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Stardust Connection Guided Meditation Self-Study Bundle 2019

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This digital product contains 70 minutes of Guided Meditations as four downloadable MP3s and a 38-page PDF downloadable Workbook for self-study.

It is available for immediate download after purchase.

Are you ready to deepen your connection to your intuition, to your soul wisdom, and to the energies around you that can guide and support you in life?

Right now and over 2019 there are some incredible astrological events that are happening around us. These events will affect everyone, but if you are empathic, intuitive or sensitive you will feel their affects more than most. That's a good thing! These are positive energies that can enhance your personal spiritual journey.

In response to these events I've created a special bundle of four downloadable guided meditations and a 38-page workbook to help you work with and be transformed by the current celestial and cosmic energies. This program of self-study has been designed to help you deepen your intuitive connection, to reconnect you to the Earth, and to help you reclaim your inner Sovereignty and personal power.

Do you feel disconnected, emotionally or spiritually isolated, lonely, uncertain, scattered or ungrounded?

This bundle will help you to find your way back to a sense of connection and belonging.

Do you feel out of flow, too hurried and not where you need to be?

This bundle will help you to slow down and move back into alignment with your soul's deeper truth.

Do you feel as if there is a calling for you, or something you are meant to be doing with your life?

This bundle will help you reconnect to your talents, gifts and unique qualities that you brought to this life to work with and build upon.

In this bundle you'll receive:

  • A comprehensive 38-page PDF workbook. This workbook contains detailed instructions about how to use each meditation, and the sequence in which to do them. There are also 10 journalling activities and detailed reflection questions, and 6 awareness activities to boost your mindfulness and integration of the benefits and insight gained from each meditation.
  • 20-minute Earth Awareness guided meditation - There is a simple energy that is always available to us, that can
    recharge and nurture us, that can comfort us and bring us peace. That energy can be found by tuning into the energy of the earth. This guided meditation is aimed at helping you orient your conscious awareness to the varied and powerful energies of this planet. It will help you to find strength and balance, to renew your vitality, to ground and support you, and to help you understand your connection to all things across time and space.
  • 20-minute Solar Plexus Chakra guided meditation - This guided meditation will help you to help balance and work with the energy of your Solar Plexus Chakra which is the centre of your identify and personal power for this lifetime. It will help you to reconnect to that power centre within you, helping you to honour and hear the needs of your body, mind and soul.
  • 15-minute Ancestors Connection guided meditation - Our Ancestors are our loved ones who have crossed over, back to the beginning of our family line. Some of these Ancestors you may know. They will have been your father or your grandmother, an aunt or some other family elder from your living memory. Some of these Ancestors will go so much further back than that. This guided meditation will connect you with the wisdom, love and support of your Ancestors and enable their help in strengthening your talents and gifts for the years ahead.
  • 15-minute Stardust Connection guided meditation - Every human, and every living thing, and every molecule of this planet we call Earth came from somewhere else. We are pieced together from ancient stars and the rubble and dust of the cosmos. This guided meditation is aimed at helping you to reconnect to both the earth and the greater cosmos. It will help you to feel your connection to all things, and will open you to a greater understanding of your place in the world and the path you have chosen to walk in this lifetime.

The material in the Stardust Connection Meditation Bundle can be used at any time over the next four years, and beyond. My intention with this bundle is to help you become confident in your direction, your intuition, and your contribution to the unfolding history of the world and humanity.

Do this work with hope in your heart. What we think about, focus on and give attention, multiplies. Be honest, be brave, and trust that you are here right now, in this life, to make a difference starting right where you are. You matter. What you do matters. Your life matters. More than you might know. Thank you for the work you will do now, and the positive energy you will be adding back into the world at a time when she needs your illumination and love.
Enjoy this Sacred Soul Work, and if you have any questions or feedback come find us on Facebook or over at
Love, Light and Blessings,
Nicole xx

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