Fantastically Fairy Solstice Tea Party – Coming your way!

” Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world’s more full of weeping

than you can understand. ”
~ William Butler Yeats

Hi Lovelies,

Are you in the mood for a tea party with friends? Some time with like-minded people in a magical environment that honours nature and the fairy realms and the everyday magic and intuition that resides within us all? An event with yummy food, fun activities and time to talk, meditate, be a little crafty and a little witchy too?

We are so excited to present to you our beautiful High Tea that celebrates the Winter Solstice and all things Fairy! I will be hosting this event with my dear Fairy friend, Sokli, who has lots of Fairy Wisdom to share with us.

Here are all the important details:

St Columb’s Hall – Victoria Street, Clayfield

Saturday 22nd June from 11 am to 2pm.

$97 per person – including High Tea and all Activities (Click here)

DRESS CODE – Fabulously Fairy or A Little Bit Garden Greenery!

You are invited to join us for some much-needed nourishment for Body, Mind and Spirit. It’s the Winter Solstice, so let’s celebrate the beginning of our journey back towards longer days and bountiful harvests with a delicious lunch and some magical activities.

Our time together will include a Guided Meditation, some delightful activities for energising and nurturing ourselves and others, a channelled session with Sokli – our favourite fairy, and a delicious High Tea. Finger sandwiches, tiny tartlets, sweet treats and savouries – and tea, of course! All fit for a Fairy Queen or an Elfen Princess.

Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available and children are welcome.

Tables seat 8, so if you want to get a group together or sit with friends please let us know by emailing Trish Lyons at

Dress up in your favourite Fairy Theme, or add a little Garden Magic to your outfit (think flowers, leaves, and all other lovely nature-themed goodness).

There will be a prize for the Best Dressed, and some extra little surprises as well.

Of course there will also be a goody bag, because Nicole never runs an event without including a goody bag. All the best parties have them!

While you enjoy the party feel free to browse our Winter Solstice Pop Up Shop, which will have a delightful range of crystals and special spiritual and self-care items available. For purchases from the shop we can take cash or card on the day!

For Tickets to our High Tea click: HERE

Home, away from Home


“I don’t care if we have our house, or a cliff ledge, or a cardboard box. Home is wherever we all are, together,”
~ James Patterson

It hasn’t been the same, without Ben at home – while we’ve here, in the city, waiting for him to be well enough to leave hospital.

We’re not used to city life anymore. I’m realising how much time I spend in my garden back at the farm. How much I rely on my vegetable patch and my pots of herbs. How conditioned I am to having access to fresh produce at the roadside stalls and farmers markets. In Brisbane the vegetables I buy are already old. There is nowhere to compost my scraps. No cows waiting at the fence for the tops of the beetroot, or a frilly edge of lettuce or cabbage leaf. It feels quite disconnected.

The dogs have slouched around during the day, sleeping fretfully or standing by the door, gazing out over the street, waiting for Ben to return, waiting for us to all climb into the truck and head back to the farm. They are yearning to get home to the paddocks, to run wild down on the flats, to swim in the river and dams, to have the wind in their hair and the sun on their back. So am I. We’re all so homesick.

bert misery

At night the dogs have been on high alert, keeping me safe from cars going down the street, possums on the roof, pedestrians and neighbourhood cats. Of course, with all of the G20 helicopters roaring around the Brisbane rooftops at all hours of the night, the stimulation level has been insane. All night Harry and Bert tense and bark and worry, protecting me from threat. It’s exhausting for them, after which they mostly sleep during the day. Me? I’m so sleep-deprived I feel like a new mother.

But today Ben is home, and the feeling we all have is relief. To all be together, no matter where we are, is enough.

We need to stay in the city a little longer, close to hospitals while Ben completes his recovery. That’s okay. We’ll nap and catch up on some rest.

It will all be fine. Home is here, in our hearts.

Harry sums it up well for all of us…

We just can’t stop smiling!


A little piece of Europe…

This beautiful fresco of Provence by Liana Sofia Tumino

 “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”  – Henry Miller

Australia is a long way from anywhere.  You don’t just pop across the border to another country on a Sunday drive. You can’t be anywhere else in an hour or two’s plane flight.

So when I feel like travelling, I visit places where the food and the atmosphere transport me.

One of my favourite haunts is a little place in New Farm, Brisbane, called Chouquette. It’s a French boulangerie patisserie with wonderful coffee and a tantalising range of pastries, cakes and breads.

Since my first trip to Europe in 2010 I have come to appreciate Chouquette even more. It really does does feel European, it is well supported by Brisbane’s French community, and I have often sat and listened to the melodic French hum of chatter around me and imagined myself to be in France.

Of course the other bonus is that it opens at 6.30am. Perfect for an early riser like me.

I like to take my journal or even my small laptop, grab a latte and a Chausson aux Pommes (puff pastry filled with apple), and do some writing. Cafe writing is another of my favourite things. Writing can be such a solitary pursuit, and when you write in cafes not only are you reconnected to the world – there is the added bonus of someone else doing the cooking, and the dishes!

You really need to see what’s inside this gorgeous creation. Nom, nom, nom, the things I do in the name of blogging…

There are many sweet treats to buy as gifts for friends, or bribes for myself. And their bread? Their bread deserves a post of its own! (And that’s a winner of an idea for me because I get to go back again. All for you, dear reader…).

There is something magical about a place that feels transported from another clime. I love to soak up the French atmosphere, and be reminded of my travels. The sense of being somewhere other than Australia also pervades my writing. I’ll sometimes go to Chouquette if I am thinking about certain characters or scenes because it seems to help get me into the right head-space. Some breakfast, some words on the page, a loaf or two of their fine bread for my basket as I am heading out the door and it’s always a wonderful start to my day. Au revoir  ♥ xx