Have You Seen The Night Sky Lately?

“Before we invented civilization our ancestors lived mainly in the open out under the sky. Before we devised artificial lights and atmospheric pollution and modern forms of nocturnal entertainment we watched the stars. There were practical calendar reasons of course but there was more to it than that. Even today the most jaded city dweller can be unexpectedly moved upon encountering a clear night sky studded with thousands of twinkling stars. When it happens to me after all these years it still takes my breath away.” 
~ Carl Sagan

We’re on retreat right now, and one of the many activities we do are channelling nights where I bring my guides and energetic friends through to speak to the group.

There are always plenty of interesting new perspectives and new information and I thought I’d share one of them here this morning.

Silith shared with us the importance of moonlight and starlight for the human body. We are all aware of the need for sunlight and how this creates Vitamin D. Now Silith has reminded us that once upon a time humans had regular time under a night sky too, and that we have evolved needing these energies which are particularly important for our hormone production, mental health and eye health. Both moonlight and starlight are essential to our wellbeing.

How long has it been since you stood under a night sky?

Sending much love to you,  Nicole  xx


Coming Home

“Now, on this road trip, my mind seemed to uncrinkle, to breathe, to present to itself a cure for a disease it had not, until now, known it had.”
― Elizabeth Berg, The Year of Pleasures


I’ve been in the city so long this last stay. It was necessary. Bert needed surgery. Then Harry. I needed doctors, and treatment. Somehow the few days I had planned for became so many more than that.

But finally, last night, we came home.

We set out from the city in the early evening, to miss peak hour traffic.

The roads were quiet. We turned the radio off. The dogs snuggled into each other in the back seat and went to sleep.

When we left the city behind the sky became luminous with stars, and beneath us the tyres hummed along the asphalt clocking up the miles to our farm’s front gates. Flanked by forests and fields we drove through the darkness. With every mile I felt my body soften and relax a little more.

As we turned off the main highway onto the winding backroads of home we rolled down the windows and the chilly autumn air rushed in. The dogs stirred sleepily, ears alert, noses twitching.

There it was. The familiar scent of damp soil and sweet grass. A hint of cow. Occasionally a sharp stench of eucalypt-scented koala piss.

The night hung heavy and still above us. The trees closed their canopy over the narrow road. Almost home.

A large tawny frogmouth stood sentinel at our front gate, staring at us a moment before she beat her wings noisily as she lifted off and soared away.

We clattered up the long drive, our headlights making everything unfamiliar in their uneven light. Tired as we were, we all lit up with excitement.

We were home.

I could hear the cows calling from down by the river. The night was filled with the sound of koalas and possums and frogs. Sweet music to my homesick ears.

The house was silent and cold for only a moment. We all rushed in, turning on lights, putting down bags, turning back covers, making noise where there had been none.

But soon enough we were tucked up in bed, lights out, house dark again, everyone happy and ready for sleep.

So good to be home!

Milky Way over Byron Bay Farm - Image by Sirflife Australia

Milky Way over Byron Bay Farm – Image by Surflife Australia

That Big Ol’ Sky

“If you follow the ancient maps written on the stars, no person will ever understand you. So if you could read these maps, would you follow them? And forever be misunderstood? Or would you close your eyes tightly and pretend to be like everyone else?”
~ C. JoyBell C.


About a quarter to four this morning I opened the door of my little farmhouse and stepped out into the soft dark night.

It’s been so hot these past few days, and I was hoping for breath of cool – somewhere quiet and comfortable to do my morning meditation.

Oh, the beauty of the sky at four am. Framed by the old trees that cradle the farmhouse, the night sky was a bowl of stars, familiar as the scene in the bottom of a childhood memory.

My meditation forgotten I sat in wonder, looking up at the ancient bright sky.

After a moment or two I was aware that the sky was shimmering, lit from within somehow with bursts of light.

Twirling around slowly on the damp lawn, my eyes skyward, I came to face the direction of the sea, which is obscured by trees and a mountain. Still, I know the sea’s direction. It is a place where we make an almost daily pilgrimage just now.

My eyes grew wide. A colossal storm was taking place out over the ocean. I could make out the pillars of cloud containing this mad fury which lit those clouds every shade of pink, amber and blue. There was no sound. Just a light show whose echoes pulled on the fabric of the rest of the night sky, shooting ribbons of light along its weave.

The sight of it simultaneously filled me with awe and left me feeling small and entirely insignificant in the scheme of things. I was a voyeur, gazing on the sky’s most private moments. And I thought to myself how incredible that this thing of beauty was playing out above our heads while the world lay sleeping.

It was only later, in my meditation, that I came to appreciate the gift I’d been given. As a psychic I live in a world where I see frequent glimpses of what plays out as others are sleeping, their eyes shut to the truth and beauty of each fragile echoing moment. There is a grace that allows this to be so.

There is such a peace in my soul right now. I feel that I finally understand my place in the Universe.

Dawn’s broken. My meditation is done, and my blog is written. I am now off to make a cup of tea and to pour over old cookbooks and handwritten recipes on scraps of paper. I feel the need to cook something to offer up to you all.

Much love to you!

Nicole xx

Image by Captain Kimo

Image by Captain Kimo