Would You Like Me To Include You In My Meditations?


“Through my love for you, I want to express my love for the whole cosmos, the whole of humanity, and all beings. By living with you, I want to learn to love everyone and all species. If I succeed in loving you, I will be able to love everyone and all species on Earth… This is the real message of love.” 
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Meditation is the cornerstone of my life. It is the first thing I do when I wake up each morning. It is the last thing I do before I go to bed.

I don’t just meditate to find stillness and peace. I also use meditation for shamanic and mystical work. I use it to connect with and help my students, I use it to access healing, and to share and support energies.

This week I’m working on some very specific areas for emotional and spiritual healing that may also have an impact on physical well-being too.

For the next few days I am focusing on supporting you to move through and begin to resolve feelings of loss, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, emotional isolation and powerlessness. My aim is to find the places where emotion has become stuck inside you, causing you to become out of alignment. I am also looking for the old stories, traumas and memories which are subconsciously shaping you in opposition to your soul’s true nature. In my meditations I will dissolve these outmoded energies and stories, returning them to love and releasing their patterns from your energetic field.

As your energy comes back into alignment with your true nature, your vibration will rise and you will be more easily able to express yourself creatively and emotionally. It will increase your sense of self-awareness and self-trust.

I meditate twice a day, morning and evening. I also connect with some people during my night-flying practices. If you’d like me to include you or a loved one specifically in my meditations just let me know in the comments below.  And, of course, I love getting feedback about anything you notice as a result of my meditations.

Much love, Nicole xx

Using Scent to Time-Travel


Have you ever wished you could travel back in time?

After being so deeply connected to my dear departed Great-Aunt yesterday through the fragrance of roses, it got me thinking about the number of times a smell or an odour has transported me to another time or place.

Scent can be a powerful memory trigger. No need for a fancy device to take you places.

Sense of smell is a tool I often use in my creative writing to help make my imagined world more real and three-dimensional.

The smell of the ocean – that good, clean briny smell – always relaxes me and makes me happy. It reminds me of my grandfather, who often took us sailing. The smell of spicy rum reminds me of him too.

Lavender reminds me of my Nana.  When I was little and couldn’t sleep she would sprinkle a little lavender water on my pillow, and give me some on a hanky as well.

Even now, when I have trouble sleeping, I reach for the lavender oil and am reminded of my Nana’s love and kindness.

Lavender also reminds me of fairies!


I once kicked over a clod of damp earth in a horse paddock and was transported back to my childhood, and the memory of a man called Bob Bone, who had a team of Clydesdales. I had forgotten all about this man, and his magnificent team of horses, but thirty years later, here I am again as a wide-eyed child, mesmerised by these huge animals and the skill with which Mr Bone worked them.

Now I use smell intentionally as well.  I light incense when I meditate and the association between the fragrance and the act of meditating helps me move into that relaxed and focused state much more quickly. Lighting a stick of incense when I am stressed helps calm me and put me into a meditative space, even when I am not actually meditating.

I use aromatherapy oils in a burner to promote or enhance certain moods or mental states. For writing I usually choose this oil blend to enhance concentration and mental clarity.  It’s also a great blend for studying so that you remember what you’re reading!

  • 1 drop Basil
  • 2 drops Rosemary
  • 2 drops Cypress

I also use essential oils in bath products and cleaning aids for the same benefits.  (Here’s a great website with free recipes and information if you want to try this yourself)

What smells trigger good memories and associations for you? Favourites for me are baking bread, fresh coffee, rain, jasmine and smoke from the wood stove. Wishing you a day of fragrance and memories. ♥