Wanderlust and the Universal Ordering System

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

One of the things I love most about travel is the anticipation before I actually embark. Right now I am dreaming of another adventure.  The more I dream the more it begins to take shape. It’s as if I call it to me…

On Sunday as I am flicking through the travel section of the weekend paper I feel a little pang of interest.  Yes, I think to myself.  A trip!

But where? I have no idea.  Nothing jumps out at me. All I have is that longing for the world falling away behind me as my plane climbs into the clouds, and that lovely displaced feeling of being in unfamiliar lands.

Universe, I say, I would like to order the perfect holiday for me this year…  (It’s a little game I play. I am invariably delighted by the results!) Now I wait, with an excited sense of expectation. I trust that the Universe will show me the perfect destination, and that the message shall be clear.

Monday, the idea has taken hold. I start looking at my diary, wondering when I might be able to steal away for a few weeks. After July I tell myself.  And not in September.

I still have no idea where I’d like to go, but I trust that the Universe is going to take care of that for me. When I put a wish or an order out into the ether I trust that the Universe shall respond.

Later that morning a client shows me a photo of someone she wants to ask about. Where is that, I ask, intrigued.

Istanbul, she says. Oh yes, here’s more pictures from my holiday there. She weaves me a tale, spiced with images of temples and churches, amazing food, crowded markets and history. She offers to send me some information about her trip in case I ever want to go there myself.

Tuesday, I sit with a girlfriend in a tea-house. Talk turns to travel.  Suddenly I am sure.  I spent one hurried day in Turkey a year ago, and was captivated by glimpses from taxi windows of places for which there was no time to explore. The markets. The coffee shops.  The carpet sellers. The smell of street food. The call to prayer. Yes. Istanbul.

Wednesday, I am shopping.  I slip into a travel agency. I’m thinking of taking a trip, I say.

Have you ever been to Turkey?  I spent a month there last year, replies the girl behind the counter, unprompted. Istanbul’s fantastic! They’ve just released some great specials.  Can I get you some information?

Of course. (Did you know my affirmation? Everything I want is always on special.)

I return home with an armful of guides and brochures, and strew them out on the floor.

So now I sit, piecing together a trip. It’s a delicious pastime. I trust that there will be enough money for my needs.  I trust I will be in good health. I trust that it will all come together – the flights and accommodation, the expeditions and wonderful discoveries, the people I shall meet. I open myself up to the possibility, and little by little my crazy dream becomes reality.

Sending out orders for the Universe to fill is such fun.  You should try it some time. Meanwhile, I promise to send you a postcard!