My Embarrassing Affirmation Confession

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You affect your subconscious mind by verbal repetition ~ W. Clement Stone

Affirmations are a known powerful tool for change, and are used by many people for creating positive shift and personal growth.  Louise Hay has made affirmations a modern-day medicine for the soul. (You can sign up for her daily affirmations here)

An affirmation is a simple statement, said in the present tense, that affirms positively a fact or situation that is desirable in your life.  You state that thing as if it is already happening, and you repeat that statement many, many times, to imprint the message in your subconscious mind, so that this thing becomes true for you.

Here are some common examples:

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I must admit that when I first heard about affirmations I was quite sceptical.

Stating something as a truth and then repeating that statement often, even if it hadn’t yet shown up in my life, seemed a little daft.  If nothing else, I felt  fake to be claiming things that weren’t actually true for me yet.

But the experts agreed that affirmations could change your life. What did I have to lose by a little positive thinking?

And this is where my embarrassment comes in…

I created a test affirmation.

I didn’t affirm that I choose health.  I didn’t affirm that every day in every way I am getting better and better.  I didn’t even affirm that great wealth is mine now.

No.  My affirmation was pretty much a deliberate act of ‘New-Age Thinking’ defiance.  There was nothing spiritual or enlightened about it at all. I chose it because I expected it to fail miserably.

This is what I chose:

Everything I want is always on special

That’s right. I affirmed that whenever I wanted to buy something, the Universe would provide it for me at a discounted rate.

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I thought this was hilarious when I made it up. It seemed like the silliest idea in the world. But I dedicatedly repeated my affirmation whenever I thought about it – which was often seeing it made me laugh so much, and seeing I was going through a pretty rotten time financially back then.

And here’s the second part of my embarrassing confession…

It worked!

If I needed chocolate, my favourite brand was on special. Pasta? Reduced to clear! Holiday? Stay ten nights, pay for five.

The more I affirmed, the more noticeable it became until one day I just accepted this statement as my new reality.  Everything I want is always on special.

I’m so well known for this affirmation now among my family and friends that they expect this miracle to roll out for me too! I recently went to the shop to buy some ice-cream for dessert, taking a friend with me. “I knew this would be on special,” she said as she took a tub of heavily discounted premium deliciousness. “I should come shopping with you more often!”

We needed a holiday. A few days ago my husband and I booked a cruise. Why a cruise? We got 78% off the advertised rack rate. And then got a room upgrade!

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When we went to book the airfares QANTAS was having a one day sale, and  a return ticket from Brisbane to LA was ridiculously discounted. The travel agent couldn’t believe our good timing. We just smiled, looked at each other and repeated Everything I want is always on special.

Affirmations work. I have plenty of others that I use now too, but my first ever affirmation is still my favourite.  It might not be ‘spiritual’ but it’s lots of fun, and it affirms to me that I live in an abundant and benevolent Universe.

Here are some others that I love:

Something wonderful will happen to me today (I love to affirm this when I first wake up – it sets the tone for my whole day!)

All good things come to me

I am surrounded with kind and helpful people

My creativity flows, and my good ideas are endless

My body is returning itself to health. Healing and well-being are my natural energies

If such simple thinking can change your life, and bring positivity and joy, maybe it might be worth you trying some affirmations for yourself. The video at the bottom of this post has some good ideas for affirmations too.

I’m holding you in that good space – wishing you well, wishing you love, joy, health and abundance.  Bless xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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65 thoughts on “My Embarrassing Affirmation Confession

  1. I am having a problem financially at the mo so your wonderful affirmation is worth try…here goes
    cherry xxx

  2. I read this post again last night and first thing this morning, before I opened my eyes, I affirmed “Something wonderful will happen to me today”.

    Then hubby rolled over and hugged me and I realised that “something wonderful” had already happened. Just having the different perspective of everyday occurrences brings the magic. 🙂

    Thanks so much for your posts, Nicole. They are such a wonderful addition to my day.


  3. I love that affirmation. I always drive into a carpark saying ‘I’ll get one at the door’. Always do. Our local (small, country) supermarket has some sort of blanket anti-affirmation thing going on though. If anyone at any time mention out loud that they like a particular product it will never be seen within the shop again. It’s not just me, I have checked! 🙂

  4. I lay here this morning, lying on my side – snuggled up looking out large glass windows to the clouds which were appearing out of the darkness…and I had tears gently sliding down my face on to the pillow.
    I realised that there were just some things – some affirmations which I had to let go of. I know the Universe is wonderful … and in no way am I being negative…. I feel this knowing in my chest as it aches now that some of my treasured dreams and affirmations need to be surrendered to make way for other ones which will better serve the Highest Good.
    I will be gentle with myself as I adjust to this new awareness, and yes… the Universe is so wonderful that I now have the opportunity to create new dreams and affirmations, instead of holding on to the ones which have not been fulfilled and perhaps were never best to.
    Love to you Nicole… and everyone 🙂

  5. hahahaha – what a deliciously joyous thought to play with affirmations in a creative and unexpected way!! good on you! I might start with: “my heart is always flowing with love and compassion!”, hah might try a few more! :o)

  6. Wow, well done with your cruise bargain, you only paid 22% of the actual price, and got an upgrade to boot? That’s pretty spectacular! As with everyone else, this really made me laugh and I’m still grinning as I type this. Do you just repeat these affirmations in a sort of mantra type way, or do you write them down/stick them on the wall as well? I’m guessing that with your love of writing you maybe put them in a journal too, to give them a bit of extra power. I wonder how far you can push this thing, e.g. my car will get twice as many miles to the gallon? Maybe not…nice idea though.

    1. I reckon go crazy with them, Lorna. I don’t actually write them down, but I am known to sing them! And I have a lovely meditation now that goes with my ‘Something wonderful will happen to me today’ affirmation. Maybe I’ll upload it and you can work with it too xx

    2. That would be great Nicole, I love your meditations. I am going to dedicate some serious thinking time to coming up with a load of crazy affirmations, I think it’s a brillilant idea and I might just cheekily try the petrol one too, well, you never know!

  7. I love affirmations,didn’t realize i had my own when i go shopping i would silently say to myself”i always find a bargain” and i do!

  8. LOL I love it! Don’t ever stop being a delight 😀
    I am going to make an affirmation about my job interview – I am going to get this job!
    blessings Nicole

  9. That’s a great affirmation.. Ive followed others affirmations never thought to make my own. So mine is ” My kids aren’t going to play up anymore” I’m repeating this one over n over :))

  10. I love it Nicole and it is a nice affirmation you started with. I can imagine you smiling anytime you find something you need that is on ‘special”. That’s how I would react, so not only you are getting what you need at a lower price, but you have also added some laughter to your day!

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