Old Souls in New Bodies

(Image by Clare Bloomfield)

Ever wondered why many children being born now seem so sensitive, or a little ‘different’?  Notice that today many more children have some form of  ADD, Autism, Aspergers, allergies and intolerances?  Have you realised that many of today’s children have a much greater awareness of the environment, social justice and world events?  These children are old souls in new bodies.  Perhaps you are the parents of one of these children, or perhaps you are one of them yourself!

Many of the children who have been born since the 1970s (and a few trailblazers before that time) are old and wise souls who have deliberately chosen this lifetime in order to bring about change upon this planet.  A soul is not ‘old’ just because of the number of lifetimes they have had!  A soul is considered ‘old’ when they have reached a certain level of knowledge, clarity and self awareness.  Some souls take their learning from the place ‘between’ lives, as well as from actual incarnations.  Many of today’s children are souls who have not been incarnate on this earth for a very long time, or perhaps not at all.  They can find the transition from spiritual to third dimensional reality a difficult and confusing time.

Our world is now a crazy, fast paced, polluted and energetically frenetic place, packed with a cacophony of souls.  Most of today’s children knew an Earth that was quieter, and slower, with more natural environment, far fewer people, and much deeper social and personal connection.  It can take some time for them to adjust to their new environment.

Most people have heard of Indigo, Rainbow,Crystal and Star children.  I’m not going to use those labels. Labels usually end up limiting a child, or a parent’s perception of a child.  Instead, let’s look at some of the many energies these children are bringing to our planet.


Some of our children have incarnated on the earth to contribute to massive change in our society, environment, education system and economy.  These children may not fit the mould.  They may have advanced verbal and emotional skills, and be confident and mature from early childhood.  They will gravitate to leadership roles and hate being treated like children. These children need responsibility, accountability (strong, clear rules and consequences that are fair), boundaries and encouragement.

(image by Clare Bloomfield)

Or they may be the reverse – shy with poor social skills. They may be obsessed with electronics, technology, and sciences.  NASA is full of kids like these!  They won’t usually care what other people think of them.  Some of these children can be labeled with Autism and Aspergers.  Not all of them will want or need relationships outside their immediate family, but many will grow up to settle into relationships and families of their own after they have their feet firmly on their path.  They often have excellent senses of humour, although a little off-beat.  These children may need help to learn how to socialise and interact. They usually understand systems, so teaching social etiquette will give them a framework to handle most situations with good manners, helping them to build friendships and to fit in with others. Don’t speak down to these children, and practice patience.

(image by Chris Pokorny)

Some children coming to earth right now have the intention of helping to raise the world’s vibration.  They seek to develop our interconnectedness, psychic and intuitive abilities, and to help us to stop fighting and start loving each other.  They are full of joy, love, laughter, playfulness and understanding.  These souls love healing and helping.  They have a deep affinity with vibrational energies – hence their love of crystals, nature, music, reiki and so on.  With this heightened emotional sensitivity they can often be upset, or have their feelings hurt, and they worry about upsetting others too.  There is a sense of magical wonder about them, and they have may have impressive telepathic abilities.  Even before they are born they may start communicating with you. These children need to be encouraged to have personal space and boundaries, and will benefit from pets and gardening, and non-competitive things like music and team-based service.


All of these beautiful children are often labelled and judged, both positively and negatively.  That’s really not much use, to us, or to them.  Instead these children need what we ALL need: love, reassurance, acceptance and the opportunity to develop their own personalities, talents and ideas.

If you are thinking about having a child, then detoxify.  This goes for Mum and Dad.  These old souls have a high vibration, so raise yours as much as you can with good preconception care.  Also try crystal healings, acupuncture/acupressure, reiki, a healthy diet, meditation and other energetic and natural therapies to make your body clear, healthy and balanced.


Reassure and encourage these children, and then keep doing that, no matter how old they are!  Feed them healthy food, free of chemicals and additives, and get them out into nature often.  Help them manage stress, and reduce stress in your own life.  Remind them often how much they are loved.  Support your child to choose their own path, and nurture and encourage their talents.  Celebrate the diversity that these children bring to our world, and reach out to include them in the wider family to which we all belong – humanity!