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YOM 2019 - Nicole Cody's Membership Group - Annual Subscription


YOM 2019 - Nicole Cody's Membership Group  - Annual Subscription YOM2019YM

Do you want to accelerate your intuitive and psychic abilities? Are you looking for a supportive and friendly community of like-minded souls for friendship and emotional connection? Are you ready to learn more about yourself, the energetic world, and how to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life?

Come join the YOM group!

The next four years 2019 - 2022 are significant for your personal and spiritual evolution, as well as for the evolution of our planet. I thought long and hard about the best way to support your growth over that time and have decided that beefing up the content in my membership area was the best way to help you grow, adapt and step more fully into your authenticity and the life-path you chose for yourself pre-birth. You'll see this membership group evolve into an Academy of Learning over the next twelve months so that my team and I (human and energetic) can serve you the best way I know how.

I am passionate about supporting my students and community. As a YOMMER you'll also receive a range of discounts on my various other offerings - in fact, if you attend one of my retreats and a couple of events or other courses your YOM membership will be paid for by the discounts you'll receive.

If you purchase the YOM (Year of ME - Manifesting Energies) Membership option you have access to a wonderful community of people, as well as a year of information, activities, webinars and sharing. Our community, many of whom are foundation members from when we first launched the Planner and group, have lovingly christened our Planner the YOM Planner, and those who use the Planner are now known as the YOMMERS. My membership space is a place where I can walk you through the year, explain all the aspects of the month ahead and the crystals we’ve chosen, where I do special webinars with my tribe to teach you new skills and share important information, and where I channel with my guides in live webinars, and answer your questions and provide general support. I often jump into our private Facebook group to pull cards and bring through messages for our members too. And did I mention what an incredible, loving and supportive space our YOM Community is? There is real friendship and belonging there. It’s a safe space, a heart space, and a place for great personal transformation. I totally heart it!

The format of YOM is constantly evolving. In 2019 you will have access to the foundation YOM online course as well as twelve free additional mini-courses and live events over the next year as well as our wonderful private Facebook group.

This product includes a digital download of the Year of ME Planner - 2019, and a full year's online membership to a course and support system designed to help you make the most of the coming year.

  1. Digital download of the YOM (Year of ME) Planner
  2. One year membership to an online course and forum
  3. 12 bonus online mini-courses to support you through the year, designed to give you additional skills for your spiritual journey and for life. Do one or all of them - it's up to you!
  4. Access to our private YOM Facebook group

Learn how to use oracle cards, how to do a reading for yourself, and how to work with crystals. I'll show you how to use each part of the YOM Planner too. This membership site will give you the foundation you need to live life from a more intuitive and heartfelt place.

Each month you'll get an energetic overview of the month ahead. There will be webinars throughout the year (all recorded in case you can't make it to the live show) and a range of helpful activities and reminders.

The course is delivered online, via a platform called Ruzuku. There is also an exclusive members-only Facebook page where we can connect, hang out and support each other.

Come join us. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

I have been a member of the YOM community for years now and can’t speak highly enough of all of the tools Nicole creates for us, including the wonderful community. It’s so incredibly rare to find such a supportive and loving community – especially online. Nicole is also more than generous with her time, insights and knowledge. There is so much goodness and so many reasons to be part of it all. K.B. USA

Delivery Instructions:

Please note that the Digital Download of your Planner will be available immediately. Please ensure that your email address is correct. If you want to use an email address for the course and all correspondence that is different to the one you have used in our shop, please let us know. It may take up to 48 hours for you to receive your email invitation to join the Ruzuku Online Course. The course runs from January 1 to December 31, 2019, and is self-paced, so you can work through the material in your own time.

The course will go live on Friday December 21, 2018 and will be delivered in monthly modules, with bonus activities at random. Each mini course will be available mid-month or during the month at the time of a significant astrological event, and will be related to the energies of the month. You'll be given heaps of support during the year to help you stay on track.

Instructions on how to join the Facebook Group will be included on the Ruzuku Course Introduction Page.

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