An Update from Nicole

“Life can be like a roller coaster with its ups and downs. What matters is whether you are keeping your eyes open or closed during the ride and who is next to you.”
~ Ana Ortega


Hi, Lovely Friends.

You may have noticed I’ve been absent for a few days. I’ll be honest in saying that these past few days have been one crazy roller coaster ride.

Usually after retreat we bring everything home to the farm, dump it in piles to sort through and pack away later and I collapse for a few days to rest and come back into a normal operating schedule. Usually it would be nap time and cafe time and outings with my boys time. This retreat conclusion didn’t go like that.

Just before retreat ended we had notifications from recent medical tests that required us to be urgently back in Brisbane for appointments early on Friday, and then again on Monday. So we dumped everything in the shed, packed some to bring back to the city, tumbled into bed for a few hours sleep and then got up in the dark in the early hours of Friday morning for another long drive.

No rest for me. Just mad rushing around.

To add to the craziness and drama, a pipe broke in our city house while I was on retreat. The upstairs toilet overflowed – soaking the carpets and then cascading through the ceiling and down the walls into the kitchen below. Neighbours turned off the water to the house and friend did a mop up of the water on the floors and benches as best she could. Ben raced back to inspect the damage, a plumber came and repaired the pipe, and an insurance assessor came and set up big industrial fans and dryers, which are still roaring away. Ben assured me it wasn’t too bad…

But all of the food in the cupboards has been soaked. All my cookbooks are ruined. The oven, the toaster, the kettle, the pots and pans and more besides were filled with a rank brown liquid that stinks to high heaven. Somehow the men missed that, and back then, when it first happened, I’m sure it didn’t smell!

So in the middle of doctors appointments we are scrubbing and sorting and doing our best to clean up. Doors are swollen shut, things have buckled and deformed and it sounds like we are living in a wind tunnel.

But anyway, here we are.


It’s a mad ride sometimes, isn’t it?

I’ll be back to blogging, answering emails and updating the Year of ME activities in the next few days, as things settle down. Sorry, but all I can do right now is ride this mad roller coaster.

Thank goodness for meditation, and for moments standing barefoot in the garden.

This morning I am SO having a coffee!!!!

Hugs and love to you,

Nicole xx

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Crazy Wild Farm Life!

2015-11-26 05.45.11

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.”
~ David G. Allen


Behold the beautiful flat space where my new vegetable gardens shall go. It seems so peaceful, doesn’t it?

Part of that peacefulness is derived from the fact that the excavator driver snagged the farm’s power cable two days ago. The excavator kept chugging along with the cable caught up. Our tiny old timber farmhouse shook and pitched in protest. After which the cable broke, plunging us into chaos.

It was a big job. The cable actually runs through the top of the roof from one side to the other, before exiting to go down to the spring where our pumphouse is – the one that supplies our entire farm with water. Old wiring that would never be done in the modern-day, but this is an old, old house.

It’s okay. No-one was hurt. But it has certainly made things a little more crazy than usual.

2015-11-26 05.45.38

For the past two days we’ve had a little intermittent power and a lot of no power at all. Lots of rewiring and checking and building new things has happened. Right as I am busy getting ready to launch my amazing secret thing… Right as I am finalising preparations for my Soul Sanctuary Retreat which begins on Saturday. Right as I was trying to do a website upgrade.

Right in the middle of a heatwave.

When there is no power, no computer, no internet, no fan, no phone.

Of course. These things always happen like that. 🙂

Today the electricians are coming to wire the final things and the problem will be sorted. The farm will have all new wiring. A vast improvement on the old.

In the meantime I shall be hard to reach, and not able to answer many emails or messages until we get the power back on properly and for good. At least it has given me time for resting and journalling and meditating in the lead-up to retreat and my Brisbane workshops and Christmas Party. So it’s not all bad.

And I think my new vegetable gardens will be smashing!

I’ll leave you with some tranquil farm scenes from earlier this morning. I’m off to make a pot of tea and catch up on some emails before the power goes off again.

Much love, Nicole xx

2012-01-11 07.53.16

2015-11-26 05.46.01

2015-11-26 05.46.17

Storms and Black Cockatoos

2013-01-29 08.14.26

“Nothing ever goes to plan, Nicole. You should know that by now!” Ben Phillips (husband)

It’s a gorgeous sunny morning here at the farm, but oh, what a storm we had last night. Thunder, lightning, hail, ferocious winds and then we lost power, right at sunset. So my day of enforced rest rolled on into the night.

Today there are trees down everywhere, and among other things our modem and telecommunications are fried, and will be days in the fixing.

Hello, Universe, I hear you! Me, resting? Well, obviously.

But the black cockatoos sang me to sleep and woke me up again as the sun was just peeking her head over the green hills behind us. What vivid and magical dreams I had!

I promise to share them with you soon. 🙂

There’s nothing else for it. We’re heading to the beach for a swim and then some breakfast while we wait for power to be restored. Just as soon as we have cleared enough fallen trees to get to the road…

*This post brought to you by iphone!