Privacy Policy

My client list contains many people for whom a non-disclosure policy will never be an issue, BUT I also have a who’s who client list of just about every industry you can think of, and have had for many years.

You’ll notice my website doesn’t advertise that I am a ‘psychic to the stars’ or that politicians, other psychics, police, pop stars, actors and business elite consult me, call me on my mobile and fly me to them when they can’t get to me.

But they do.

Some even come and sip tea on my veranda at the farm!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a high public profile or live tucked away from the limelight. Discretion is what I do. I stake my own reputation on that.

PS – Remember, if you’re looking for Lucky Numbers and Enchanted predictions, me and my Guides are NOT the team for you!!! We work with Life Guidance and Truth, helping you to understand yourself, why you’re here and where you need to focus. You alone hold the key to making your life the best it can be through your own attitudes, decisions and actions!

Love and Light,

Nicole xx

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