Home is… Doggy and Heavenly and So Very Good

“Coming home to friends with wagging tails and loving hearts makes everyday a good day!” ~ Anon

I’d love to be writing profound things.

But the truth is what I want to write is very ordinary.

We came home to the farm late yesterday.

We came home to our dogs.

They were SO EXCITED to see us.

They stuck to us like glue.

It made us feel so very loved. And it was great.

We cooked a roast dinner and opened a bottle of wine and sat with our friend and our dogs and listened to music, laughed and talked and enjoyed the simple pleasures of food, loved ones and good conversation.

So good to be home.

The End.


The Naughty Cow – A Lesson In Patience and Persistence

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” 
~ Abraham Lincoln

It’s no secret that Daisy Mae is one of my favourite animals on the planet. That’s her, on the far right in the photo above. She’s hiding (or so she thinks!) as she peeks through the fence at me. As soon as I turn my back she will nudge the gate to see if it can be pushed open.

She’s clever. If the gate was able to be pushed she wouldn’t rush into the house paddock. No! The other cows would follow her. I would chase her out. So, if the gate can be pushed she will wait, and then sneak in later so she can munch on my gardens at leisure.

When she was a small calf she would sneak under the fence and romp in the garden with my dogs, eat all my petunias and come up on the veranda to drink out of the dog bowl.

So, who do you think might have eaten all the petunias in the pots by our front door recently? And the tops out of all the newly planted fruit trees?

They did leave big hoof prints in the soft muddy ground. But the gate had been pushed shut, mostly. Almost the perfect crime.

Does this look like a guilty face to you?