Give yourself a Free Pass

Congratulations!  I’ve just gifted you a Free Pass.  You might want to cut this out and store it in your wallet.  You may also want to pass this one on to someone else who would benefit from it.

This is a magical ticket.  It allows you to decline a usual activity or responsibility, so that you may replace it with one of your choosing.  Used responsibly, this magical ticket has been found to have restorative properties for Body, Mind and Spirit.

I’m using my own ticket today. Although technically a day off for me, I had planned a mass of admin work; catching up on emails, phone calls and filing.  But it’s rainy and cool, and way too early.  So I’m going back to bed for a nice big sleep.  When I wake up I’ll decide how to spend the rest of my day.  So far I’m leaning towards yum cha, a movie and a good book.

PS – this ticket renews itself, so tuck it away after you’ve used it.  Just knowing it’s in your wallet is often enough to get you through a tough patch. And when you really need it, it will be there for you.  Enjoy! ♥ xx