My Top Tips For Managing Overwhelm

“That’s your solution? Have a cookie?’ Astrid asked. ‘No, my solution is to run down to the beach and hide out until this is all over,’ Sam said. ‘But a cookie never hurts.” 
~ Michael Grant

Goodness, lovelies, my inbox is FULL of messages from those of you who are majorly stuck in overwhelm right now. It’s a space I am well acquainted with, and as much as I would like to say that with maturity has come the capacity to not succumb, the truth is that I sometimes still move into overwhelm too. So I figure it’s not whether you’ll ever find yourself in overwhelm but when!

Here are my top ten tips for managing myself when I get into overwhelm. I hope you find them useful too.

1.Check my energy levels. Am I exhausted? Dehydrated? Are my blood sugar levels low? Can it be as simple as that? Yes! Sometimes what I need is to chug some water, eat a decent meal and have a good long sleep. Things usually look more manageable after that.

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

2. Go for a walk in nature. Walking clears the head, oxygenates the body and helps ground me back into my self.

3. Take a break. Sometimes I just need to step back from my desk or project and disengage for a while. This refreshes and renews me, and is often enough to help me find my flow again.

4. Clutter really contributes to my sense of overwhelm. When things get on top of me I clean my desk, clean my house, put a load of washing on, clean out the fridge, take out the trash, vacuum, diffuse a favourite essential oil. As things move from visual chaos back to calm it helps me find the peace within myself too. Plus it is giving me a much-needed break from my workload or emotional burden and I get the benefit of satisfaction for having cleaned up after myself.

5. I take an hour or two and write down EVERYTHING that needs doing. Even the act of writing it down helps pull it back into some kind of manageable shape for me. It’s always better when I have gotten it out of my head and onto a list.

6. I pick one small thing from my to-do list. I do that thing and I don’t start a new thing until this first thing is done. There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained from actually completing something.

7. I chunk big scary goals or projects down into bite-sized tasks. Then I do those tasks one after another. Anywhere I can I delegate whatever is possible to delegate so I am working on the things that only I can do.

8. I make sure I have time for me to do things that fill me up and make my heart sing. Sunday is always a day off and planning day and I don’t compromise that for anything. Working madly 24/7 will only burn me out and create resistance and resentment.

9. Talk with a mentor, coach or friend. Someone who has walked the road ahead of me can often give me a new perspective and some handy tips. Why reinvent the wheel?

Photo by Farrel Nobel on Unsplash

10. Believe that I WILL get it done, and manage my expectation so that I am not unrealistic about getting a gazillion things done in one day!

Photo by Katrina on Unsplash

I’m cheering you on. Lots of love, Nicole ❤ xx

Strategy To Manage Overwhelm in 2019

“Being overwhelmed means that your life or work is overpowering you. Regain control by clarifying your intentions, setting realistic expectations and focusing on your next step.” 
~ Daphne Michaels

my inbox is jammed this week with messages from people who are already in overwhelm.

Are you feeling that way too?

If the answer’s YES (if the answer right now is NO tuck this info away for when it creeps up on you!) I have two simple pieces of information that will help you through the year.

First – Feel into your emotions. One of the biggest causes of our distress is being out of alignment with our inner values, or putting our own needs and dreams aside in order to look after other people or projects. This year it is vital that we begin to live from a place of better alignment to our inner authenticity. Some of our stress is likely to be coming from the fact that our relationship or our job or our to-do list doesn’t actually support us on a heart level, or truly reflect who we are on a soul level.

So feel into things and then adjust your actions to bring things back into alignment again. As soon as we move from misalignment back towards flow our energy frees up, we feel more positive and the weight lifts from our shoulders. Try it, and you’ll see what I mean.

Second – Take A Small Step and then Rest. 2019 energies are all about slow and steady. We need good habits, regular routines and useful actions taken often.

No matter how big your to-do list is, break it down into TINY steps and mini-goals. Set yourself time limits. If you’re unwell and exhausted two minutes is a good start. Small kids and no time for yourself? Grab five minutes. Don’t go above thirty minutes. And after each burst of activity give yourself time to rest. These two things go hand-in-hand. Small step. Rest. Small step. Rest. Small step. Rest. Got it?

If you take these two actions to heart I promise that overwhelm will come back under control again.

Much love, Nicole ❤ xx