Making My Life Work for Me – Week 1

Key to Success - Image from

Key to Success – Image from

“Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.” ~ Mary Anne Radmacher


Welcome to Week 1 of our six week Making My Life Work for Me Program. Are you excited? I know I am! The most important thing to remember as we embark on this program together is that this is all about fun, self time and transformation.  (If you’re just joining us now, pop back and read last week’s post so that you can gather the materials we’ll be using today.)


We will be following the same format each week.  Read through this entire post before you get started.  You can do the activities all on one day, or spread them put over the week – whatever works best for you.

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We’re going to start with a meditation.  Hold your crystal and drape your scarf or shawl around your shoulders.  Set aside ten minutes for this. When you’re ready click the link below and simply follow the sound of my voice:

Nicole Cody’s Guided Meditation for Making My Life Work for Me


Do this straight after your meditation, when you are ready and open for receiving! Close your eyes and use your imagination. See yourself the way you want yourself to be in the world.  Feel the emotions that come with this, and have gratitude and expectation of drawing these things into your life.  Really put some energy into this.  You can repeat this step again this week (even daily) if it feels right.  Thoughts are things, and this is how you manifest in the Universe!

Using Your Journal:

This is your space for exploring and creating – your own personal think tank and manifestation machine!

Feel free to decorate your journal so that it’s visually appealing and full of your own energy and personality.

Begin by writing the following pledge into the front of your journal.  When it’s written, repeat it out loud, with as much sincerity as you can muster. That way the Universe is put on notice of your intentions:

Dear Universe,

I am open to the possibility that there is more for me in this life, and I am ready to receive clarity, direction and inspiration.

I am so very grateful for my life, and for the learning and growth opportunities I am being shown.

I am ready to embrace positive change and to accept an avalanche of good in my life. 

My commitment to you is that for the next 6 weeks (and beyond) I am willing to explore my heart, to connect with my innermost wisdom, look for and name things I am thankful for, and to celebrate the many Blessings I already have.

With love and gratitude,



(insert your own name here)


Card of the Week: 

2013-03-24 16.30.18Take your deck of positive cards, or your rune bag.  Close you eyes and offer up a prayer for the Highest Good, and then quiet your mind.

Randomly select a card/rune, trusting that it will have a message to guide you this week.  Write down the name of the card/rune and the message.  Feel free to add any additional thoughts or insights you might have.

I chose a card for us as well, just to set the tone. It’s a fitting start for us, don’t you think?

2013-03-24 16.31.33

2013-03-24 16.31.46

Week 1 Journal Activity:

On a clean page write a stream of consciousness around the question What do I need most right now?  Write as little or as much as you need to. Simply ask yourself the question and then answer it, letting the words pour out of you. Draw pictures or mind map if you feel like it. If you cry or have some other emotional release understand that this is a good thing!

And now for some fun…

Collage – Things that are good for me.  Take your pile of old magazines and place them in front of you.  Holding your crystal close your eyes and say out loud “Universe, I am open to all Guidance and my own Higher Wisdom to show me the things that nourish and support me right now.”  Take a moment and sit in that energy, really feeling yourself connecting into and opening to that wisdom.

Then when you’re ready, open your eyes and start flicking through the magazines.  If any pictures or words appeal to you, cut or rip them out and place them beside you. When you have enough images cut them up neatly, and then spend some time arranging them on a page or double page of your journal.  If your journal isn’t big enough, feel free to use a sheet of cardboard. Glue your images to the page and leave it open to dry.  Now you have a strong visual reminder of what’s good for you, so that you can begin to make choices that bring more of this energy into your life.

Were there any surprises?  Did you notice any particular themes?


What’s already working in your life?  List five things in your journal each day that you are grateful for in your life.

Nightly Healing :

Get into bed and spend five minutes lying quietly in meditation with your eyes closed.  Call on God, Universal Energy, your Angels, your Guides, your Ancestors, whomever you feel comfortable and safe with.  Ask for their help.  Fill your body with white light, and then draw coloured light (just allow a colour to come to you) through your crown chakra (an energy point on the top of your head) and send it anywhere in your body that needs healing.  Feel the warmth as the energy radiates through your body, uplifting and healing you.  Know that answers will come while you are sleeping.

Give thanks, send this same healing gift from you to anyone or anywhere else if it feels right, and then sleep.  Rest well, my friends, and have a beautiful and inspired week.

Much love to you, Nicole ♥ xx


Get yourself an ugly journal…

I have a special journalling quest for you today.  Are you up to the challenge?

Get yourself an ugly journal. A cheap one. One you can never feel fond of.

Trust me, you do not want to get a pretty journal for what we are about to do…

Today we are going to create a ‘Sh*t Book’, a ‘Poo Book’, a Craptastic Account of all that is truly suckful, petty and awful in our lives.

We are going to make a journal that will act like a giant word-thought-and-emotion toilet: a dumping ground for all the toxic waste that we need to get out, in order to start feeling better.

I love journalling. And most of what I write is positive, creative and exploratory. It’s the sort of writing I actually want to go back and read over when I’m done. (See examples of how to do that here!)  Even years later I can go back to those finished books and take inspiration and guidance from their pages.  Rainbows, butterflies, and all that wonderful stuff that dreams are made of…

But sometimes… you know how it is.  Life makes you mad.  You wake up with a great knot of pain or resentment or frustration. Or you get that mean pettiness, where everything is going to come out as a whine or a complaint.

Image by Inglgs at

That sort of thinking is no good to anyone. It’s like garbage. It just needs to be dumped before it pollutes the rest of you and spills over into your day.

Sometimes the toxic waste in your mind pollutes what would otherwise be a charming place to be – Photograph by Peter Cade, Getty Images

But we don’t want to go dumping that stinking thinking in the middle of our rainbows and butterflies! We need to dump responsibly.

That’s why we are going to create a special book just for rubbish thinking. We can happily write away in our ‘Sh*t Book’, recording every last detail of the sheer crappiness and horror, the drudgery and outrage, the blow by blow accounts of the things that depress us, upset us, tick us off, push us into ugliness.

You can even paint, sketch, collage and otherwise create. The thing that matters is finding a way to express the pain, hurt or other negativity within you.

Journal Activity:

Find your ugly journal. You can even make an ugly cover for it if you want. Use all those awful toilet colours – browns and blacks and nasty greens. Make it a worthy dumping ground for your terrible thoughts.

Then use any of the following prompts to get you started. Don’t worry about sentence construction, spelling or even what you say.  This is a dump, remember? So just follow the prompts and let it flow. Mind you, if you’ve already in that cranky space you might not need any prompting at all to get it off your chest…

  • I couldn’t be more angry about…
  • It is totally miserable that…
  • I can’t believe that he/she could…
  • The feeling eating a hole in me right now is because of…
  • If I’d had my way I would have told __________ that…
  • It’s Dumb! It’s so dumb that…
  • I hate…
  • Just the thought of ________ right now makes me…
  • Grrrrrr! The thing about all of this is that….
  • Hey! Let me tell you what I REALLY think…
  • I have never felt more __________  since…
  • It’s just not fair that…
  • I could scream right now because…
  • All I want to do is cry. I’m at the end of my rope and…
  • Here is a list of EVERYTHING that is pissing me off right now…
  • This is totally (insert favourite expletive or explanatory term). I had wanted to…
  • And yet again, cue drumroll, I am…
  • I feel like I’m never going to be able to…
  • It’s the same old thing –

There is only one rule with your ‘Sh*t Book’.  Don’t read back over it, and don’t share it with anyone. Ever. No-one can play in toxic wastegrounds safely.  You just get in, dump and get back out of there again as fast as you can.

You can choose to handle your ‘Sh*t Book’ in one of two ways. At the end of each writing session, rip out the used pages and burn them, shred them or in other happy ways destroy them. OR wait until you have filled the entire book and then destroy it.  Bury, burn, slash, mutilate, flush, dump, explode… Whatever works for you. You may also like the symbolism of binding your book with a cord or big bulldog clips to help keep everything safe until you can dispose of it responsibly.

This Photo courtesy of

Art Journal Techniques:

Sometimes it’s easier to draw or paint, to rip and glue rather than to risk words.  Sometimes when you can’t even find the words, art can help you make a new language for healing.

I love this next clip! I was looking for something to explain art journalling to you, and this started out so well, because it’s about making messy art – ugly art even. Perfect for your ‘Sh*t Book’!

But you know how the Universe works.  There is something redemptive about clearing out the trash.  It always makes room for something new and brighter.

I was laughing by the end of this youtube how-to, because after the ugly start, she ended up painting…

Yep, you guessed it…

rainbows and butterflies…

Sending you lots and lots of love for the journey. Enjoy that ugly journal! ♥♥♥ xx

Writing Yourself into Abundance

Gold Egg by scottchan -

Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy. – Groucho Marx

Writing is a powerful way to get unblocked and back into flow, and one of the areas we often seem to be out of flow is around the area of Abundance.

Abundance can be many things to many people, but there is always one common component to everyone’s idea of an abundant life – an absence of lack.

So how do we write ourselves into Abundance? The first thing we need to do is edge ourselves out of limited thinking. You know what I mean – limited thinking is that space where we say to ourselves:

‘I can’t because I don’t have enough time, money, education, emotional support, skill, connection, opportunity, love, health, peace, stability, direction, Byron Bay Organic Donuts (trust me when I say if you’ve eaten one you know what I’m talking about) or whatever is your usual self-talk…’

Now what I’m going to suggest today may sound a little materialistic to start off with, but bear with me. This is a great process, and once you get into it it becomes fun, and opens you up to so many possibilities and new ideas, as well as the resurrection of old ideas that are lurking, starved and lonely, in the dark dusty corners of your mind.

This week we’re going to spend money!

Money by Salvatore Vuono -

Well, write about it as if we have that cash in our hands and can spend it on whatever we like…

Journal Activity

Your task this week (and into the following months if you enjoy this exercise) is to start at the smallest amount of money, and spend the lot.  You can spend more than one amount of money at a time, but you must spend in order: ie Cash Sum 1, Cash Sum 2, etc. You cannot move onto the next sum of money until you have completely spent the one before.

Simply write HOW you will spend the money, being as specific as you can. Feel free to get brochures or cost things out on the internet. Let your imagination go to town, and allow yourself to become emotionally involved in spending this cash!

This activity helps clear out our anxiety, fear and worry around money, and assists us to get to what we really want from life and for ourselves. Enter this activity with a spirit of adventure and curiosity.

Image from

It doesn’t matter how you spend this cash – it only matters that you spend it. Once you have spent the money, for the purposes of this activity consider that task done.  For example if you borrowed twenty dollars and you use your first Cash Sum to pay that back, tomorrow you don’t have to worry about repaying that debt – it’s done – so move on to the next thing. (of course, in real life you will still need to pay that twenty back…)

Cash Sums to be spent energetically

  1. $20
  2. $100
  3. $500
  4. $1000
  5. $2500
  6. $5000
  7. $10 000
  8. $25 000
  9. $50 000
  10. $75 000
  11. $100 000
  12. $200 000
  13. $500 000
  14. $750 000
  15. $1 000 000
  16. $5 000 000

Pay attention to how your feelings change as you go from the smaller sums to the larger sums. Write in as much detail as possible. Really let yourself play and have fun with this. Allow yourself to get excited. Know that what you are doing is actually the Law of Attraction in action as you inform the Universe of your intentions and desires.

Get a little creative…

You may also like to add images to your journal or create a dream board (here’s how to do that here) to inspire you or to anchor a particular image, activity, emotional state or object.

Vision board image from

Spend up big and have fun! Love and Light, Nicole ♥ xx

Journaling for Spiritual Clarity and Connection – a 4 week course

There is a natural wisdom within us, a spiritual energy that can help us to stay centred in our truth.  This energy can guide us to make sound decisions, help direct our talents and gifts to contribute to the positive development of the wider community, and encourage us to care about ourselves and others.  This wisdom can help us with every aspect of our lives. Most of us know this energy as intuition. I consider it your Soul Wisdom or spiritual centre.

Intuition has often been seen as a woman’s gift, but it is a part of each human, male or female.  The more time we spend on left-brain activities such as working, paying bills, acquiring assets or power at work, the more masculine our energies become.  If we don’t also use our right-brain skills such as intuition, creativity and emotional perception we can create communication barriers between the left and right sides of our brain, and become unbalanced and unhappy.  This is true of both men and women.

As our world changes, there is a greater need for each of us to honour and balance both our masculine and feminine aspects, regardless of our gender.  Small changes can bring big results, so I’ve created a series of four journaling exercises to be done week by week over a month to help promote positive change and connection in your lives.

Why not try these simple suggestions over the next month, or to really give this a good go, do each activity for an entire month!  Each of these exercises will help to clarify and strengthen your soul connection and help you ‘hear’ that inner voice of wisdom within you.

The areas we will cover are:

Week 1 – All about my Body

Week 2 – All about my Mind

Week 3 – All about my Emotions

Week 4 – All about my Soul

I’ll post the first exercise tomorrow, and then each Monday we will explore the next topic.  All you need to join in is a journal and pen, and some time for yourself. I do hope you’ll join me for this next adventure of self discovery.

Love and Light, Nicole  ♥ xx