Strengthening Intuition Week 3 – Sensing Energy in Objects

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“Integrity is the essence of everything successful.”
~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Last week we worked with opening and activating the chakras in our hands. For those of you who missed that post here’s the link so you can practice this step first:

Week 2 – Activating your Hand Chakras

This week we’re going to use this new ability to feel energy through our hands to tune in to the energy stored within objects. This practice is also called psychometry.

The first thing we need to do is work out which is our most receptive hand. To do this, repeat the activity from Week 2.  This time, as you work with feeling the ball of energy between your hands, try to work out which hand emits the most energy – it will feel hotter,   perhaps more tingly, and the energy coming from it will be stronger. This hand is known as your dominant hand. Although both hands are emitting energy, the flow is almost always more powerful through one hand. The other hand is known as your receptive hand. Your receptive hand is the right one for gaining energetic insights as it is the one best suited to absorbing energy or information. Now you’re ready to begin today’s work!

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Materials needed: Two objects – one small, and one larger item. Good choices may include jewellery, clothing that has recently been worn but not washed, grooming items such as a hairbrush or hair clip, a piece of furniture, or a crystal of your choice.

All objects carry energy from their surroundings, and from the people who’ve used them. When we hold these objects in our hands and tune in to their energy, we are often able to pick up psychic and intuitive impressions

Step One: Activate your hand chakras and then hold the smaller item in your receptive hand. Relax, and open your mind to any colours, words, images, emotions or sensations that are prompted by holding this object.

Step Two: Energise and activate your hand chakras a second time. Now hold your receptive hand above the larger object.  Once again allow yourself to relax and open your mind to any colours, words, images, emotions or sensations that are prompted by the energy flow from this object. (Excuse quality of next pic – it is very hard to photograph one handed!)

Next week we’ll use these same skills to sense energy in places.  Until then, keep practicing!  Bless  ♥ xx