel the peace and love held within the mala, and when you wear it you get a sense of safety, calm and love. They are just beautiful. In fact, since I‘ve been wearing mine people have been stopping me in the street to ask where I bought it from!

The Mala is to a traditional design of 108 beads, plus a keeper or guru bead, and a blessing stone. It is strung on cotton and hand knotted, and incorporates genuine rudraksha (the seeds of a holy tree) and a combination of crystals.

The picture below is of your Mala being Blessed at the Temple in India.

The online course

The online course can be done in your own time, at a pace that suits you. Most lessons include a short instructional video. By the end of the course you will have learned a number of different meditation techniques you can use with your new mala. The topics covered are:

  1. Welcome to the course
  2. What is a Mala?
  3. Your Handcrafted Mala
  4. Understand the Crystals of Your Mala
  5. The Magic of Rudraksha Seeds
  6. The Guru and Blessing Beads
  7. Preparing Your Mala for First Use
  8. Care of your Mala
  9. Setting your Intention for 2019
  10. Simple Breathwork Meditation
  11. Blessing Meditation
  12. Manifesting Meditation
  13. Program your Blessing Stone
  14. Extra Uses for Your Mala

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