My Embarrassing Affirmation Confession

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You affect your subconscious mind by verbal repetition ~ W. Clement Stone

Affirmations are a known powerful tool for change, and are used by many people for creating positive shift and personal growth.  Louise Hay has made affirmations a modern-day medicine for the soul. (You can sign up for her daily affirmations here)

An affirmation is a simple statement, said in the present tense, that affirms positively a fact or situation that is desirable in your life.  You state that thing as if it is already happening, and you repeat that statement many, many times, to imprint the message in your subconscious mind, so that this thing becomes true for you.

Here are some common examples:

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I must admit that when I first heard about affirmations I was quite sceptical.

Stating something as a truth and then repeating that statement often, even if it hadn’t yet shown up in my life, seemed a little daft.  If nothing else, I felt  fake to be claiming things that weren’t actually true for me yet.

But the experts agreed that affirmations could change your life. What did I have to lose by a little positive thinking?

And this is where my embarrassment comes in…

I created a test affirmation.

I didn’t affirm that I choose health.  I didn’t affirm that every day in every way I am getting better and better.  I didn’t even affirm that great wealth is mine now.

No.  My affirmation was pretty much a deliberate act of ‘New-Age Thinking’ defiance.  There was nothing spiritual or enlightened about it at all. I chose it because I expected it to fail miserably.

This is what I chose:

Everything I want is always on special

That’s right. I affirmed that whenever I wanted to buy something, the Universe would provide it for me at a discounted rate.

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I thought this was hilarious when I made it up. It seemed like the silliest idea in the world. But I dedicatedly repeated my affirmation whenever I thought about it – which was often seeing it made me laugh so much, and seeing I was going through a pretty rotten time financially back then.

And here’s the second part of my embarrassing confession…

It worked!

If I needed chocolate, my favourite brand was on special. Pasta? Reduced to clear! Holiday? Stay ten nights, pay for five.

The more I affirmed, the more noticeable it became until one day I just accepted this statement as my new reality.  Everything I want is always on special.

I’m so well known for this affirmation now among my family and friends that they expect this miracle to roll out for me too! I recently went to the shop to buy some ice-cream for dessert, taking a friend with me. “I knew this would be on special,” she said as she took a tub of heavily discounted premium deliciousness. “I should come shopping with you more often!”

We needed a holiday. A few days ago my husband and I booked a cruise. Why a cruise? We got 78% off the advertised rack rate. And then got a room upgrade!

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When we went to book the airfares QANTAS was having a one day sale, and  a return ticket from Brisbane to LA was ridiculously discounted. The travel agent couldn’t believe our good timing. We just smiled, looked at each other and repeated Everything I want is always on special.

Affirmations work. I have plenty of others that I use now too, but my first ever affirmation is still my favourite.  It might not be ‘spiritual’ but it’s lots of fun, and it affirms to me that I live in an abundant and benevolent Universe.

Here are some others that I love:

Something wonderful will happen to me today (I love to affirm this when I first wake up – it sets the tone for my whole day!)

All good things come to me

I am surrounded with kind and helpful people

My creativity flows, and my good ideas are endless

My body is returning itself to health. Healing and well-being are my natural energies

If such simple thinking can change your life, and bring positivity and joy, maybe it might be worth you trying some affirmations for yourself. The video at the bottom of this post has some good ideas for affirmations too.

I’m holding you in that good space – wishing you well, wishing you love, joy, health and abundance.  Bless xx

Give yourself a Free Pass

Congratulations!  I’ve just gifted you a Free Pass.  You might want to cut this out and store it in your wallet.  You may also want to pass this one on to someone else who would benefit from it.

This is a magical ticket.  It allows you to decline a usual activity or responsibility, so that you may replace it with one of your choosing.  Used responsibly, this magical ticket has been found to have restorative properties for Body, Mind and Spirit.

I’m using my own ticket today. Although technically a day off for me, I had planned a mass of admin work; catching up on emails, phone calls and filing.  But it’s rainy and cool, and way too early.  So I’m going back to bed for a nice big sleep.  When I wake up I’ll decide how to spend the rest of my day.  So far I’m leaning towards yum cha, a movie and a good book.

PS – this ticket renews itself, so tuck it away after you’ve used it.  Just knowing it’s in your wallet is often enough to get you through a tough patch. And when you really need it, it will be there for you.  Enjoy! ♥ xx

Journal for Clarity and Connection 1 – All about my Body

Week 1:  All About My Body

This week we are focussing on our physical bodies and all that entails for us.  Our plan is to understand and connect with our physical selves, a part of us often ignored as we rush through our busy lives.

Journaling Exercise:

Buy a journal if you don’t already have one..  Commit to writing a few pages every morning, and spend this time reflecting on what you like and dislike about your health and body.  Use any of these starters to help you:

  • When I tune into my body I feel…
  • The parts of me I have neglected are…
  • If my internal organs, and my body could talk, they would tell me that…
  • The sorts of movement my body enjoys are…
  • When I look at myself in the mirror I…
  • I would like to look at myself in the mirror and see…
  • When I eat…
  • It feels amazing to…
  • I look really great in…
  • I would feel better if…
  • There are a few things I need in order to look and feel my best.  They are…
  • People who could help me are…
  • A time in my life when I felt really good about my physical self was…
  • My body would love it if…
  • The things I am grateful to my physical body for are…

Read back over your journal in the evening. Use a highlighter to mark things that are important to you so you can form a clear idea of what changes you would like to make in your life.  Continue this exercise for the whole week, focusing on health, nutrition, clothing style, hair, makeup, sleep, exercise and well being.  Create lists and tasks to help you move your body to a place of wellness and feel-good.  Transfer your lists to a day planner or master list book, and begin to action them.


Go for a walk each day, or do some form of exercise that refreshes you.  Clean out your fridge and kitchen cupboards, get rid of all the junk, and shop for healthy food.  Eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day, drink plenty of clean, fresh water, cut down on caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, processed food and sugar.


Sort out your wardrobe and bathroom cabinets.  Throw out old, broken, never used and low self-worth stuff.  Work out what you need to do to start looking and feeling better and add those things to your list!

Nurture your body with massages, baths, oils and lotions. Treat it to good eating, and gentle (or more rigorous if you’re up to it) movement. Tell your body often that you are grateful for all it does for you. Thank it and love it and appreciate it. Listen to it, and it will tell you what it needs!

A week’s worth of Self-Nurture Tips

Most people know they need to look after themselves, and that by nurturing themselves they will promote self-love and healthier self-worth and self-esteem.  But many people don’t actually know how to go about doing that. Over the next week I’m going to look at practical ways you can begin to make a stronger connection with yourself, take better care of yourself, and learn the gentle art of Self-Nurture.

Day 1 – How to nurture your Physical Body

Day 2 – How to nurture your Creativity

Day 3 – How to nurture your Sense of Self Love

Day 4 – How to nurture your Spiritual Connection

Day 5 – How to nurture Inner Peace

Day 6 – How to nurture your Mind

Day 7 – How to nurture your Connection to the Earth

I hope you join me in this healing journey. As I write each post this week I’ll add the link for the page to the list above. (If there isn’t a link, the post’s not written yet.)  Much love to you! ♥ Nicole xx