Tiny Tinkling Bells

Image from mynoise.net

Image from mynoise.net

“Arrival in the world is really a departure and that, which we call departure, is only a return.”
~ Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun


The oddest thing happened, the night before last. I was at my farm, ready for bed, when I heard a sound like tinkling bells outside in the dark.

I went out the back door and into the cold night to investigate, but there was nothing. No wind. No bells.

Inside I came, turned off all the lights, and slid in between the sheets. Ben was already asleep. Bert was snoring.

I was almost asleep when it started again. Harry dog’s ears pricked up. He heard it too. Little tinkling bells. Up we got. Quietly we crept through the house. All the while there was that intermittent tinkling sound.

There was no possible cause for it.

But it sounded like it originated outside.

Yes, it was louder there. In fact, when we stood under the magnolia on the back lawn it was very loud indeed. Loud and clear, this beautiful bell-like sound.

2012-08-20 15.48.54

Hello, I said. Welcome! Because the sound felt very friendly, and it made me strangely happy.

I’m coming, answered this sweet bell-like melodic voice.

At the sound of the voice I was filled with joy. I saw images of a dear face, and knew that I’d just met a soul who will soon be coming into a human body. I’m thrilled, to know both the pregnancy and birth will go well for this new mother. (And no, it’s not me!)

Harry and I came back inside and put ourselves to bed, both of us wriggly with happiness. What excitement! I am so looking forward to meeting them in person.

Image from amazon.com

Image from amazon.com



Royal Baby – Boy, you had some people fooled!


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” 
~ Rumi

The world is abuzz right now with news of the Royal Baby. But today I’m not going to join the masses predicting his name, his future or speculating as to the man he may one day become.

I am not even going to boast that I won fifty bucks from my husband because I backed this child to be a son, and hubby was sure it was a daughter…

What I want to discuss is how so many people thought it this baby would be a girl.

I’m not talking about people guessing, or believing the old wives tale that ill-health early in pregnancy signifies a daughter rather than a son.

I’m talking about people who tuned and were SURE it was a girl. How could so many of these people, usually so accurate in judging the gender of an unborn child, get it so wrong?

Take heart. If you thought this baby would be born female, there are some unusual reasons why you may have intuited that…

Image from www.mirror.co.uk

Image from www.mirror.co.uk

Three interesting things happened in this pregnancy:

  1. Kate Middleton is psychically a very protective mother.  Her own aura is clear, powerful, and very shielding of this tender new life.  Many people simply couldn’t get past Kate’s own energy to accurately sense the energy of the soul she was carrying.
  2. This baby was shielded by Loved Ones who had already crossed over, and who obscured his own energy until he was able to birth into this world. Their energy was feminine, and easily sensed by those with psychic ability.
  3. The Royal Baby is a very old Soul. It’s been a long time between incarnations for this child.That can be quite disorienting. Imagine existing in a place where the world’s population is a fraction of what it is now – a life without electricity or cars, planes, televisions, computers or mobile phones. Part of the reason this baby was so strongly shielded was to allow him time to adjust to these busy, intrusive new energies. And my goodness, hasn’t he signed up for a life of intrusion, busy-ness and public attention!
Press Outside Hospital where the Royal Baby was Born - Business Insider

Press Outside Hospital where the Royal Baby was Born – Business Insider

As souls we may incarnate over and over.  Some souls choose to stay within a soul group or lineage, braiding each life back into the rich family tree of their wider heritage. The son of Prince William and Kate Middleton chose his parents, as we all do, and is strongly tied into this ancient family line he has been birthed into. Old Souls usually do not feel masculine or feminine in their energetic orientation. This child has a very balanced masculine and feminine energy; a heightened emotional sensitivity, keen intelligence, a sense of social justice, courage, a kind and loving nature, openness and gentleness. What better parents to nurture and support this soul?

When Souls first reincarnate we pick up on who they have recently been – we feel that energy and sense that history, character and connection. As the Soul settles into this new life that old connected energy fades and they have the chance to remake themselves and to grow and develop in new ways. Tune in again now to this young child and see what you may notice about him!

No matter what has gone before, the our youngest Royal Prince is a sensitive soul who has an unwritten future ahead of him, a mother and father who love and cherish him, and a world of possibilities to explore.

Let’s gift him and his parents some privacy, some time to rest and come together as a family, while we wish only the best for them.

May this young boy grow up to be healthy, well loved, kind, compassionate, with a grounded sense of self, good humour, self-worth, strong values and integrity.